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  1. Could anybody say sth about first cruise on Deliziosa after locdown ? Looking on YT I am trying to find how many passangers were on the ship. On some clips it is looking quite empty - empty balconies, empty venues inside, empty outdoor areas. During "normal" cruise there were always many clips/movies/reviews - now it is possible only to see few official clips showing nothing. I have also question how going on shore is organized. Is it possible on your own or only in organized tours. Are pools working as usual ? Any news and details are appreciated.
  2. I am not sure how to understand below message, but probably Costa is cancelling also all cruises to/from Middle East until March 2021. For Costa Diadema planned for Dubai cruises now they are offering different itineraries. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23490-costa-expands-europe-program-for-2020-2021-season.html
  3. I requested refund for cancelled cruise on 13 April, first day when it was possible. After more than 90 days (yesterday) I contacted NCL by e-mail informing them that refund has not been done. After few hours received answer that it has been processed and should receive it soon and in fact, I recived it today. Total 99 days waiting time.
  4. Just received CN back and see it on MyNCL account. It took almost 2 weeks after FCC for cancelled cruise appeared. Expiration date the same like before - Jan 2021. I hope NCL will extend expiration of existing CN certificates. Has anybody know if they have any plans regarding expiration dates ?
  5. Is expiration date of CN certificates the same like before using them ? Or NCL extended it ? My CN cert. will expire in Dec 2020 if they keep the same date...
  6. Yes. Having 100 shares of CCL you have right to receive OBC also on Costa ships. Value depending on cruise length. I use it for years.They will require fax (!) with details of your booking plus confirmation that you are owner of CCL shares. Fax only... More info you will find here: https://www.carnivalcorp.com/shareholder-information/shareholder-benefit/
  7. Until 3 April, Costa cancelled all embarkation from Italian ports: https://crew-center.com/costa-cruises-cancels-embarkations-italian-ports
  8. World cruises usually have special rules for counting Costa Club points. My friends 2 years ago received 10k points for the balcony for approx 100 nights cruise.
  9. Thank you for all ideas and advice. As I see, my problem is common and it is not only my experience that NCL does not answer e-mails/has very bad customer service. If I book any cruise with NCL in future, I will certainly not book it directly at NCL.
  10. Julig22 - thank you, you are right - when cancel I will loose my deposit (I used future cruise certificate for it) but I think that sometimes it is better to cancel than to pay more than I can pay booking now. I wanted to discuss about it but do not know with whom. European site, myncl and rules could be different than in US, so maybe somebody have any experience with them. In myncl I have only phone contact for booking hotels and flights (00 800 0310 21 21). Earlier here there was also phone number for PCC but now it disappeared (on the other had it was not working-I tried it earl
  11. OK, but for other topics probably Shore Excursion Specialist is not correct person. That is why I wanted to do it by e-mail (also becaue of my English speaking skills). So far it was working at NCL but as I see not now. Maybe I am naive but when pay almost 3k EUR for the cruise it is nothing extraordinary having possibility to contact with cruise line by e-mail. Sorry if I am wrong.
  12. HuliHuli - thank you very much for your tip. Do you know any phone number in Europe ? Also for other topics - not only shore excursions.
  13. Maybe I am wrong but in my opinion PCC is not only salesmen responsible for selling new cruises but also to service existing bookings. It is my experience from HAL or Costa. On the other hand, as I wrote I have some other topics - not only shore excursions. One of them is big price drop of my cruise in meantime - I wanted to ask about any upgrade or OBC because of that. I also wanted to ask about changes of itinerary of the cruise and some other things. Is it really normal that nobody do not answer any question ?
  14. I have very unusual problem with NCL and no idea how to solve it. Did not want to make it public but I am doing it now to hear if it is only my problem or it is something common - and ask for advice. I have open booking for cruise on Bliss from NY in May 2020. I booked it directly using NCL website (European version). In booking I received some perks including drink package and credit for excursions - 50 USD credit per port. In January I asked by e-mail my PCC to book selected excursions (I sent him list of them) without payment - to use credit I have in booking. I received sh
  15. Did all those passengers who planned to embark Costa Smeralda in Civitavecchia spend all the night in the port terminal ? As I remember it is not big and too primitive for spending there more than 2-3 hours waiting for embarkation.
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