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  1. It's clear that testing, even double testing, does not prevent a few people from coming aboard who are about the be sick. Close quarters means it will spread to a few crew and a few other passengers (who won't know until they are long gone) but the virus remains with the crew. Now it can spread among the crew. Asmyptomatic spread can take place for days, even more so now that vaccinated people are less likely to be symptomatic.
  2. @JamieLogical I hope it all goes well. Breakaway is at the island of Funchal and I can't wait to see her coming into NY Harbor!
  3. When on Breakaway several times in football season, we had national games (Thursday night, Sunday night, Monday night) and whatever game was carried on the channels they were carrying during the day - so it was whatever they had on.
  4. Larry and Mindy are history. Two new areas to watch are both at 70% chance to develop. Oh and welcome to the halfway point in the hurricane season!
  5. Larry is directly east of Bermuda but safely away other than rough surf which is also reaching the US East coast now.
  6. Well goodness. I looked away for just a minute.... The distrubance crossing Florida made it to Tropical Storm Mindy and dropped to depression already. Causing some havoc there and lower Georgia. Could strengthen again over Atlantic gulf stream waters. The Africa wave is up to 50% and we have a new lower Caribbean disturbance at 30%.
  7. A little lower strength now, but the path is consistent.
  8. Yes! it's a product of the storm being large and strong (cat. 3) and how long it is sitting there at such strength. Imagine the south and east shores of Bermuda!
  9. We're up to 50% chance in 2-5 days over Florida and out to the Atlantic. The new one is 20%.
  10. As the conditions suggested, the disturbance is now at 30% chance over 2 days and 40% chance over 5 days. Path models are crazy, however, and intensity models show potential achievement of tropical storm but just barely.
  11. A little clarity on the gulf disturbance. Conditions are unfavorable the next 2-3 days, then more favorable as it crosses the Florida Peninsula and emerges over the Atlantic. So Atlantic coastal areas need to pay attention. I don't expect any cruise disruptions from this.
  12. Still only 30% but the path is a little more defined toward the "knee" of Florida and Jacksonville and Savannah.
  13. Same story for Sunday night. Expecting a tight curve that spares Bermuda.
  14. Nothing changed Sunday night. Still 30% chance to develop.
  15. Yes it was I who posted about the "tender" status of these ports on many of NCL's itineraries. I called and the agent's system did NOT show them as tendering and he was going to put in a report about the issue but that was 2 months ago. Anyone who calls - ask them and ask them to get it fixed. It has been over a year these ports are showing this and people are going to skip booking these because of it!
  16. Nothing really changed for today (Sunday.)
  17. Track models don't have enough data to make sense of this - which is Invest 91L. Intensity models suggest gradual development into a tropical storm in 3 days, continuing to strengthen through the 5 day limit of the model. But given the issue with the track models, I don't think there is really enough to go on at all yet.
  18. OK this is a little troubling. 30% chance, but if it is able to develop, as we know the gulf waters are very warm and full of fuel. If atmospheric conditions are also favorable for development, I don't like the direction this is taking. Going to go see if experts are talking about this yet.
  19. I think it is safe to say Cruise lines will have to make some changes. Anyone in port will likely leave by late Wednesday to be well away, and nobody will arrive before Saturday. That's my guess.
  20. Larry is steaming along. Watching that path closely, as is the Bermuda Weather Service!
  21. Larry is getting big and powerful. Surf and rip current warnings are up for the northern Caribbean islands. Bermuda needs to prepare. I don't like the track now. It's within 150 miles.
  22. We have a disturbance off Africa doing nothing, but that one in the Caribbean is still being given a 30% chance once it comes back over warm gulf water.
  23. The yellow area is over land and down to 20% chance now. I bet nothing will happen because of the land interference. Remnants of Ida causing havoc in the Philly to Boston corridor. Leo's getting larger... I mean Larry's looking louder. (Bonus points if you know my movie reference.)
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