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  1. Hoping people take this seriously. New Orleans is in for a real test of those flood pumps.
  2. Still a tropical storm but should be hurricane tomorrow and move quickly and strengthen quickly. Now forecast to be Category 3 at landfall. track has been unchanging. It is trapped between a high pressure dome over the central US and a low pressure in Mexico steering it right between. Very bad storm surge expected, flooding rains over the Mississippi sure to cause issues and make the New Orleans storm protection system work hard.
  3. One dropped down to 60%, the the the other up to 80%. Neither is a threat as you can see.
  4. TD 9 became Ida late today. Barely - at 40 mph wind. But conditions are very favorable for development and it is looking to be Category 2, maybe 3, and very dangerous. Central LA coast continues to be the center of the cone.
  5. Two areas at 70% and Ike has been named. New thread for Ida. Ida does look a bit dangerous.
  6. Forecast on TD 9. Winds up to 110mph before landfall - this is strong Cat 2 almost Cat 3. The entire Gulf coast and cities from Galveston to Tallahassee need to start preparations.
  7. We have depression 9, and the chances on the others are 70% and 50% now (over 5 days)
  8. Not the same thing. Protocols and procedures are fine. This is failing to deliver what you paid for - which is extra money to choose your cabin. If you fail to set it up with the cabins spaced out, then you must offer me - reduction in fare to putting me in a cabin I did not choose when I paid extra to choose - offer to move me to a different cruise where I get to choose again
  9. If you type "Harvest Caye" into google, and choose images, you will see mostly port side docked ships, but there are some starboard.
  10. As o f8am EDT, left to right 90%, 70%, 50%...
  11. A lot of spread in the intensity model runs. Category 1 seems likely for a gulf coast landfall. Still early. http://www.tropicaltidbits.com/storminfo/99L_intensity_latest.png
  12. Three different model charts this morning are largely in agreement on a path toward Lousiana or eastern Texas, areas hit pretty hard last year. http://www.tropicaltidbits.com/storminfo/99L_tracks_latest.png
  13. 90% in the caribbean, 80% and 30% out in the far Atlantic. Warnings will be up for Jamaica and Caymans today. Will study models for development next.
  14. Getting hot. 80% for each red area, 30% for the yellow. Still only concerned about the Caribbean and Gulf area.
  15. So how about you issue me OBC for the difference between sailaway and choosing my cabin... I choose higher end balconies always, and close to elevators because of a family member's mobility issues. I also choose my cabin carefully to have the bed by the balcony so I can park a scooter in front of the couch. I choose a side of the ship for the views coming in and out of port. And I choose a balcony with an view. I would be most unhappy with a random pick that ruined more than one of my criteria.
  16. will try to remember to link September here. Thanks for the report!
  17. It's heating up again.... the orange ones are each 60% chance and the yellow 30% chance to develop over 5 days. Only the one in the Caribbean seems to be a concern so far.
  18. True for here too! There are some... but I doubt we will have anyone wanting to finance TWO new cars. Will be difficult. Insurance is taking a loooong time. Over a week and no assessment!
  19. Crystal Symphony slipped out of Boston around midnight last night. Yay
  20. The remnant low is stalled over the NY/CT line drawing moisture in from the ocean, with more heavy rainfall over CT, RI and MA coming.
  21. Well, back to watching disturbances. Each of these has a 20% chance over 5 days.
  22. Here's the wind arrival. That slow turn inland keeps a lot of wind and rain over New England through Monday.
  23. If crystal Symphony sails any time Monday gonna be rough too.
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