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  1. Can't speak to Princess but we booked our very first Aft Suite on Eurodam last year and the noise and movement was a total nitemare..horrible.
  2. Thank you all for adding to this. I did research this site and the entire cruise community on line and only got all quiet nice cabin comments specifically for 5186. So maybe they had exceptional calm seas? its a mystery to me...
  3. I always book mid ship but was curious about the AFT wrap around balcony. I googled and read reviews here and could not find anything negative about the location and we decided to go for it at an outrageous Neptune Suite Price. The first nite out of San Diego was a jerking noise filled nitemare. The bed and cabin are actually moving substantially and the noise inside was horrible. I did not ask for new cabin since the thought of moving all that was just unpacked was not thrilling, and the second nite was better. However we had some really rough days at sea and one nite the noise and movement was just like a huge earthquake, we were frightened. Granted others on the cruise felt the rocking but it was nothing compared to our cabin. Earplugs gave much needed relief but there was nothing to do about getting to sleep then being literally "jerked" awake by the bed moving. It felt like a person was jumping up and down and then being able to shake the bed violently from bottom to top length wise. Learned a lesson on this and wanted to share. This sailing was the Panama Canal from San Diego to FLL on Nov 16th 2019. I did not talk with others in AFT and have no idea if different floors are the same I can only speak for verandah deck 5 port side 5186.
  4. We are on eurodam now. Bought premium package prior to sail. It is a must have. It was 189.oo for 15 days. Have not used my Verizon at all.
  5. Thank you! that was what we used in 2016 and sounds right. The thing I am very curious about is the overweight fees from United. I am wondering if they even weigh them? anything one pound over 50 lbs is 200 to 400 fee? yikes...never had a charge but really would hate that...cannot see solution other than to buy a bag weigh thingie....Maybe we paid $25 per pp but wow I am starting to think it maybe easier to lug it off myself thru customs and into the Uber or Lyft? they do not make you put them out the nite before? do they as mentioned above? oh wait lugging two carry ons and two large suitcases will be too much. thanks
  6. If I remember correctly HAL charges a fee but we never saw the bags again until we arrived in San Diego. I sorry I should have stated for disembark and same day flight. thanks
  7. Hi we have always used this putting the luggage out the nite before. I do not remember having to find it downstairs the next day and take it thru Customs???? This would be arriving Fort Lauderdale from Panama Canal and various Countries. Please let me know your recent experiences and thanks.
  8. Hi there! I realize you posted this in April and it is now November. Just want to make sure I understand our Insurances before we cruise thru the Panama Canal. We have Medicare and Tricare for Life. Lots of folks are not relyling on TFL to cover a medical evac. Saying they could deny the claim. That would be catastrophic for us money wise in the long run but charging it not so bad. Just wondering what you think? I have been told both ways get one or do not. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Honduras.html#/ Travel advisory from State Department
  10. Yes and learning all the little tricks is so much fun! I have taken a small drip coffee maker years ago. Last year I took cold coffee beverages (low fat low calorie) and that was nice to have that first fix of caffeine without wandering the halls half asleep. Also I have taken the smaller silver like tray that holds drinking cups and wine glasses and gone to Lido and brought back coffee and tea it holds two cups I believe. If you are not picky about throwing on your robe the trip in and out of Lido coffee area is pretty easy, you just have to remember that you have to have your key card out or in pocket to get back in room unless your partner is awake? Otherwise set the tray down....I have also put out the breakfast sign for coffee and such from room service you can indicate what time in half hour parts say from 6 to 6:30,. Be prepared for a big good morning greeting and lots of noise so if partner trys to sleep in will not work too well. I always have my cash tip ready to give them so I do'n't have to open the safe.... I have never met a cruise I did not like!
  11. Years ago we had a nice pool class on a cruise , cannot remember which line or cruise. I am forever hooked on pool exercise and was wondering if anyone has any bright ideas to get this sort of thing started? I have not seen anything other than stretch by the pool (at very early morning) but if you have experienced an enthusiastic and fun class aboard a cruise please let us know. Thanks
  12. Oh really is that the secret using bottled water? I imagine that is necessary? but will have to stock up I guess..thanks
  13. I usually book after noon but just wondering if anyone has been successful or missed a flight with a 10 am or so flight after disembarking in Fort Lauderdale.? Thanks
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