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  1. We have a whale watch with a local vendor and they said around 2:30 this past Monday which is the earliest arrival lately. The vendor keeps updating and adjusting the time for our 9/15 arrival. It’s sounds pretty hectic for the vendors. I’m glad I didn’t schedule specialty dining since it’s going to be a late day potentially.
  2. I will add, please review your travel insurance carefully. Mandatory quarantine isn’t necessary considered a medical expense by travel insurances. NCL’s own travel insurance does, but some consider it a trip delay. It’s very tricky to interpret, but I would highly recommend taking the test so you are covered just in case.
  3. The other option is to buy a private transfer. I can't name the company since I haven't used them yet, but there's one that shuttles people every 15 minutes from 7 to 11 a.m. They appear to use mini buses. They have a 72 hour cancellation policy.
  4. Well at least they aren't charging for the bus anymore. I think in prior reviews it was $8 per person round trip? That's one positive I'm taking from this.
  5. Madras . . .my husband once ordered a michelob ultra in o’sheenan’s and the bartender thought he said madras. It’s now my go to drink.
  6. Thanks for your reports! My check-in opened up today for the Sept. 11th sailing and I’ve been debating on the time. It sounds like it may make sense to do a later check-in time if we want to be able to go to our cabin right away to drop off carryons. I was worried about how long the testing would take but it doesn’t sound bad at all. I’m going to stick with a 12:00-12:30 pm check-in I think.
  7. Mine just posted on my vacation summary as 2x $50 onboard credits. No email though. I have Schwab for my brokerage account and printed a copy of all my account holdings and redacted everything except the NCLH share info. I guess it was good enough.
  8. Thanks Bird for the room service menu! I was actually thinking about it for the Ketchikan day. I posted about my concerns about my private tour and the local tour vendor agreed about bumping up times - she said that Ward Cove has been a total disaster and can’t understand NCL’s decision on this. She said that the traffic is a nightmare and saw this with this week’s sailing. It sounds like private operators can’t go there and they don’t want to anyway because of the traffic situation.
  9. Bird, do you mind posting the room service menus? Or it the same stuff as always?
  10. No email as of yet. All I sent was a PDF that's a screenshot of my holdings plus the form. I only just bought the shares this week so I don't have a statement at this point and by the time I have it, it's too late. I'm 29 days out.
  11. Thanks Bird for the info on the Ketchikan shuttle. I am going on a private tour in September and a left them a voicemail about bumping up the time slightly. I scheduled it at 9:45 so I'm probably fine, but I'd rather not have the hassle especially if things are running behind.
  12. I've been checking my vacation summary, nothing yet. In the email I sent, I requested an amenity invoice. The only thing I received was an auto reply with a case number and that I would receive a response within 24 hours.
  13. I have about a month until my sailing so good thing I submitted it this week then. I saw that it has be more than 15 days before the sailing and that's probably the reasoning behind it.
  14. Just curious if anyone is waiting on their shareholder credit? I submitted Tuesday morning and haven't received a response as of yet. I'll give it more time but wondering if anyone else is experiencing a back-up.
  15. I used an enhanced license for my first couple years of cruising. I've also had family do the same on NCL without issue. NCL will make you sign a waiver that basically says you are aware that if you miss the ship, you won't be able to give home easily since the enhanced license can't be used for air travel. I think it's the same waiver as using only a birth certificate. You could get a temporary passport if you had to at the US Consulate in Bermuda - It's just a pain and probably very expensive.
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