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  1. But that's the beauty of solo cruising. You can be as socially extroverted as you wish, or not. I've found myself happily in a large group in the MDR, but also sometimes like ordering a room service pizza and watching a movie. Well done on booking Britannia solo.
  2. Please could someone confirm if the same rule applies to UK cruising? I usually take a bottle of orange squash (normally I'm Cunard or P&O, both allow this) with me. I have tried to contact MSC UK, but they've asked me to phone the booking team to answer my question, and I just don't have a spare few hours atm. Thank you 🙂
  3. Link here: (Non-alcoholic and hot drink packages on the following pages) https://www.pocruises.com/onboard-activities/bars-and-lounges/ultimate-drinks-package?otprrf=https_www.google.com%2F
  4. How very dare Cunard dangle these in front of me. I might just have to accidentally be forced into registering interest.
  5. This may help (it's a bit general) about smoking locations https://www.msccruises.co.uk/faq/on-board-information My understanding is that MSC Cruises are a lot stricter than other lines like P&O, Cunard etc in that you are not allowed to bring any wine / spirits / water / soda on board. I suppose with a Premium drinks package, wouldn't really need to in theory. Can anyone who has been on board Virtuosa clarify this please?
  6. Thanks for sharing these. Great videos. It's making me more desperate to see her. On the countdown, but will only breathe a sigh of relief when I'm standing on board, mocktail in hand.
  7. No-one knows. The industry has been pushing for answers for months, but all the SG has confirmed to date is that they will only be allowed once the whole of Scotland is in level 1. As things stand at present, this seems a long way off given the increasing levels, particularly across the central belt.
  8. Have done Edinburgh-Southampton (and back) on a number of occasions. Pre-pandemic, XC used to do a direct from Newcastle - Southampton Central. However, not being a fan of London, and a non-flyer, I've found the easiest way would be Edinburgh / Glasgow Central - Birmingham International, then Birmingham International - Southampton. Much less chaotic - and no distance to run between platforms compared to New Street.
  9. I should have been working with Golden Horizon when she arrived in Edinburgh, assisting with the turnaround of passengers. Another one off the list. Marella Explorer / Explorer 2 and Spirit of Discovery hanging by a thread. I've changed my MSC Virtuosa cruise. Greenock would have been so easy, but I'm now going from Liverpool. Having already had four cancelled since all this started, I'm prepared to have a cruise cancelled due to covid levels, but not because my government is at war with cruise ships, England in general, Andy Burnham or anything else.
  10. Tring, you will probably have seen the info from Tradewinds about Golden Horizon, their original programme through July and August has been cancelled, and has been replaced with four new voyages from Dover, all essentially staycation floats covering 4, 5 and 7 nights.
  11. That's quite an assumption given the next review by the SG around cruises isn't until the 28th June. The reality - and I have more than a passing interest, not just because of my own booking with MSC - is that we just do not know. Trust me, the cruise companies and all the associated services with them, are as frustrated by the lack of decision / knowledge as any passenger. If your cruise is part of a longer sector, there's more likelihood it's fully booked.
  12. They have been "urged" not to travel, but presumably it affects the travel insurance of those travelling into Liverpool in the case of cruise ships. Whereas in sunny Scotland, our lot ban a vaccinated, massively under-occupied cruise ship, yet allow 6000 football fans to get drunk in a compound watching our national team under-performing ..... again Liverpool was heading to being the get out clause for those who were supposed to be embarking in Greenock. Even that's looking rocky now.
  13. Not at all. There's so many people in the same boat (excuse the pun, because I'm not yet) as myself .. and I also have my own port to worry about. Of those 127 I should have been working with this summer, we're down to 6 - and 4 of them are hanging by a spring line.
  14. It does. I confessed to MSC today I was at the point I would be prepared to embark anywhere. It may yet come to that.
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