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  1. I will be having whichever vaccine I'm offered. Not because of cruises, which I am of course keen to get back to - both working at the local port and as a passenger - but working in the NHS, the toll this virus is causing on staff morale (we're not sitting doing nothing in empty wards as some media have commented on) and, probably more importantly than the virus itself, the awful cost it's having and going to have on mental health, cancer diagnoses etc and the services that support them.
  2. You can change a Select Fare cabin that P&O allocate you during the booking process, clicking "change cabin", then "want to choose your cabin" followed by changing the section, deck and cabin or just skipping to the "search for a specific cabin" which adjusts the price accordingly. I wouldn't pre-register with P&O either.
  3. You don't give the cabin number, but Iona is a new ship to everyone, so there may not be the information to hand to advise you, unless it's a similar class of ship belonging to another company. It may be that during docking operations, members of the bridge crew may be able to see your balcony. However, I imagine they will be more concerned watching other things. I can't imagine it will spoil your view of the fjords. Only you can decide whether or not to change. For me, it's too high up and too far forward, but that's a personal choice. As Majortom10 said, I would
  4. Booked online at 8.35am. Just a long weekend as have to wait until next week to book my main Cunard one.
  5. I suspect Astor's scrapping reflects more on her age and size not fitting in with most companies' future plans for building / owning bigger and bigger ships rather than Astor herself or her condition. The bigger ex-CMV ships are probably just on the right side of a minimum acceptable size. However, I'm not completely sure that Magellan will see future service - her new owner hinting they're waiting until whichever out of the the second hand market or space to scrap at the right price comes first.
  6. Marco Polo sold for $2.75m. Still no buyer listed, but like Astor, projected to be scrapped.
  7. Last cruise as a passenger - Queen Mary 2 in July 2019. Last cruise ship working on board - Seabourn Ovation 23rd September 2019.
  8. I thought that too. Some are better value than others. But with FCC to use and having Mary withdrawal symptoms, I'll book regardless.
  9. Rotterdam - especially an overnight stay. I love everything about the buzz of the city and river, especially berthed next to the lit Erasmus Bridge. and Edinburgh - sorry, I'm biased! I work on board and with the cruise ships in the port / anchorage. The team I'm part of have so much enthusiasm for places to visit away from the usual tourist spots.
  10. I assumed it was because of the sheer number of P&O, Cunard, HAL, RCI and Marella ships that were off Weymouth, Poole etc. As the weather deteriorates and the risk of storms increases, to have so many ships at anchor in such close proximity - and close to the coast - would become dangerous should an anchor fail in bad weather. They all still seemed to be booked for their regular trip into Southampton, at least until the end of the year. For those now off France, getting a gap to cross Channel separation to the Solent should be interesting.
  11. Can I mention that anyone booked on a Round UK cruise (Queen Victoria in 2021) that's arriving in Edinburgh (Newhaven Harbour), this would be perfectly possible (and has been done by other cruise lines at both this anchorage and the adjoining port of Leith). Tenders arrive into the harbour where oysters, langoustines and lobster are landed at the adjacent fish market.
  12. Diamond Club level of the Cunard World Club. It means the passenger has completed 15 voyages or 150 nights. The top tier. Advantages include priority disembarkation, internet time, a meal in one of the specialty restaurants and presumably the ability to notify preferences on future cruises, in addition to the benefits received by Silver, Gold and Platinum Club members. Yes, a good thing to be (I'm not there yet!)
  13. You'll hopefully find the 2022 launch prices a bit better. The 2021 cruise prices have gone crazy in recent months with people transferring from cancelled 2020 cruises and using future cruise credit.
  14. Arcadia. Larger balcony cabins. Good promenade deck. Great theatre. I do like Aurora too, but faced with the choice between them, Arcadia would win hands down.
  15. Black Watch sails from Rosyth on Wednesday 21st October at 3pm.
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