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  1. We stayed in the 8698 cabin last year and loved it! The balcony was a little larger and no one on the other side. Great shade and a portion of balcony Great view. It’s a little farther to walk for elevator but it was a non issue for us.
  2. I noticed this too. We were in Roatan oct 2018. The Bungalow looked amazing however the price was steep for only 4 hrs. Would be interested in hearing others that took the excursion thoughts
  3. I am looking for reviews for any cruiser that purchased "The Key" and thoughts on how things went on Liberty of the Seas with the "benefits". We purchase the internet for 2 devices anyway so I was weighing subtracting out that cost and weighing the options. There is a fairly lengthly post with 1000's comments about why they wouldn't pay for it and I'm sure there are some that have used the benefit but could not locate it for Liberty ship specifically Thanks.
  4. We are looking forward to a new piano player as well.
  5. Coconut mojito from boleros . I love frozen drinks but wish the bar would blend the alcohol in the drink instead of pouring it on top,
  6. I especially love when the piano player on Liberty is setting up for his show and pulls out his tip jar with money already in it- as if we needed reminding. The RC dancers / performers don’t have a tip bucket after they perform. Neither should the “contract” performers , I bet the RC employees work MUCH harder for less pay. I chose to ignore the tip jars - And mention this in survey. It’s done until next cruise *♀️ Hoping there is a new piano player in October on Liberty.
  7. Was lunch from menu provided or was it guacamole and Rita’s?
  8. Are the specialty coffees offered at the cafe promenade on Liberty of the Seas covered under the deluxe drink package ( Frappuccino, lattes, cappuccino)
  9. I wish you could purchase their margaritas and not have to eat there.
  10. i have searched a few posts but coulda find the answer. If we tip waitstaff extra at the pool, lounge, MDR. Etc. does it stay with that person or is the money pooled for everyone ? DH. Always wants small bills for this . If we add it to the recipt does that waiter get to keep it?
  11. I would like my preferences to include - they don’t want ” the please give use highest marks for service speech” every night at dinner
  12. 7 cruises and we have had “the speech” almost nightly. It does get old and we always give good scores. If this happens next month- I am going to acknowledge their request and ask them not to bring it up again explaining that I understand the importance and will fill out the survey. . These guys work hard- but I am tired on having it brought up al,ost nightly.
  13. We had a hump balcony on 6 once. We enjoyed it because it jetted out and it was a little deeper
  14. Its 7 am for Lattes, Frappes etc. and not a min before . We have cruised 2 times on liberty in past year and this was a major source of frustration especially when they are behind the counter looking at you. IMO they should not walk out from the back until they are ready to serve . I referenced this in both evaluations but Im fairly certain it fell on deaf ears. While it didn't make or break the cruise - it was frustrating because we are early risers and I like frozen coffee :)
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