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  1. I always keep my equipment in the camera bag when I am not using it, and lens caps always on when the camera is not in use. I have seen too many lenses destroyed by an inadvertent bump against a hard surface when a lens cap would have prevented any damage. I taught basic photography in a photo shop I managed while I was in college. I was just worried about the disinfectant fogging, because I am not familiar with that process, and chemicals used. Usually I take my cameras in the bag out on the balcony with me until everything warms up before I try to use any of my equipment. Extreme soft
  2. OK, question for other photographers on here. Is anyone familiar with the chemical they are going to be using to fog the rooms for disinfection? Specifically, do I need to store my cameras, and other electronics in an airtight pelican case to prevent damage to them?
  3. My wife and I both work in the healthcare field, we are at risk every day. We still would feel safer onboard a ship, with outside air circulation, and sanitation protocols that have been in place for years, than to get on a plane with 100% recirculated air, and jammed up against others in the overbooked cabins. Where are the restrictions on air travel? Oh, that's right, the Federal Government is making a huge profit from air travel.
  4. You can't really go by the daily, or weekly numbers, someone can be tested today and by the time negative test results are available, they could have been exposed. Testing is necessary, but don't let it give you false security that you arent going to have a positive result at a later testing. I am in the Medical lab field, and Covid19 testing is crazy right now. Until a reliable 5 to 15 minute test is developed, (the current "quick" test only has about 75% accuracy, not good enough) we will have to continue with being very careful. Hopefully, with everything opening up slowly, people will sta
  5. They will allow 2 drinks at a time in our experience. I have ordered 2 drinks, and been handed 4. On our last cruise we met a couple who had brought their large Tervis Tumblers, and were ordering 2 drinks each, and filling those. Next Cruise I am taking this.
  6. We went in the Ice bar on the Getaway during our December cruise a few years ago. A group of Canadians were in there singing Christmas Carols, one of them had given his poncho, and gloves to his girlfriend, he was in shorts, and a tee shirt, but I think he had enough "antifreeze" in him to stay warm. We had a great time with them. We did this again in October last year, with our Youngest son and his fiancee, we all had a great time.
  7. We just sailed on the Breakaway, the pool towel policy needs to be reversed, that or staff the towel station 24/7. Not a major problem, but it is irritating, and we cruise to get away from the many irritations in our lives.
  8. Warnings everywhere not to sit or climb on railings. Any negligence her is entirely the fault of the Grandfather, who failed to heed the warnings.
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