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  1. Washington Post has a link for signing up to participate in the vaccine trials. I put my name in. I would really like to contribute to those efforts. Perhaps some of you who are eager to get back into the world would like to too.
  2. I am not dreaming of any travel, much less cruising until fall of 2021. I have one person in my extended family die from Covid and my 24 year old daughter sickened. My daughter was never hospitalized but 4 months later she has pain in her lungs every single day. Every single day it hurts to breathe. This affects her ability to do her job. Medical staff have no idea if this will be life long. So, we won't be booking until there is a vaccine or an effective medical treatment that is widely available. I am hoping this will occur by next summer. I am very eager to get back to traveling but to me the risk isn't worth it.
  3. My daughter uses STT Direct often. She has groceries or dinner delivered. They are reputable.
  4. Moe's is in downtown Red Hook, on the side that does not back up to the water. The first time you go from Sapphire, keep your eyes peeled to the right once you are in a commercial area. It faces its skinny parking lot, not the street. If you see a small strip with Chelsea Drug, Duffy's bar, and more, you have gone just barely too far. If the parking lot is full, there is a paid lot behind it. I estimate a 5-7 drive from Sapphire. This is what their signage looks like: http://www.moesvi.com/home.html I think power outage is fair game. If someone relies on a CPAP machine, it is vital information.
  5. The electric and water service is known by its initials WAPA.From what I understand they generate current using huge generators using propane and diesel. Many of the generators are leased and are old. There are reliability issues. Additionally, I think the government still owes the unit owners millions of dollars and the owners will threaten to turn it off unless they get some of the debt paid down. When I was down in November they were coming off of some weeks of interruptions. I brought strong flashlights to use if we needed to see in the apartment. That week was fine. You can imagine how difficult it is for the businesses and shops to have the power cut out mid day. Lots of lost sales. Residents report ruined electronics and appliances. My daughter's landlord just installed a generator that automatically flips on in a power outage. Thus I have not been getting updates. Previously she had lost power 7 times in one day. It's an awful mess for which the residents pay about 4 times more for power than the average in the mainland. For the curious: https://stthomassource.com/content/2020/06/11/due-to-unit-23-fuel-and-generation-issues-wapa-to-add-26-megawatt-generator-to-harley-plant/?doing_wp_cron=1592881535.8851439952850341796875 https://stthomassource.com/content/2020/05/06/wapa-sheds-light-on-potential-cause-of-mondays-electrical-service-interruptions-across-district/ https://stthomassource.com/content/2019/12/29/bryan-thanks-legislature-for-wapa-bail-out-calls-for-long-term-solution/
  6. email the zipline and ask if they have reopened https://www.ziplinestthomas.com/ziplineinfo.html
  7. Regarding power- Power will be fine for a couple months and then have a spate of outages, not always island wide. We stay at Secret Harbor because my husband runs hot and is miserable without air or a fan. Without him I have stayed at Point Pleasant but not in the summer. Lots of day excursions post their business links on the facebook page What's Going On St Thomas. The page is mostly for locals but tourists do ask for recommendations. Scroll through a few days worth of posts and you will find many links. We use Paradise car rental. Driving on the left is a little tense the first day, especially for me getting across town towards the east end. The good news is that speed limits are very slow so your brain has time to train itself to be on the left. Download a map like apple maps or goodle maps so that you can use that as a GPS for finding the beaches. I bring some snacks, granola bars, coffee, etc in my bag so that we don't have to go to the market on the arrival day. We have a very long travel day coming from the upper midwest and I just want to relax. We get the first dinner at wherever we are staying. I tend to shop at Moe's in Red Hook but occasionally go to Plaza in Tutu. That is an area that feels more like a suburban shopping area - strip malls, fast food, Kmart, and Plaza. My daughter says the best prices on booze is at Kmart if you are wanting to take some rum back as a souvenir. My daughter recently did an eco kayak tour through the mangroves that was very informative and enjoyable. Coral World activities with the sea lions and dolphins are a lot of fun. https://coralworldvi.com/ Please be considerate of the locals and wear masks. They want to be open for vacationers but know that this will reintroduce the virus to the community. St Croix already has a new case that is travel related. Space yourselves out on the beaches and wear a mask when ordering at the beach food stands. Sunscreen need to be reef friendly - for example zinc based. This article will tell you which ingredients to avoid https://www.travelweekly.com/Caribbean-Travel/Sunscreen-law-in-USVI-passed-to-protect-coral-reefs Please also be generous with the tips. The two Cat 5 hurricanes beat down the islands and the economy. The pandemic shutdown was the cherry on top. Help out.
  8. Oh my gosh I am so sorry to hear of your loss! That is devastating. Yes you do need that refund! I can offer no ideas. Perhaps someone can give you the email of the top person for the British market. My deepest sympathy.
  9. The earliest possible date for cruising would be sometime in July provided that the CDC declares the pandemic to be over.
  10. Information about the new order referred to above: https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/04/09/coronavirus-cdc-extends-no-sail-order-cruise-ships/5128291002/ Cruise ships won't be hitting the high seas again anytime soon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended a "no sail order" Thursday that it imposed last month to help quell the spread of the coronavirus. While the March 14 order was intended as a voluntary measure to stay in place for 30 days, the new one could last longer. The CDC order states that cruise ships can't board passengers and return to their sailing schedules until one of three events takes place: • Expiration of the Department of Health and Human Services' declaration that COVID-19 constitutes a public health emergency. •The CDC director's own decision to modify or rescind its no-sail decision. •Passage of 100 days from the time the new order is published in the Federal Register. Until then, the about 100 cruise ships in the Atlantic, Pacific or Gulf of Mexico must remain idle, either in port or wallowing at anchor, the CDC said. Those ships currently have nearly 80,000 crew aboard....
  11. I started answering again but hit another snafu. The survey would not move me on from rank countries you would like to visit page. I ranked and it did not retain the answers. The survey gave me that page again. I have a fever and just don't care enough to keep trying. I was on a Mac desktop using Safari.
  12. Same here. I closed my browser when they started asking about annual income and net worth with no choice of preferring not to answer.
  13. I wouldn't think for the fall either. In the news I have been hearing a lot of discussion about the potential for this to have several waves.
  14. CNN reports: 2 hr 20 min ago 2 cruise ships are quarantined off Chile's coast From CNN's Helena de Moura and Marlon Sorto in Atlanta Two cruise ships with about 1,300 people on board are now quarantined off the coast of Chile as one passenger tested positive for coronavirus, Chile's Health Minister Jaime Manalich said during a press conference in Santiago on Saturday. Manalich said an 83-year-old English man tested positive and is being treated at the Coyhaique hospital “in good condition." He was on board the Silver Explorer, a luxury expedition cruise ship. The Silver Explorer is now docked in the city of Castro, the minister said. The vessel is carrying 111 passengers and 120 crew members, according to Chilean officials. And a second ship, the Azamara Pursuit, has not reported any cases but remains under quarantine; there are two suspected cases on that ship. “We have a cruise ship with the name of Azamara which originated in the Argentinean city of Ushuaia that began its journey on March 8 carrying 675 passengers and 389 crewmembers,” the minister said. https://edition.cnn.com/world/live-news/coronavirus-outbreak-03-14-20-intl-hnk/index.html This page has constantly new info added so you may need to scroll down to find this short article
  15. MNgardens


    Sad news from Japan. Two Japanese passengers on the Princess ship have passed away from the virus. My thoughts are with the family and. All the passengers. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/02/20/national/coronavirus-deaths-diamond-princess/
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