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  1. For the passengers it is one cruise. For the crew it is cruise after cruise after cruise. The ships need to protect their operations and mitigate the chances of infections coming in and causing breakthrough infections in their staff. The chances for infection on any one cruise may feel small but for a season of cruises the risk increases. I am sure the cruise line has run scenarios and determined what is the best way to proceed for everyone's safety.
  2. From the video it was good to see the space impact that a shower door makes. What struck me was that it makes using the sink difficult for a left handed person. I could see a lefty striking their elbow against the shower door while brushing teeth. Has anyone who traveled with the shower door had an issue with that?
  3. @Mackdogmolly Is it a daily boiling down of the syrup or do you wait several days?
  4. I really really dislike the name White Night. I would like to have it changed to Bright Night and then people could wear whatever loud shirts they have. The monochromatic color scheme of white doesn't add much except stress to new cruisers.
  5. Yes!! I don't drink but I would be a daily user of real maple syrup
  6. Tom: I hadn't heard of that medication. It's a modern miracle. Wow! Betsey: My daughter did read a bunch of online groups early on. I don't think she has lately probably from a mixture of feeling like she wasn't as bad off (pre lung function test) and and trying to stay positive. She has been able to keep working with some accommodations but toughing it out on a daily basis got her to the point where she was wanting answers. None of us thought the lungs would be as bad as they are. She is the healthiest looking sick person. It's a lot to process. In other n
  7. I am looking out my window and watching the snow fall. 10 days on Jost sounds like heaven! It makes sense to get vaccinated as many people as possible on the tiny islands of the Caribbean. For example, with only one hospital each on St Thomas and St Croix, there is no overflow capacity or other hospitals that very sick people can be transferred to. The hospitals are still damaged from Irma and Maria. An outbreak could become dire very quickly. I am guessing the situation is similar in the BVI. I have been wanting to get back to the USVI to visit family but I will be wai
  8. Tom47, my heart aches for your family. CF is tough! Once you have your second shot will you be able to start visiting with them again? Or perhaps you have been in a bubble with them? I have organ donor on my DL. I feel very strongly about that. To the readers in the UK: Do you have a similar system where it is easy to indicate your wishes regarding organ donation on your driving license?
  9. Betsey, I am really sorry to hear that. This virus is just devastating. Can I ask if she is being treated at a post covid center or through traditional channels? My daughter lives in a medically under served area of the country. There are no pulmonologists or cardiologists. We are hoping we can get her into the Mayo because it is not too far from us. She had her first dose of Pfizer a few days ago. She was a little tired and her arm was sore but no big reaction. Fingers crossed the second dose doesn't kick up a strong reaction like I read about some survivors having.
  10. One year ago today my daughter became symptomatic with Covid, most likely from a tourist visiting where she lives. Fortunately she works outdoors and her coworkers did not catch it from her. Less fortunately is that she is now a long term Covid patient. Her lungs are functioning at 40% and they hurt every day. She was24 at the time. Please encourage all travelers and family members to take the vaccination. This virus causes such random damage. Stay safe.
  11. Maybe they are doing an effective job... I support a vaccine mandate for sailing and for keeping local populations safe from cruisers. Ethically we as travelers cannot visit areas if we are a danger to them. The potential for harm is too high.
  12. And I don't know about the Caribbean at large but I know that the USVI are now vaccinating all adults. The elderly and vulnerable are covered and any resident can go to various sites to be vaccinated. Yes, they ask for address,etc so please don't suggest to tourists that they go down and steal a spot.
  13. Have you tried monitoring the Tahitian news sources for information as to how their local vaccine efforts are progressing? Perhaps there are updates from WHO or the UN that would have data. If the country is not on track to have a significant portion of their population vaccinated, I would doubt that they would open for tourism. As of Feb 1 they were vaccinating the elderly and health workers. https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/435567/covid-19-vaccine-rollout-in-tahiti-targets-health-staff Here is an article from Feb 8 https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/08/new-c
  14. Crystal is allowing no exceptions which I think is realistic. If a line permits exceptions then there will be people who dishonestly use it. Think of the disaster service dogs in an airplane turned into with people buying suspect papers on line because they don't want to leave their pet at home and making life difficult for people with true service animals.
  15. I read on a different site that Crystal will be requiring vaccinations across all its brands. There is a discussion of this with the associated FAQ on their sub forum. For those of you who would be among the first to get back on an Azamara sailing, how is it going with getting your vaccinations? Would a requirement be a plus or a minus?
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