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  1. I completed the survey through the link above rather than through the one in my email. It asks when you last sailed with Azamara. (For me, within in the last year.) It then asks which stateroom. I answered veranda because that was the one for the last year. However I had sailed in the CC two cruises before that which is perhaps how I got the email. Did I interpret the question correctly - which type of stateroom matches my most recent cruise? And my two cents: not on the list of possible enhancements - one that I would prefer is unlimited laundry for the big corner suites. If I had ponied up the big bucks, I would rather that over an in suite minibar. I too belong in the camp of let's not try to create a class that is treated as more special than others in highly visible ways. We are all incredibly fortunate to be able to take such a fabulous vacation. The vocabulary that has been used in these two pages are "caste" and "segregation." These are highly emotionally loaded words which reflect a strong distaste for attempting to create an atmosphere of exclusivity. The head offices should note this. Twiga: There is a lounge that is available for only a subset of the passengers is one that I can think of with out having sailed on them. I have heard of other cruise lines having special tendering lines, seating areas etc. I don't know much about Oceania.
  2. I wonder if they are looking at using Oceania as a model? For those of you that have cruised on Oceania, how did the segregation affect your experience?
  3. I have never stayed at a hotel through Azamara. I am unlikely to since they seem to pick very high end hotels and that is not my scene.
  4. I am in the US and got it. The nice thing about Azamara passengers is that there is no ostentatious display of wealth. One could be chatting with a tech millionaire or with a skilled tradesperson. Everyone is interesting. I have never encountered a braggart.
  5. Just one to add: The day sail boats I have been on require people to take off their shoes before they board. You get your shoes back at the end on the dock. Just want to give you a heads up on that in case she is wanting to wear lace up sneakers. There may be a bench to sit while putting them back on but I wouldn't count on it.
  6. It was heavily damaged two years ago in the hurricanes. The property is currently for sale.
  7. In general how is her mobility? Does she use a cane? Can she go down steps confidently? If she has a couple of family members or crew to help her down into the boat from the dock, she should be ok as long as she finds a seat in the shade. I am basing this on my experience with a company called VI Cat. To me, most of the ships at Buck island looked about the same. I would have no problem with my 80 year old mother riding along on that. I don't recall if the cats had a restroom but I think they did on a lower level. That may be something else to ask about. Have a great time!
  8. Sounds like the slightly larger ships are working best for you now, which is fine. All travel is good!
  9. I am not at all a fan of the pricing shenanigans but... Cruise Junky's comparison above is not an apples to apples comparison. What is the daily cost per person? Azamara at $5499 (ouch!) divided by 13 = $423 pp/day. Unknown taxes. Oceania Marina carries almost twice as many passengers. What are the taxes, etc for the $6499 cruise? The required daily gratuity adds $16/pp aka $32/stateroom. $16 x 26 = $416 ($32 x 26 days = $832.00) $6499 + $416 = $6915. Unknown taxes It works out to $266 pp/day. I think that is a fairly priced cruise. So yes, a considerable difference but once this promotion ends and prices stabilize, perhaps not as stark. Some itineraries are more desirable than others and we don't have the ports listed nor the number of sea days. And, the Oceania one may be part of a B2B as "first leg" is mentioned. Lots of factors to consider, including ship size, casino pro and cons, and in my family's case, the inability to be away from work for a month. This promotion will come and go. The traveling public is really spoiled for options and we have many good choices.
  10. I would say it depends... On your previous cruises were you going to activities mostly on sea days? Am I correct in thinking that you are on a very port intensive cruise with only one sea day? In that case, on the sea day spend your credits on a bunch of spa treatments and hit some exercise classes. Are you a restless person looking for constant stimulation (perhaps better suited to a big ship) or an extrovert who uses the activities as an avenue to meeting new people? The smaller ship makes it easy to fall into conversation with new acquaintances. If you go go go while off ship in port, will you be looking to stay up really late and sleep in, or return to ship, have a leisurely dinner, go for after dinner drinks and a show, and then go to bed so you and your husband can get off the ship in the next port as it docks? For me, there is a distinction. Only you know which way you are.
  11. Go to a website such as cruise timetable or such other and find out how many ships will be in port and what their loads are. If it is a day when there are 7-10,000 cruisers, it will be difficult to not feel over run at Coki, Sapphire, Magen's, and Secret Harbor. In that case I would research Hull Bay, which is not as famous but is off the beaten path with a little beach restaurant behind it, or Lindqvist aka Smith Bay Park (not far from Sapphire but with no services.) Lindqvist has the prettier beach but there is an entrance fee. The website VINOW dot COM can start you off
  12. Here is a good article about how a Celebrity ship, crew, and passenger volunteers are preparing 10,000 meals to deliver to Freeport on Grand Bahama island. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/after-hurricane-dorian-celebrity-cruise-ship-bahamas-reroutes-deliver-food-n1050796 "...A rotation of the company's cruise ships will be passing through Freeport to help provide meals and other items, including lawn chairs for sleeping, pillows, bedding, towels and medical supplies..." "...The ship was carrying more than 5,400 pounds of food — to make everything from cold cut sandwiches to hot dishes, such as chicken, rice and beans. In addition, more than 300,000 bottles of water were being handed out by the cruise operator's ships. In the coming days, the company is looking to establish a field kitchen on land to continue providing meals..."
  13. I am old school. I print out the itinerary and then cover it with post it notes with prices and travel agencies noted. If I were clever I would have them in chronological order...
  14. Azamara is under the corporate umbrella of Royal Caribbean. By now we have all seen the hurricane devastation in the Bahamas. RCL is donating $1,000,000 to charitable partners in the Bahamas. Details are here- https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/hurricane-disaster-relief. They will be matching additional by the public. https://www.padf.org/hurricane-dorian-royal If you have been feeling uncertain as to what you could do to help, this could be an option. In this day and age it is really hard to tell the genuine agencies from the inexperienced or scams.
  15. Do the promotions cycle through in any predictable manner? We just had the 30% off and now the Double Upgrade. I don't remember the name of it but I remember once seeing a promotion with a lot of shore excursion credit. Will the next one be first pax at full price, 2nd pax at 50% with free wifi? Have the long time cruisers seen that certain promotions always show up at a certain time of year?
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