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  1. Thank so much for this. Does anyone else know about any of the other beaches? Thanks
  2. Leaving on NCL Escape in a couple of weeks and trying to get an idea of the amenities at different beaches and what two chairs and an umbrella will run. Thanks
  3. We actually booked the Getaway for the 9 day Western Caribbean cruise 2/7/20 last night, and about 15 minutes later joined the other site’s M&G page. When I scrolled to the most recent post I saw this posted...apparently sent by NCL literally yesterday to existing cruisers on this itinerary...Suffice it to say we were a little pissed. Ports are reversed and times really changed. We’ll live, but will need to get up a lot earlier on some port days. Thanks for letting me vent. Still super excited.
  4. I have a Past Guest Promotion Question: Does NCL typically roll the promotion forward another month, thus adding a whole new month of cruises that they would offer the promo? Reason for my question has to do with a 9 day western Caribbean cruise out of New Orleans offered in January and February 2020. The current final month of cruises included in the Past Guest Promo is January of 2020, which currently includes the 9 day western Caribbean itinerary out of New Orleans. We want to take this same cruise in February of 2020, and was curious if come April 1st, when the new two month “Exclusive Latitudes Rewards Insider Offers” for April and May are emailed out, would this same itinerary one month later be included in the promo? Ideally we would love to get double points on the 9 day cruise and the extra $100 OBC never hurts. Sorry for rambling, but I figured some of my fellow CC’ers would know. Thanks
  5. I was on the 2/9-2/16 cruise. The ship was spotless in every public area we were in and the staff couldn’t have been more friendly And communicative.
  6. I would be happy to use your free cruise if you don’t wish to sail NCL again....And FYI...thankfully no explosions 😊
  7. I have to tell you that after spending the better part of the last eight days on board the Norwegian Epic...We’ve had a wonderful experience. Yes we were disappointed in not getting to our ports...and yes this was not the cruise we expected to have… But the crew could not have been nicer… The food across the board has been great… Except for solid wind, and a decent swell for the first few days the weather has been exceptional. We are getting a 100% credit towards another cruise and our travel change expenditures are covered up to $300 for each of the two of us (DW). There will always be people that will ***** and complain when inconvenienced, and there absolutely were some other passengers that had experienced more issues than we did, but please....we could have been back in the northeast in the cold and at work. Just my $.02 having been on this cruise with all of the other CCer’s giving their respective inputs in this thread. I believe the half full crowd vs half empty crowd is fairly well represented and their respective thoughts are well articulated in the various posts here....And FYI, we are at the Waves Bar on the Epic as I write this at 10:11pm, Saturday night, where we will be spending the night in our cabin, and NCL is honoring our UBP package, and we are drinking with our fellow passengers...Cheers 🥂
  8. We have total freedom to come and go. We just need to be back onboard by 5:30pm local time tomorrow, 2/13/19(unless the repairs take longer). We are enjoying. The staff could not be nicer across the board.
  9. Just Docked in San Juan. Beautiful site of rainbow over the city with the Celebrity Edge, and the Caribbean Princess. Hopefully the repairs will be done by the 6pm Wednesday eve timeline. Otherwise we may be delayed further. I’m thanking my TA for insisting on top insurance coverage which includes trip interruption 😊👍
  10. I’m not sure when you’re sailing, but you may want to make reservations as early as your window opens, as a lot of spots fill up quickly for the specialty restaurant. I’ve found that a large majority of NCL passengers opt for the drinks and specialty dining packages, so there is a fair amount of competition for choice dinner times. For shows as well. That’s not to say you can’t get a table later Pre-cruise, or once onboard, but you may have to settle for a 5pm or 930pm reservation. I hope you have an amazing cruise 😊.
  11. Leaving February 9th on The Epic and booked Teppanyaki for first night. Also have reservations set for remainder of cruise with Moderno and Cagney’s as the other specialty restaurants I booked with the Dining Package. I was curious what other CC’ers book first night. This is our first time on the Epic, but have been on the Escape, Getaway, and Sky. Have also booke Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but didn’t book the Cirque dinner show.
  12. Hahaha...so true. We love NCL and wished more people would post about the great cruises that they’ve had. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Just got off the 3 Day NCL Sky GSC/Nassau cruise yesterday. When I checked my Latitudes Rewards account today, I was expecting to see my additional 3 points added to my account, which would get me to 48 points, 7 away from Gold Tier. To my surprise, I saw that NCL elevated me to Gold anyway. I shouldn’t have hit that level until after my DW and I go on the Epic 7 day this coming February, but now I will get enjoy Gold status for that cruise. Anyone else out there had the Latitudes Rewards Fairy move them up a tier earlier than they were supposed to? FYI...had a great 3 day on the Sky. She still is a nice ship. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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