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  1. It's what happens to bridges before roads according to most signs along the roads I've travelled. I have not heard it referred to as a noun before...
  2. Horizon 1994. but their website gives this info: Celebrity Cruises cruise line headquartered in Miami, Florida and a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. en.wikipedia.org Headquarters: Miami Customer Service: 800-647-2251 Founded: 1988 Parent Organization: Royal Caribbean Cruises
  3. Over the next Century at least 7 billion people will die. Another "expert" said very early on there are only 15 cases and soon there will be none. We all have our own view of reality.
  4. I was being positive.. in that post.. I really believe there will not be a non-restrictive cruise till 2021.. and even that may prove to be optimistic.
  5. No he is the one that got shafted because Celebrity gave no options to cruisers within 48 hours of getting nothing or an FCC while already having the announcement ready the next morning to people who then got the better deal. We were on Silhouette B2B2B and experienced the same pain. It's like asking someone if they want a blindfold before the execution.
  6. Will Celebrity really start back in September? Will Celebrity really start back in October? Will Celebrity really start back in November? Will Celebrity really start back in December?.. I'm just getting ready to start the next new thread...
  7. We are presently booked on a B2B Summit Panama cruise in Oct/Nov. Final payment will be due before Celebrity resumes cruising and provides a plan to reflect the new health risks of being on a ship. We asked to be moved to 2021 when Millennium has the Panama itinerary, same length of 15 days each. No problem I was told. However there is a long wait time for our TA to get through for this switch but I will report back if it happens.
  8. Now that June and July cruises are cancelled as of today, let us see if credits are issued faster for the requests already in the system.
  9. Michael Bayley announced (on a conference call) that cruises will be cancelled until July 31 except for the Asian market which may start sooner. Further clarification will come this afternoon.
  10. Yes. Scotia is so far successful for our March 15th sailing.
  11. Well Canadians won't be able to catch a ship: " Canada-U.S. border to remain closed to non-essential travel for another month An agreement has been reached between Canada and the United States to keep the border closed to all non-essential travel for another month, CTV News has learned. The extension on the existing agreement means that the border restrictions will stay in place until June 21."
  12. This is one of the few ports open at this time:
  13. If we ever get back to "normal" times, I will predict that many of us will be dumping our travel agents. I also use that NH agency and they have been absolutely no help in getting my refunds. During the initial panic in mid-March they could not be reached by telephone and since then their emails will get you a response days later... unless you want to book a new cruise. Not that I'm bitter, but I am wiser.
  14. Masks on a cruise ship 🤣 There is no way one can continuously eat and drink with a mask on... but that would slow down consumption. I seriously doubt that masks will be required by the time it is again safe to cruise... Deal breaker... age 70 note is gone but Celebrity is still not communicating with passengers what changes they will be introducing. I never want to sit again at a table for two in the dining room four or five inches away from the next table.
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