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  1. It does not matter who Celebrity targets. Covid will decide who gets to travel for the next year at least. We're happy to stay home, away from all threats to our health that is a part of shipboard life. There is no place where one can isolate with safety if ship happens. And once Celebrity gets around to tell us that we have lost the perks we have earned on over 200 cruises over two decades, Celebrity will not be our first choice. To misquote someone who may still be alive... "‘Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a cruiser scorned.”
  2. Doing my vacation search I can't find a Transatlantic for HAL and Princess either.
  3. We're booked on Reflection (non-refundable) and we hope that it will be cancelled. I have no wish to go anywhere where I can't jump in the car and go home if ship happens. However I looked at a certain vacation web site and I could still book a cruise.
  4. After this is all over, there won't be many seniors left...😁
  5. Those ships that were recently mothballed were of a similar age to Horizon, Zenith, Century and similar to those Royal also scrapped... (I think) on the ropes.? Are HAL revenues separated from the rest of the Carnival empire for comparison purposes? Just wondering how it compares to Celebrity revenue details.
  6. So what does a non-phone carrying, non-USA phone provider customer do? If internet is available in the terminal life could be so much easier for those not tied to a phone.
  7. Carnival Has removed December cruises from their website and Norwegian just cancelled December cruises. Royal will do as it wants to.. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23796-carnival-removes-december-cruises-from-website.html https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23799-norwegian-cancels-all-december-cruises.html
  8. I would really like to know, if ships are sailing at reduced capacity, which cabin categories will not be offered for booking. The lack of guidance on this ticks me off more than anything... other than not cruising at all.
  9. Over the last six months what information about anything, other than sales, has Celebrity given us. Nada, nix, nothing.. Without speculation, these boards would have nothing to "talk" about.
  10. If it's anything I've come to realize over the last few years: if someone says it's fake news, it will be the gospel truth.😉
  11. Read this line by line: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23792-cdc-to-require-simulated-voyages-here-s-what-they-are.html "The cruise ship operator must conduct laboratory testing of all passengers and crew on the day of embarkation and the day of disembarkation as required by CDC technical instructions or orders. Laboratory test results must be available prior to passengers embarking and prior to passengers and crew departing for their final destinations after disembarking the ship. Crew and passengers must also be laboratory tested again post-disembarkation as required by CDC technical instructions or orders." Imagine 2,000 to 5,000 passengers being tested prior to disembarkation. How much equipment and staff would be required to process those tests in a timely fashion before passengers can begin disembarkation? And post disembarkation where... at the airport, a hotel, at home?
  12. I believe Quebec and Alberta are higher than the national average but 7 American States are higher than that. Some provinces and some states are much better at controlling the spread of covid. I was raving about our local situation with no new cases but now there is an explosion: from zero to 35 cases in a population of 100,000.
  13. As of Oct 29, USA is of course #1 with 27K cases per million, Canada Ranks 31st with 6K cases per million. https://www.covid-19canada.com/ https://www.covid-19us.live/
  14. I guess that the ship would be safe as long a passengers and crew do not come from Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the USA... and every other country that has spiking infection numbers. We are very content staying home away from the sea of troubles out there.
  15. My source is confidential. I did call a certain 800 number to get more information and the speculation was confirmed as in the talks stage. The impact on loyalty programs was unknown. I am not a travel agent other than booking cruises for my wife (who pays me well with TLC.) If the rumour is true, then Celebrity has a free focus group on CC. Since my crystal ball predicts no opening of borders between Canada and the USA until at least March 2021, we don't have to worry about booking any new cruises from any company. Celebrity has been opaque in potential changes affecting passengers who are already booked. We are living in an information vacuum. By the way I like my avatar.
  16. All of this speculation of getting points to reach a certain level may soon become meaningless. If the rumours are true that Celebrity will become an all inclusive cruiseline the perks are included in the fare, which I am sure will be substantially higher than now.
  17. Royal is offering cruises out of Singapore in Dec. on the Quantum... sailing at 50% capacity. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23639-here-are-royal-caribbean-s-new-december-cruises.html
  18. We don't want to be in anyone's boat for the unforeseeable future.
  19. http://view.email.celebritycruises.com/?qs=20cb488de24c46282a40dae57330c350c21c811ecac4627b9df877b1ce95249818119cd1d14c2df3c2deed812a9955a34b488dcaa6543401f1f21896454119f8d56dfdc8823bd00b48cb7f770c2cc9d1b6593b2f69a1d3fd
  20. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23531-clia-adopts-health-protocols-including-100-testing-for-passengers-and-crew.html
  21. That's a true negative.😉
  22. The only perk that would make me book another cruise is free or low cost insurance to cover hospital bills, quarantine costs and flight evacuation home in case of covid infection on board. If the cruise lines can't guarantee a safe environment why would we put our lives at risk.
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