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  1. 16 Day cruise booked, cruise fares are now $4392 LESS! NCL has our $1500 Deposit and we used 2 Cruise Next Certificates totaling $500. What to do? Cancel and re-book? Call NCL? Would also like to use our FCC that we got for the cruise that we were supposed to go on today. Help a girl out on the best way to handle this 😉
  2. I am as sad as I could be. As of last night, we were still "all in" to depart this Saturday on the Escape out of Miami. Today, things got just a little bit scarier in our area and our kids piped up that they were concerned for us if we go, so we just cancelled 😭. I prepared myself for a long wait on the phone today at 5:26pm and shock of all shocks, a lovely NCL Gal picked up within 3 minutes and the entire call was finished in less than 5 minuets. YES NCL!!! great job! The confirmation email came about one minute later.....DONE! Still super bummed as I am back to just waiti
  3. Sailing this Saturday 03/14 out of Miami on the Escape unless something CRAZY happens between now and then. Extra cleaning supplies packed and I think were all set. Both of us also will pack a few extra things in case of a quarantine and our laptops for entertainment.
  4. Still hoping to sail out on the Escape this coming Saturday 03/14/20. Booked a Haven Courtyard cabin H5 and had bids in for both Owners Suites and the Two Bedroom Family Suite, just for the heck of it. This morning before leaving for work I got spooked and pulled our bids out. I was thinking that if by chance we did have to cancel, I would rather have that money as cash in my bank rather than as an NCL credit toward a future cruise. I made the right move as it looks like the Upgrades rolled today as most of the Haven is now showing as Sold Out. I will be kicking myself BIG TIME though if by c
  5. UGH! Now what to do? I don't want to fly to Miami this Saturday and not be able to board. Might the CDC close cruising down for a couple of months? I sure as hell hope not!
  6. Less than a week out now! We depart 03/14/20 and friends and family think we are crazy! Oh well. First, thank God we have a balcony! I am packing some different things for this cruise because a quarantine is a possibility. We both plan on taking our Laptops (neither of us can work remotely, but for entertainment), headphones, 3 weeks of meds, the usual OTC stuff (just in case), Large paper dinner napkins for handrails, Clorox wipes, ziplock bag for TV remote, my own hand sanitizer (because I hate to come across an empty thingy on board), my robe because if I do get stuck or sick, I want
  7. This is why I LOVE CC! Great idea with the paper napkins for the railings. I have a pack here at home that are larger so the whole hand will be covered then throw away. I like to take the stairs because of....duh....desserts and I have to hold tight to the railings because of a previously broken foot that never made it back to 100% 😉👍
  8. Thank you for this. We depart on The Escape 03/14/20, Haven Style also and this report makes me feel better about still sailing. Do us all a favor though, you mentioned the couple getting off in Roatan with luggage..... If you do hear that they were infected with COVID 19, please let us know. 😉Fingers crossed for all of us!
  9. So happy that you have no problems to repot this morning from the ESCAPE. Looking forward to reading your review.
  10. Good point, there will be some folks that get spooked from travel for a while, that happened after 9/11. It was several months before the travel loads returned to normal.
  11. Yes to all of this!!! Just booked a Baltic Cruise 30% off, $600 OBC extras 08/24/21. We are even talking about booking a couple more before NCL tries to make up ground financially, to protect ourselves. We love cruising and will go no matter the price, but I prefer to save a little bit especially since we are mostly Haven Cruisers.
  12. WHAT? We were going to search you out in the Haven for a HELLO next week! So sorry for you having to cancel 😏
  13. We are looking at August of 2021 and see these great deals there!!
  14. So with all of the virus hysteria nobody is looking at the positive. Prices are down right now and OBC is offered. After this virus passes through, NCL will have to make up some ground and cruising might become less affordable, right? Tonight ,we are looking into late 2020 and all of 2021 and placing deposits on future cruises. YEA!
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