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  1. We booked two cruises in 2019 for 2020. Then moved them to summer 2021. One is with Saga with included insurance, so no problem there. The other for 14 days with P and O to Spain and Italy. Got a recent quote from an insurance company often advertised on TV with 5* reviews on Trust Pilot. Single Trip to Europe nearly £700. We do have a few medical conditions, but nothing life threatening, no heart, cancer etc. We have tried insurance quotes with companies associated with cruise lines but they won’t quote for us. We are mid seventies.
  2. Why do I pay £75 for insurance with my 14 night cruise even at over 75 with medical conditions, but if taking Saga insurance for any other holiday It is 10X as much? I.e. £750 for two weeks in a hotel in Europe, more than the holiday cost.
  3. Venice for me too, but I haven’t cruised there. I have cruised to La Coruna twice, which I found charming and The Faroes.
  4. Staysure have just quoted us £750 for a two week cruise in Europe. We are both over 70 with medical conditions but nothing life threatening. That’s a lot of money.
  5. Thank you for this nosapphire. Reassuring.
  6. Does anyone have a photo of the room service menu please?
  7. When we changed our cruise from January 2021 (Canary Islands) to July 2021 (Baltic) we were told that the cruises would not be rolled over, that is the inaugural sailing would be the one originally scheduled for that date. As to the included insurance, we originally booked in October 2019 and were assured that it would be moved to our new July date with no alterations, even though our confirmation letter stated otherwise, so we would be covered for the virus.
  8. We had an accessible cabin on Discovery, as I have a manual wheelchair. There are only 10 on each ship, so you need to book early. The cabins are wider than a normal cabin, so plenty of room for a scooter. You have to keep it in your cabin. In an emergency it would be a hazard if left in the corridor. I wasn’t keen on the big ramp on the balcony as it took up so much room. I don’t need my wheelchair in the cabin. There is an automatic push button entry door and lots of techy stuff, like usb plugs by the bed. There were no armchairs because of the layout of the cabin differs from
  9. I have already checked this. We booked for 5 January 2021 in October 2019 then changed it to July 2021. Our insurance rolls on and covers us for the virus. Got it recorded on my phone where young lady from Saga assured me of this 100% we would have cancelled if this wasn’t so.
  10. I use a wheelchair which my partner pushes. Using a wheelchair in a buffet is practically impossible. He has to take me round to find my food, then find a table that has been cleared; he then queues again to get his own food and by the time he gets back I have finished my food. Not a relaxing or companionable experience. Plus the fact some people push and shove and seem to have disgusting habits in the buffet, licking fingers etc. I, for one, shalln’t miss them at all. Give me the civilised MDR every time.
  11. Could they install one escalator on each ship so healthy people could use that. 15 or 16 decks is too much for most people.
  12. How, with social distancing, are cruises going to manage crowding in lifts? I use a wheelchair, so stairs are not possible. We often have to wait for up to half an hour to get a lift at busy times.
  13. A few cabin improvements as on new Saga ship. The flexible reading light attached to the bedside light and the dimmed bathroom mirror light, useful for night time visits. Don’t change the White Company shower gel, I think it has a lovely scent.
  14. Ventura is repatriating P and O Indian crew on this ship. That says to me that there will be no cruises going this summer, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth doing this. I’m sure the crew will be glad to be going home, although they must be worried about future contracts.
  15. Thank you for all your advice and suggestions. I will certainly contact my doctor. I have obviously declared these conditions to my insurance company and also P and O on the mobility form.
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