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  1. Oh no! I love them as they are but this is sounding even better, not good for my waistline! 😄 When we did a galley tour we watched them being made, we were told the number they made every day, can't remember now, but it was a lot!
  2. @vaitape I don't think they really wanted to say. We were keen on booking that particular cruise as felt it might be easier for us being just a hop, skip and a jump from UK to Copenhagen, given the pandemic. I asked about the progress of the Venture, knowing it had been delayed, I pushed them a lot, basically saying I can't go through yet another cancelled cruise and all that entails, and they said it was probably not sensible to book this cruise at this stage, because the completion date of the ship was not definite. Of course, if we'd gone ahead, we would get our money back, but like others, I've been waiting for refunds and moving holidays continually and I'm a bit fed up with doing that. So we decided against it.
  3. Update: It is not 100% certain that Venture will be completed for this cruise my TA hinted at, so we have gone for Central America and Panama Canal instead. Fingers crossed for that one!
  4. Thanks for that, it is a 12 day cruise actually. However, it's the status of the ship I was wondering about, and we will be speaking to SB. 🙂
  5. Hi all We are just deliberating on a Venture cruise January 2022 and I just wondered if anyone had heard the latest on progress to completion for the ship? I've done a search on here and can see it was delayed, I wondered if anyone knew whether it is now on track. We are just loathe to pay a big deposit and it not happen. Thanks in advance 🙂
  6. I think you're right here, and everyone is learning all the time. As we keep calling it here 'an abundance of caution' ! Our SB cruise is not until Autumn 2022 so we can wait to see how it pans out. But we would like to slip another cruise in, in the Spring if at all possible! Just incidentally, we are well towards a 'vaccination certificate' and our NHS has now activated this on their app and I can see mine, very reassuring !
  7. Thank you to all those out there going on cruises this year. I shall be watching this board avidly to see how it goes. I have to say... wearing a mask round the pool does not appeal. I am a constant mask wearer, and just wonder why it can't be like Spain (we go a lot when we're allowed!) On the beach you have to wear a mask unless you are lying down. The minute you get up and walk, the mask goes on. Given that SB ships are never really cramped, I wonder if it might evolve to this.
  8. Funnily enough, on our last cruise in 2019, there was on occasions two shows a night. Not sure why. It was on Quest.
  9. Not just me then! I have rung SB UK and they said there was a problem with the website about 3 days ago, I imagine it's still ongoing.
  10. Thanks. I am Chrome too but there is some sort of problem, although I did manage to get in via 'booked guests'. Thanks for your response.
  11. Is it just me?! I am unable to log in. Every time I press 'log in' it just refreshes the page and shows my address and password still there. I am UK, on a laptop, I know the password is correct, and I have tried two different browsers. We have booked a cruise and I want to go and look at it! Thanks in advance.
  12. We have 'registered our interest' for a small fee in the Grand Pacific Vovage October 2022. We just wanted to do something... nothing to lose but no idea at this stage how much it is. Hey ho... we'll find out soon! Bit strange at this stage to actually reserve which grade of suite we wanted but that's what was asked.
  13. I think this will change. Here in UK we have said no to this (or hinted at this should I say), but for those of us who want to travel, the countries may well need this, and it will have to happen.
  14. I haven't been on CC for a while because I almost can't bear to be reminded of what we are unable to do. We miss it all so much. But I clicked on this thread and was glad I did, thank you M&P Germany for such a lovely reminder. This time last year we were beginning to get excited for a cruise we booked about now for embarkation in December. With all that has happened I am so so glad we took the plunge for an extra cruise at the last minute because there are so many happy memories from it, to keep us going until the next time, whenever that might be. All the best to everyone, fingers x'd we'll be coming out the other end soon. 🙂
  15. I do hope so! Agree with SLSD too... we were/are just at that time in life and similar ages that we can travel to far flung places, we have the health (fingers x'd) we can cope with long haul flights, we can afford the money and time to holiday in these places and now we are on hold. Every time I see a glimmer of hope, it seems to be dashed with some more worrying news. But hopefully, in the not too distant future, the better news will outweigh the not so good news. And I can't even bear to look at footage from cruises, or go on the SB site... not until there is a faint possibiity we can get on a ship and travel!
  16. I hope Sojourn isn't retired off, it's our favourite ship, we've done the majority of our cruises on it. However, it's not going to be the same if we go back to Sojourn. The staff will've changed no doubt and that's what made it for us. We miss it. We just feel lucky we decided to take a very last minute cruise on it last December. Such a rush to organise and get there, but it was one of the best. (although I say that about every one!)
  17. Very much so. Nothing of course to do with the bottle of gin in the trolley 😂 (Missed our long cruise in April and tried to recreate a few cocktails a lá Seabourn!)
  18. Hooray! Pleased to hear that! 😃
  19. Totally agree TV24. (And do hope you have had luck with your refund now? I felt for you, such a long time to wait) Personally, I won't be booking until SB have had quite a few successful cruises under their belt and I feel reassured. I would say it won't be until a vaccine, but I read so much on this, I'm not sure there will ever be one. I just hope that we can cruise next year, but we will be doing a last minute booking if there is still availability. Interestingly, our TA has sent us details of World Cruise 2022, departing 11 January, and asking for a £500 deposit to secure. We would love to do that to make up for our 30 day cruise we've just missed but it's just too early to make a commitment yet.
  20. Just too long tv24. Really bad form from SB. Do hope you get it resolved and soon.
  21. As much as I would love love love to think about booking a cruise, we won't be. Not yet anyway. As PHE have advised against cruising, insurance won't cover anything. Hopefully that will change in time. Ideally we would like one next Spring and another one in the Autumn and like everyone I just want it to go back to how it was. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen...
  22. Ahhh right. When I type .co.uk it comes up .com/US but is in £ and contact details are for UK on top of the contact page with US beneath it.
  23. Seabourn.co.uk has always taken me to the US site, but it is in £ and not $.
  24. Yes, we had our yellow fever vaccinations complete with certificates ready for our April cruise to the Amazon. I hope I'll be able to use it another time on a cruise to the same area!
  25. If anyone has seen the film 'Contagion' people who had been vaccinated wore wristbands! The film really is too close for comfort at the moment, so many parallels, and weirdly I had just watched it before all this started.
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