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  1. Meh, there’s nothing with this I’m really interested in paying more for. I’ve never done a tender port, we usually try to leave the ship late on the last day and don’t care about Spa services. Maybe it would be more interesting if they added get into your room right away like Carnival.
  2. Does getting in the car and heading to the airport count as starting a trip? Just curio
  3. We did the Imagination last January. It doesn’t offer a whole lot, but we found it very relaxing. We had time to play cards, hang at serenity and chill with our friends. It’s a great little sandwich cruise to get us over until out next big cruise.
  4. Smart. Makes me wish I liked wine, but I can’t tolerate it. So it’s the drink package for me. 😳
  5. I always pack one or two super thin crappy beach towels. If they don’t make it home I don’t fret. They have come in handy many times. The cruise towels are pretty big and bulky and get very heavy when wet. My towels are different from everyone else’s so it’s easy to find my chair after swimming. I don’t think its necessary but I like to bring them.
  6. This is why we no longer sail NCL. Although NCL is our line of choice, the higher prices have driven us to RCCL and Carnival. I always check NCL first, but I can no longer justify the price even with the Free at Sea perks.
  7. I was loyal NCL until the prices skyrocketed. We tried our first Carnival in January and were pleasantly surprised. Since the price is the same, Joy all the way! If you drink, also figure in the money saved on buying the Drink package on Carnival. Enjoy!
  8. When I log in and click the link it says “looks like this page took a permanent vacation”. I guess I am too late.
  9. Definitely Ensenada. Even the port area is dirty as soon as you walk off the ship. It’s a little city with pharmacies, shops with the same old stuff and some restaurants. We went in the winter, so if there were beaches we were unaware of them.
  10. My DH and I have been joking for years that we are steerage class, but honestly it never bothered me. We did get Vibe passes to have some quiet deck space and a hot tub. I hate the idea that they are taking away deck space for the Vibe. They could just up the number of passes they sell to the Vibe instead of taking space away from the rest of the ship. That place was a ghost town the few times I used it. Also the hours were limited for the Vibe as it didn’t open until 9 AM and then closed at 9 PM. That’s a lot of wasted time and space.
  11. I guess the ice got too expensive. 😂
  12. Shotty= Sh!tty + Shoddy. 🤣
  13. I agree, I was disappointed with the club. In the marketing ads there was a science lab on the Oasis for experiments and such, but we were told there were too many kids to use the labs. So it didn’t get used all week. the only positive thing about the experience was that check in was easier than on NCL.
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