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  1. BLJ1, such bad luck to have not one but two itineraries cancelled or changed, but it is likely to be for safety reasons. Think you were wise to cancel. We have done more than one itinerary in that area and all the good ports have gone apart from Muscat, one of our favorites. Fujairah and Khor Al Fakkan offer little. As for the Caribbean, hurricane season usually finishes around the end of November. We joined E1 on Nov 25th last year and had wonderful weather throughout. It was actually too hot for us at times. Hope you find something.
  2. We joined Explorer 1 on Nov 25th last year for a two week Caribbean. Can't remember the exact date they started putting them up but it was soon after we boarded. It is a massive job, took them around a week, perhaps more, (I can't remember exactly) to decorate. Every day we came back onboard there were new decorations up. E1 looked beautiful.
  3. Gibraltar is duty free so again, only 200. Be sure that you re buying genuine cigs.
  4. cruisemapper is another. Always check more than one timetable as they are not always 100%, especially when their timetable doesn't link directly to the official port website. And of course, many ports have cruisetimetables on their official sites.
  5. I understood you were referring to visa exemption rules. I was giving an example of our own experience with actual visa applications, and also the reference to the FCO info re visa waivers as indicators of the lack of clarity that even officials seem uncertain about on some occasions.
  6. miaminice, you said: Sorry to disagree, the rules are not that confusing at all. We travelled before the most recent changes, went in person and took our cruise itinerary with us.The staff did not know whether we should have single or multiple entry and discussed it amongst themselves for a time. As they could not agree, we opted for multiple entry to be sure. If it is no longer confusing, then some progress has been made. I don't agree that cruiselines should give entry info to passengers. IMHO it the responsibility of each individual to check for themselves and only from official sources. The official UK FCO govt. website has this included in the section of entry requirements: The British Embassy in Beijing has received reports of a recent increase in cases where entry to China under the visa waiver on arrival scheme has been refused, which may be linked to previous travel history. You should note that entry to China under a visa waiver is not guaranteed - Chinese border officials have the right to refuse entry without warning or explanation.
  7. No doubt that the rules are confusing. Only a few days ago hundreds of British cruise passengers were refused entry for allegedly not having the correct visas. They were apparently trying to use the 144 hour visa exemption to join Quantum of the Seas. An internet search using eg "British cruise passengers refused entry to China" should bring up multiple news items in the results.
  8. Agree that you should book Petra through the cruiseline. Sometimes they are actually worth paying for. We also DIY unless we cannot do something ourselves or the timings don't fit with sailing times, or the distance is too far, but we booked Petra as a shorex for several of these reasons, also in part for the cost of individual entry to the site. thinking of booking a driver before we Cruise. Just myself and Husband, we don't normally book excursions with the Cruise Ships as they are expensive, Sometimes private tours do work out cheaper, but it depends on several factors. In this instance I would be very surprised if a private tour from Aqaba to Petra would be cheaper than a shorex. If you search online (or over on the Africa and Middle East Forum) you will get an idea of the cost involved for a private tour for only two persons. Driver, car, and entry to Petra. If you think it might be cheaper to simply have a car and driver and pay separately to go in, be aware of the high entry cost, details on the official Petra website. And you would need to check if cruise pax are considered overnight visitors or not as otherwise you will see how very expensive it is even for a one day pass.
  9. We have been to Abu Dhabi twice. Amongst other things we did in town, can highly recommend the Grand Mosque even if you think you have already seen enough mosques. We did one of the free tours there. It was incredible. We shared a taxi from the cruise terminal with another couple who were also going there. See Tripadvisor for suggestions, info and photos. The other time we did a full day shorex to Al Ain, again worth doing and very different from Abu Dhabi. At Khasab we did the 4x4 mountain trip. In the afternoon we took the shuttle bus into town, but there really is nothing to see and we only spent around a half hour there, if it was even that. Some pax took a short walk to the right of the dock in the opposite direction from town. If I remember correctly there are no taxis at all in Khasab. You walk, tour or use the shuttle.
  10. You could check websites such as whatsinport, (a personal favourite) cruisemapper and others, also here on CC under DESTINATIONS (select from the RESEARCH dropdown) They will give you info on where you dock, currency and other useful info on each port. Also use the SEARCH with the THIS FORUM box ticked for each individual port over on the Africa and Middle East Forum. Loads of info on all of the ports you mention on that one. You can read previous threads and answers.
  11. Just a few minutes ago I opened a Fred Olsen e-mail which featured their recent transit of the Corinth Canal. They have a video of it and were also advertising the next sailing which will include it. Round trip Southampton next April. On a general internet search, simply search "fred olsen braemar cruising through the corinth canal" and multiple links to videos will appear. Apparently there was as little as 3 feet spare at some points. An almost last minute EDIT. I just now found that on the FRED Forum, someone has linked to a YouTube video.
  12. Not bad at all. You were actually lucky as the words "organisation" and "Naples" together have not been mentioned much so far!
  13. For Naples Airport you did better than some, but progress from arriving at the terminal to actual take-off shouldn't be a matter of luck. At least you didn't need to sit on the coach outside the airport, nor did you have to stand and wait for the bus from the terminal to the plane. Were you delayed taking off from Naples, and if so by how much? We liked the ship too. Would happily book another cruise on her.
  14. At least Marella are not charging gratuities on "free/complimentary" drinks packages-yet! Just flagging up a CC News item from a few days ago in case anyone missed it, as both X and NCL advertise a lot in the UK and "free/complimentary" drinks packages are often included either as standard, or depending on cabin category. Not so free nowadays as they used to be. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4540/
  15. I think a lot if it is to do with the fact that often as not the same old questions keep getting asked without the person asking having done any prior research to find the answer for themselves. I totally agree. Not only do they not appear to have carried out a very straightforward internet search, I don't think it is enough to simply join CC, log on, and post questions for others to answer especially when multiple ports are involved. Some of the Qs are such FAQs that the answers are already there, in some instances only a very few threads further down in plain view. I don't think many people actually make an effort to learn how to use this site to get the most out of it. The SEARCH facility is IMHO one of the best features. Only a few minutes to learn how to use it for both general searches and the specific forum searches is rewarded over and over again. I use it a lot when researching ports or specific ships. I do try not to give flippant answers!
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