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  1. To be certain and to help your planning, you can usually check the website of each terminal as they usually have a section about "cruise ship schedule" for each year. Just google eg" Kai Tak cruise terminal Hong Kong" For info on the cruise terminals themselves and for transport options, it is also worth a look at sites such as whatsinport and cruisemapper, both of which we have used extensively. There is sometimes a link on each of those sites which takes you directly to the cruise ship schedule. Definitely worth a look as you can also check the schedule to see how many other s
  2. Probably each and every port in Croatia. Most lines only do Dubrovnik and Split, Marella did so many others and and we enjoyed each and every one, such a lovely country, beautiful islands. and someone already mentioned Bequia. That was our prersonal favourite on a two week Caribbean itineray. Such a pleasure to walk around there as it is relatvely unspoiled.
  3. Thank you for clarification. As I posted above: I do not know how accurate the list is The Dream crew member was included in the CrewCenter "In Memorium: Cruise ship crew members lost in Covid-19 pandemic" feature so I mentioned it in my post.
  4. it would be great to know all are safe. Sad to report that not all crew made it safely back to their homes and families. CrewCenter website has a number of obituaries for crew from different ships and lines who died. I do not know how accurate the list is, but one death reported from Dream and two from E2. I have kept off the threads as we didn't have any current or future bookings (were at the planning stage) so have no issues with customer services and/or refunds, but I thought the above might be of interest and nobody else posted it.
  5. Hope you and yours keep safe and well. Thank you. There is also little or no sport and there may not be for weeks or months, so one of us is already showing withdrawal symptoms! We can go out for walks, work or sit in the garden, and we may even begin sorting through the cupboards, drawers and attic to begin the major clear out of unused "stuff" we have been meaning to clear for years but never got around to doing. And sorting through paperwork and photos! All fun things to keep ourselves occupied...NOT!
  6. Possible nobody at Marella has caught the FCO announcement at 12-30 today, or maybe the "high heid yins" did but it hasn't yet filtered through to call centre staff. With an advisory effective immediately not to travel globally for next 30 days they should be giving you a refund. You should not feel pressured into taking a future date as an alternative.
  7. Saw that too. Should trigger a massive demand on cruise lines, holiday companies, airlines etc for refunds so refunds may take some time. May or may not need to claim on travel insce. I am not 100% clued up on that, no doubt others are and will hopefully advise.
  8. Vitalsign, your birthday celebrations sounded like a lot of fun. You were so very lucky with timing. Trying to make lemonade from lemons, the remaining four of us had decided to stay in at our home for family dinner, cake and champagne. Daughter phoned earlier today. Having sleepless nights thinking about bringing possible infection into our house as she was socialising in pubs and clubs at the weekend. In tears as she has decided to stay away to protect us. As she and another guest were making the cake, I have asked that they not make it as we are now only three person
  9. Have just now checked the official Fred website for any Braemar news. They updated today at 13-15. Now reporting 20 pax and 20 crew confirmed cases, crew numbers include one doctor. Additional doctors and nurses either on the way or already there hoping to get permission to board.
  10. Have not been participating in discussions as didn't feel entitled to as we don't have any current or future Marella bookings. On the other hand, now embarrassed to have become one of those "lurkers" who read everything, take info and tips, and contribute nothing to the boards in return. Yes, guilty of reading cruise news items and following certain boards as circumstances change. We visited Lisbon for a few days in early February and were just getting around to planning cruises and trips for this year when the "C" word issues hit the media, so have delayed for now.
  11. Thanks to everyone that posted on this tread. After looking at the various cruise lines and their Cruise/Tours we decided to go with a 11 day packaged tour called GB4. This is a southbound tour that starts in Fairbanks and ends up in Vancouver. Princess was offering a number of incentives and we were able to get a nice balcony room mid ship on deck 12 for our trip in June. I think we'll have a great time based on what I saw. Thanks again for the help and advice. Researching available info has meant you could book something which suits your personal interests. I ho
  12. There isn't a gread deal to see or do in Messina itself, but if you do decide to stay in town, do not miss the Bell Tower and Astronomical Clock which sound and move at 12 noon. It lasts around 10 minutes and is impressive, especially when the lion roars. Only a couple of minutes walk from the dock. Info online and check Tripadvisor Messina for info on sights etc.
  13. Check the actual official port websites. And other favourites are "whatsinport" (with more info than its title suggests) and "cruisemapper" although there are others.
  14. Usedul to read websites "whatsinport" and "cruisemapper".
  15. Thanks. I didn't know they also own the White Pass train from Skagway. We did that trip and wonderful it was. Drove up by coach through lovely scenery and crossed into the Canadian Yukon, returned to Skagway on the train. Blessed with beautiful weather that day, it was one of our best shorex. And Gray Line buses too. They have their fingers in many Alaskan pies!
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