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  1. THANK YOU! Very reassuring to know there should be safe access for me. My days of climbing a ladder safely are long gone now!
  2. Looks to me, as if there is a handrail with steps going down into the Solarium pool? Would be handy for me, ladders are a challenge for me these days. Eagerly following your thread.
  3. They usually knock to alert you if you're in the room, in my experience with another cruise line.
  4. Here's a finger spanking for a bad girl who's sitting in the corner. I like your sense of humour.
  5. Good to know this. THANK YOU! I'm still in the planning stage for ny 1st Royal Caribbean Cruise, out of Sydney, Australia, ship undecided at this time.
  6. It's the "other cruisers" who object to you being aboard who are "the pain in the butt!" People who have never experienced being handicapped, IMHO, are often the most thoughtless and intolerant people.
  7. Thank you for this information. I don't drink alcohol-my preferred drink is not available-but I appreciate knowing about where to look for the number. I will be getting the Bottomless Bubbles package, much easier for me. Already carefully budgeting for On Board purchases, making sure money is put into On Board Credit. Any useful tips I find in the board, I note down for my own use. I've learned HEAPS of insider tricks and shortcuts, most of which I would never have thought of myself!
  8. 368 days until I embark on Carnival Splendor out of Sydney to Moreton Island and back to Sydney. Will not be going ashore-tender port and unsteady on my feet even with a Rollator for balance. 367 days until I fly to Sydney for a night in an apartment complex recommended by a friend as having GOOD Handicapped Accessible facilities, her husband is also handicapped. She passed the information on to me and I intend to inform the front desk people of her kind recommendation when I check in. Still need to purchase a rash vest for the thalassotherapy pool, not very good at applying sunscr
  9. UNLESS the passenger has PAID to occupy a SUITE then they should have the choice between the Suite or Concierge lounges.
  10. I will be flying into Sydney from interstate to stay at a serviced apartment before my cruise. There is a supermarket on the same block, so I plan to walk to it, purchase 2 6 packs-can't get a 12 pack of cans of Coke, and bring it on board for use in the cabin at night or when I feel up to walking to a bar for a cold drink.
  11. Love the blanket and beanie! I also crochet for charity. Planning a cruise on Royal Caribbean from Sydney, Australia. Still in the planning stages but your photos of CP have given me another option. THANK YOU! All Bella photos GREATLY enjoyed. She's GORGEOUS!
  12. I managed to find a 3 night cruise Melbourne, Eden then Sydney 03/25/2021 by looking on the website. HTH.
  13. Suggest they try it out before the cruise and see if it makes it easier for THEM to get around. Hopefully it will, and they'll CHOOSE to use it.
  14. Once you have your accommodation booked, I respectfully suggest a Google search for those names to locate your nearest store.
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