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  1. I was very lucky then, my Room Steward warned me to check for and remove all pins, showing me what to look for, which was a GREAT help. I gave him a Consumate Host nomination, and showed him what I'd written about him. He was stunned at the comprehensive detail I'd provided of the various ways he'd helped me on my 1st cruise. I REALLY appreciated his careful guidance, it was my 1st ever cruise!
  2. THANK YOU for this information!. I shall investigate my local Kmart-possibly the Australian version of Walmart-to locate and purchase a cup with a lid that screws on firmly. Depending on the price, I might get 2, different colours, so I can purchase an Alcoholic beverage-am planning to purchase On Board Credit as Princess has my preferred alcoholic tipple-Crème de Menthe and lemonade I think a red cup will alert me the drink is NOT to be gulped greedily-a cousin warned me about drinking alcohol quickly, you'll get tipsy and possibly fall and hurt yourself! Cheeky devil, but my balance is worse than when I sailed the Golden Princess, so I'm being cautious, Still able to live independently.
  3. Please does anyone know if the Ruby Princess gives you a tumbler when you buy the Soda and More Package. I had this on the Golden Princess, but my straw is broken. Will be purchasing the Soda and More Package, and also getting several of the 6 packs of canned Soda for my stateroom.
  4. I did not receive an invite in November 2016 when I sailed the Golden Princess. Thanks to Cruise Critic I already knew about the function and went to Skywalkers myself, They had really yummy smoked salmon too! Taught me to like smoked salmon, and tins are now a staple part of my Emergency Blackout Kit-food I can eat cold! No blackouts since I started the kit. a State-wide blackout scaring people on another thread as I wasn't online for over 24 hours-no electricity so no internet! My cousin hadn't thought of tinned fish in the Emergency Kit, so she also learnt something.
  5. To my knowledge Suites don't get free Internet-I didn't in 2016 on the Golden Princess, unless you're Platinum or Elite. You can attend the Platinum/Elite/Suite gathering too. Do enjoy your Suite!
  6. Thank You for the price update. I have noted to allow extra for laundry. Just under 10 months to embarkation, and getting excited!
  7. I have a Handicapped Accessible quad cabin on the Ruby Princess next year, travelling solo, and have the Queen bed. Will be interesting to see how I cope with an inside cabin.
  8. Thanks for the discreet warning to bring shower gel with me. Even though I need a Handicapped Accessible stateroom, dropping the soap then standing on it and falling, is my nightmare! Even with a handrail, I'm still scared of falling! I appreciate your help immensely.
  9. Cheznandy, I'm in Stateroom 1004, an Obstructed Spa Oceanview. Will be interesting to see how I handle being at the bow, as a kid I was NOTORIOUS for unpredictable travel sickness! When I had chemo after cancer surgery, Dad warily put 2 buckets on the back seat within my grabbing range, and a pile of old towels! The only problem was a warning wail, "How far to the nearest Ladies?" He soon learnt to read the road signs to me and say how much longer time-wise. I never got sick in the car, to everyone's relief. I am taking Pharmacist-recommended medication, took it on the Golden Princess and I wasn't the person in the group of ex-workmates who got seasick. The younger of the 2 males, got sick BEFORE we cleared Sydney Heads! Much teasing resulted. And he's fond of an alcoholic tipple too, which wouldn't have helped! Should be right thank you, have seen a reasonably clear photo showing a handrail going down into the Thalossatherapy pool, so will wear vinyl sandals for my safety-water on the floor is a slipping hazard for me, and bring a strap to secure the walker beside the handrail so no-one moves it-can't safely walk without it, tire too quickly using walking sticks.
  10. Only problem for me with the Sapphire Princess, there seem to be very few Handicapped Accessible cabins. Not sure how I'll go on the Ruby Princess-3-night round-trip out of Sydney in February 2020 in a Handicapped Accessible Interior. I shall find out! Will take over-the-counter generic equivalent of a trusted medication to be safe. Please don't be TOO cross, I've also booked a 4-night Sydney-Moreton Island-Sydney on Carnival Splendour! I know I won't be going ashore-poor balance and terrified of falling and breaking a bone so possibly losing my independence! Yes, I'm a coward, but I want to KEEP my independence as long as possible. Splendour has a Thalassotherapy pool with a decent handrail, so access should be ok for me. Yes I will make sure to wear a rash vest to protect from sunburn! Promise!
  11. THAT'S what I HAD forgotten to put on my Cruise Packing List! A pen! And with discounted taxi vouchers due to being handicapped, I certainly NEED to have in my handbag! GRATEFUL thanks for the reminder, while I don't sail until November 2020 on the Carnival Splendour-4 night Sydney-Moreton Island-Sydney, something like that is SO easy to forget. Now added to my Cruise Packing List, a PACKET of pens!
  12. That's a change from November 2016 when I sailed the Golden Princess in a Window Suite. Too late for the PES lounge on embarkation day,, went the next night and enjoyed it, but found looking out the windows at Bass Strait provoked a queasy tummy, so I finished my drink and retreated to the lower decks and inside. I came good when I couldn't see the waves!
  13. I'm booked for a 4-night cruise-Sydney-Moreton Island-Sydney on the carnival Splendour in a Spa Oceanview. Looking forward to enjoying the Thalossotherapy pool, the only pool I have seen on a cruise ship with a decent handrail and steps going down into the pool. Handy when you're handicapped and stairs are a challenge. I know to buy myself a rash vest for sun protection, it's on my cruise shopping list. Eagerly counting down the days! LOL!
  14. I have a Handicapped Accessible Interior cabin on the Ruby in February 2020. I needed that specific cabin due to permanent physical handicaps. I got my TA to phone Princess directly while I sat across the desk while she organised the booking here in Australia. I am a repeat cruiser, do not know if this made any difference. Looking forward to boarding the Ruby, have sailed on the Golden for my 1st cruise, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  15. 2 good choices for me-inclined to favour Melbourne-Adelaide rather than the reverse, and a Sydney-Melbourne or vice versa-I've forgotten already!
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