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  1. GRRR! Murphy's Law is being TOO friendly for this cruise! I fully understand the annoyance of travel plans having to be changed at short notice, rely on taxis myself-Legally Blind so never learnt to drive. I have noted to make sure I have extra money in reserve when I sail Carnival Splendor out of Sydney, Australia in November 2020. Eagerly counting down the days!
  2. Thank You. Having to fly interstate to board increases the costs, so it will probably be short cruises but a short cruise is FAR better than no cruise at all!
  3. Thank You! Never cruised Royal Caribbean so not sure about their policies. There's been something happen with my current preferred cruise line, that I will likely have difficulty managing due to Legal Blindness. I'm starting to look more seriously at other cruise lines including Royal Caribbean.
  4. To my knowledge if a child actually sails with their parents in the same cabin, for the required number of days to qualify as a Pinnacle BEFORE turning 18, they keep their Pinnacle status for life?
  5. THANK YOU! I will be sailing on the Ruby Princess in February 2020, a Medallion Cruise, and was concerned about managing with the Medallion . I am Legally Blind, and have VERY poor judgement of distance. In an Interior room this time.
  6. THANK YOU! What I'm trying to do, is make sure I have enough ready cash with me, to cover all expenses.
  7. Thank you for this information. I have a cruise booked with another cruise line, and my currency conversion from USD$ to AUD$ is $1 to $1.30 so will use your figures as a helpful guideline and allow extra spending money.
  8. Good! I look forward to reading your review. I'm booked in November 2020, 4 night Sydney-Moreton Island-Sydney, in a Spa Obstructed View Handicapped Accessible Oceanview. A new experience sailing at the front, and higher up. Yes I will have anti-nausea medication with me, notorious as a kid for unpredictable travel sickness.
  9. I am planning and budgeting to use cash on my Carnival Splendor cruise in November 2020-Sydney-Moreton Island-Sydney for 4 nights. Have been scouring the website checking the prices of what I'm likely to purchase, and doubling the total for safety. This works best for me. Others may use a different system.
  10. I was told, by an experienced cruiser on another forum, to make sure paperwork, medication, swimsuit, overnight kit and toiletries, and a change of clothes was in my carry on bag so I could change if the weather was too cold or hot. Great tip, and I settled in easily.
  11. I am Legally Blind, so will never be able to rent or drive a car. I book hotel accommodation either directly and pay on arrival, or through a brochure from the Travel Agent, she does the booking for me, and I pay in cash. I've just paid flights and insurance for a cruise with another company in February 2020, paying cash at the travel agency with no problems. I have been checking the Carnival website, for my November 2020 cruise, to price gifts, and edible treats, so I have an approximate amount to save in cash so I can purchase on board as I want them. The same for the casino, a pre-determined amount saved to be used. Some people's income may be too low for them to be granted a credit card. Your comment has reminded me to go onto Carnivals website and make a written list of what I want, the amount/s and the costings, so I can start seriously "squirrelling" my money. Even $10-$20 a fortnight will accumulate into a useful amount. I shall allow for extra "impulse" spending, most likely on cookies-a weakness of mine!
  12. THANK YOU for the warning about the Pretty Good Kick to them, I shall make sure to bring some biscuits with me, so I'm NOT drinking on an empty stomach. Been warned by an ex-ambulance officer about the possible nasty consequences. He told me to, "Get yourself some cookies to help absorb the alcohol and you should be safe. And ENJOY IT!"
  13. It is possible the poster may need to take medication at 4, 6 or 8 hourly intervals, so needs to bring the medication with them. I use a pharmacist packed Webster Pak to hold a week's supply and just arrange for a 2nd pack if I need it.
  14. 404 days until I embark on Carnival Splendour out of Sydney, Australia for 4 nights. Counting down the days.
  15. In Australia I can bring on 12 x 600ml bottles of Coke or Fanta when I cruise in November 2020. I am getting the Soda Package but want some bottles so I don't have to change and leave the stateroom at night to get a drink.
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