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  1. I am interested in this cruise, but I'm concerned about the number of sea days. Thirteen of the first seventeen days are at sea. That number could actually go up if any of the first three ports (Reunion, Mauritius, and Seychelles) are closed to cruise ships. Back in March, there was something of a riot when the Sun Princess docked at Reunion. The ship left early and proceeded to Mauritius, where it was not allowed to dock. I give the OP full marks for adventure, but I'm going to wait until the new year to decide, and I suspect my decision will be no. LPD
  2. I received confirmation this morning that the Preziosa TA to Brazil in late October is cancelled. There will be no substitute ship or sailing. I was offered the expected 125% FCC. I believe those who booked on the Canadian site will get a full refund if they don't use the FCC by Dec 31, 2021. I'll want to confirm that eventually, and decide what to do. LPD
  3. I was booked on the TA to Brazil. I should have known it was about to be cancelled since MSC customer service assured me on Monday it was a go 😒. Flights were through Air Canada Aeroplan, and they're waiving cancellation fees. I foolishly paid in full for the cruise --- not a lot of money (inside cabin). I only cruise in November, and only repositioning cruises, so I'll see what's on for Nov 2021. Sorry to others who've had their plans changed for them. LPD
  4. I wish I had an answer --- for me as well as for you. I'm due to join the Preziosa in Le Havre (France) in late October. It will have departed Hamburg a few days earlier. The itinerary calls for ports in UK, Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, and Brazil. But: 1. Who knows if non-Europeans will be allowed into Europe, and, if so, what the self-isolation rules will be. 2. How many ports will allow cruise ships to dock? 3. Will the Preziosa be sailing out of Brazil this winter? 4. Will MSC be interested in getting the Preziosa to Europe this fall? (S
  5. Or, put another way, "Shareholders have lost $25 billion in equity since last June --- don't miss out on the fun!" LPD
  6. If someone had invested 5000 USD in the market 5 years ago today, current net values are as follows, depending on what was purchased: Amazon 27 301 American Express 6342 Vanguard 500 6720 Caterpillar 7809 Carnival 1732 This assumes dividend reinvestment. I am relying on a publicly-available calculator, which only has last week's prices. I used 5000 as that was the approximate investment required to qualify for shareholder OBC (at the time). CCL investors, those have
  7. This is completely untrue. Air Canada has four flights per day LAX-YYZ (788,790,792,796) and WestJet has one (1101). They all departed and arrived yesterday as scheduled. Air Canada canceled one flight today. Obviously, things are changing, and some or all flights may be suspended going forward. I'm amazed that people want to chime in with information that is not only false but easily obtained with the smallest effort.
  8. I know you're thinking out loud, and you have a lot to digest. All this has been thrown at you out of the blue. But please reconsider driving to Vancouver to get them. It's a 45-hour drive each way, and that's 45 hours of driving, not a 45-hour trip. Five days of 10-hours-a-day, each way. A five-hour flight (even after a transpacific flight) seems more gentle for an elderly couple. You could fly to YVR and return with them. Hopefully, HAL will get them (and others) to somewhere in eastern North America. WM
  9. I've done several Mediterranean cruises (with MSC, Costa, and HAL) and I only have high-school French. Assuming you're heading to the common ports (in Spain, France, Italy, etc.) you won't have a problem. Keep in mind that the passengers on MSC will be primarily European, and the announcements will be in several languages. Food is subjective, but I wouldn't say it's one of MSC's finer points. I don't cruise for the food, but many do. I often skip dinner in the MDR and eat at the buffet. I book cruises when I've decided on the itinerary and the ship. I doubt prices will
  10. The responses to this topic have all been correct, but I would add that bottled water can be brought on board at any port, not just the port of embarkation. I enjoy trying the brands of different countries (not everyone's idea of adventure) and consistently brought some aboard at various ports. They went through the scanner and nobody even commented.I assume soft drinks are the same but can't confirm. LPD
  11. I was in Cadiz last month and rented a car for the day to go to Gibraltar. (There were no cruise excursions and no timely public transit links.) I got a rate of about 26 EUR for the day. There was a "railway station pickup surcharge" of 19 EUR, but that's where the car rental office was, so OK. A few weeks ago, the car rental company sent two emails notifying me of photo-radar speeding charges: 91 kmh in an 80 zone (highway) and 75 kmh in a 60 zone (off-ramp). This is, respectively, 6 and 9 miles per hour over the speed limit. Each charge had a fine of 100 EUR, although
  12. HalFacts shows pictures of stateroom 6127 on the Konigsdam. Take a look. Based on these I booked an inside sideways on the Nieuw Statendam for the TA departing Rome this Sunday. I hope my stateroom is similar, because I'm on board for 21 days. If it's not, oh well, it's not. LPD
  13. AL3X, of course you're right that not all stakeholders win every time in the short term. (I own a wholesale supply company, so I can attest to the fact that suppliers are often the first place companies look to squeeze.) But I sure love it when our customers are profitable, especially when they appreciate our role in their success. The ones that aren't profitable pay slowly, fade away into oblivion, or, worse, go bankrupt and stick us with unpaid bills. As to whether or not Carnival Corp's approach is best, I leave that to the experts. The five-year share appreciation is essential
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