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  1. I also live in that same swamp and just returned yesterday from our AK cruise. As a former New Englander who has lost her cold tolerance after 15 years in FL, I do know how to dress for cold, but how quickly cold becomes a relative term! We had downpour and 52 on our Juneau day, which included a 4 mile hike to the Mendenhall Glacier. (Excursions are rain or shine in AK, as it rains A LOT). Long underwear base layer, Columbia water resistant hiking pants, waterproof hiking shoes, a Columbia base layer, and an LL Bean waterproof lined jacket. (Plus the poncho provided by the guide),... and we were still soaked through. Skagway and Ketchikan were high 50’s. We did a 6 hour bus tour into the Yukon... temperature varied wildly from stop to stop, and the wind was crazy cold at times. Jeans, long sleeve base layer, and warm jacket were good. Sea Day & Glacier Bay day were cold on the balcony when we weren’t facing the sun, but toasty when we were on the sunny side. So be prepared to take your jacket on and off a million times. Just about every FL outlet mall has a Columbia outlet... great gear at good prices. Or, LL Bean, who sells all their winter stuff year round. Amazon also sells Duofold base layers year round,
  2. Stroll straight down Greene Street, stop at Kermit’s, have a key lime pie on a stick, enjoy a locally-crafted beer at Waterfront Brewery, shop for a pair of Kino’s on the way back up the street and hop back on board. Duval Street is no different than every other bar in yourown hometown, they just start drinking earlier in the day.
  3. If you want to snorkel directly from the beach, Tobacco Bay is great! We’ve also snorkeled off of the little beach area at Ft. St. Catherine and saw some really cool things!
  4. I have pix from 8 years ago, (ship may have been refurbed, but the walls don't move, so they'll give you an idea on size...) can't remember how to post pix on here, as I haven't done it in years... stay tuned. Best inside stateroom ever! ETA: See below.
  5. Tobacco Bay... you can snorkel right from the shore and see more than you would on a paid excursion. (Bring a mask and snorkel from home, you really don't need the fins). Unfinished Church - most peaceful place on earth. Bermuda Perfumery - interesting to see the small-batch fragrances being made... even though I know I can order them online, I'll only buy them in person. (Always provides a reason to go back!) Buy the bus/ferry pass!! Easy to use, great schedule, and well worth it! You don't need a tour guide!!
  6. Thanks for the updates! We'll be onboard next month at this time. Are you posting from your cell phone, and if so, what carrier and how is the signal, or did you buy the wifi package? (We have a serious medical situation that we'll be leaving at home, so I'm still trying to decide the best way to stay connected.) I've cruised plenty of times, but not Alaska and am hoping that Verizon will be adequate!!!
  7. I called about this last week and was told that in the a la carte restaurants, the package is good for an appetizer, a main course and a dessert per person. Anything else ordered will add an additional charge.
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