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  1. sorry wasn't on here. I will answer in case anyone else may have the question. It included beer, soda, and waters. They had snacks below. But we brought our own so not sure. It also included the chips and the fresh ceviche.
  2. Sorry I haven't been on here recently. The people at the cab stand speak English and so do most of the drivers. The guy at the stand will tell the cab driver where to take you. there is a board with prices. You can pay in US dollars. I would also have it written out. There will be taxis waiting for people at paradise beach. and if there aren't they will call you one. Just make sure you know what pier you are at. I would probably have the written down also. If you look in my signature I have some links to reviews and it has pictures of paradise beach. probably the Disney cruise one and the carnival dream review.
  3. That stinks. I hope you have a great anniversary cruise. Next year is our 20 year anniversary. I told husband. We are definitely planning a trip that we want.
  4. We went to Little Divi Bay Resort (before the hurricane). You can see my review in my signature (carnival breeze link). It is a time share place but lets cruise ship guests visit. No cost to get in. You pay for chairs and umbrellas. And have access to nice clean bathrooms, a small store, and a few food choices. (you cant use the pool ). There is also a rental stand with snorkel stuff, jet skis etc. We did some snorkeling there and had a good time. Just find the taxi stand for Little Divi.
  5. brookeq

    NCL Carnival

    Cabs aren't regulated on Roatan and aren't the most reliable. Your best bet is to use a tour company. They have transportation to Bananarama. Our first trip we used Island marketing. We ended up with our own driver. So that was nice. Last month when we went we hired a private driver thru Rony's and did a few things and then hit the beach. i think he may also have a regular tour that goes to Bananarama.
  6. Governors beach will be less crowded. Maybe no people at all. Also when you get off the ship head to the right. You can get a good photo of the ship with the water.
  7. Its not like the falls in Jamaica where there is a walkway beside them. You have to hike a good bit (across the river and then up the mountain). Then you have to jump or slide down most of them. Some have ladders but they are wet and steep (they scared me more than jumping)
  8. There was not. You may be able to ask for some (or bring your own).
  9. we didn't have the notepad or pencil on our cruise last month (the magic)
  10. Cabs are not a reliable form of transportation here. Its best to hire a driver from a good tour company. We hired a private driver this last cruise since we did a few other things before heading to the beach. The cruise before that we used Island Marketing as our "taxi" and went to Bananarama for the day at the same beach that the cruise lines take you to.
  11. As someone said before, Half Moon Cay is for Holland America and sometimes carnival. So that wouldn’t likely happen. And I like it for a nice beach day and wouldn’t want slides and things there. I could see doing more things at amber cove. ESP since there isn’t really a beach area.
  12. That should be all of the fun times. I have the kids club schedules if anyone wants to see them.
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