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  1. The Grand Class ships are smaller than the larger RC ships like the Anthem, so sofas may not work, but the barrel chairs worked fine. I enjoyed looking out of the window while sitting in the barrel chairs, especially on cold cruising days when the balcony could not be used. The barrel chairs were also convenient for company. From the pictures posted, it looks like the RC cabins are narrower and deeper than the Grand Class ships, which works to include a sofa because the ships are much larger.
  2. I agree that the lack of port lectures about Greenland was a huge disappointment. What a loss of opportunities! I was also disappointed in the wine selections in the Lobby Bar and Vines. Princess needs to add a decent champagne by the glass to the Lobby and Vines menus other than Prosecco. Champagne and cruises go together, but Prosecco? That suggestion is probably more for the comment cards, though.
  3. I’ve been on the Caribbean Princess six times, and this is the first time I have felt bored on sea days because of the lack of activities or other ways to keep entertained. In the past, when a cruise director named Paul with a last name of Chandler with a hyphen to another name was the cruise director, the ship was filled with activities. I don’t know why there was such a lack of activities this time, but the lack of things to do on sea days may have made some people crabby. I’m just glad that Crooners had such fine entertainment in the evenings, or I may not be willing to sail on the Caribbean Princess again. I would be willing to give the Caribbean Princess another try, though, hoping for a different outcome, because Princess still has the best itineraries.
  4. Princess has made changes since February that may have resulted in crowding in the Princess Theater in the evening. There is now little entertainment in the Atrium area on Deck 5, which may have drawn people from the evening shows. I know I used to skip the evening shows at times because the entertainment in the Atrium was so good. The cutbacks may have been needed, though, because the world’s economies are slowing, which may have resulted in less robust bookings. The immediate decision to prohibit Americans from cruising to Cuba was also a blow to cruise lines, including Carnival, the parent of Princess Cruises, who had spent millions on Cuba itineraries that were immediately terminated with no option allowing currently booked Cuban cruises to be grandfathered in. Nevertheless, we have truly enjoyed this Greenland cruise, especially the beautiful scenery and icebergs, which were amazing. One suggestion would be for Princess to tell Narotalik that when the ship returns next year, Princess expects to see a dock that can handle at least two tenders at a time.
  5. Unfortunately, the execution is not the problem. The problem is that Princess has cut out almost all entertainment in the Atrium in the evenings, and substituted the bartenders and promotional videos as entertainment. People who want a drink with entertainment have left the Atrium for Crooners and the Wheelhouse bar. Last night the Atrium was deserted, except for one table of four in the Lobby Bar who were actually enjoying the drinks with the bartender as entertainment. My speculation is that in hopes of increasing net income, Princess has cut the entertainment budget, leaving the Atrium without entertainment in hopes that everyone will crowd into the Lobby Bar and enjoy the promotional videos and the bartenders as entertainment with their drinks. It’s not working out like that, though, and the cuts in the entertainment budget may be counter productive if Princess is making substantially less revenue in the Atrium because of the lack of traditional entertainment. Another cut back in entertainment on this cruise is that there have only been two evening production shows instead of three. Princess will be repeating one of the production shows as a matinee today because of the passenger angst of those who were not able to see the evening show because of the lack of seating. That may be only for this cruise, though.
  6. Yes, I was bummed, too, because the Korbel splits were good enough for me. If you are a champagne drinker, you may want to pass on the PBP unless you like Prosecco, which is the only champagne that Princess offers by the glass now that is within the $12 price range of the PBP. That’s as to the Lobby Bar and Crooners, though, and I haven’t checked out whether Vines has champagne by the glass within the price range of the PBP.
  7. You’re so funny! It worked with me, too. The Lobby Bar videos drove me to Crooners, and now I’m enjoying their $13 glass of champagne! LOL!
  8. On our current Caribbean Princess cruise, the Korbel splits have been discontinued. In the Lobby Bar, Prosecco by the glass is offered for $10 a glass. Crooners has Brut champagne by the glass for $13, which comes to a little over $15 per glass with tip. I’ve heard that Vines also has champagne, but I haven’t checked it out.
  9. I’m so happy that Princess is letting everyone know that elites will get a better internet deal onboard because they can cash in their complimentary internet minutes at the time they sign up for the internet. If you are not elite or platinum, Princess offers an embarkation day special that is comparable to the internet pre-sail package, but the lines are long. By purchasing the internet before the cruise, you will be able to avoid the lines.
  10. One reason passengers use the Lobby Bar as overflow for the International Cafe and Premium Coffee center is that the original Grand Class Princess ships were designed for 2,500 passengers. The Star Princess, which holds around 2,500 passengers, is an example of the original Grand Class design. When Princess added the Riviera deck to later Grand Class ships, along with other design changes, it increased the capacity to around 3,500 passengers. These changes reduced the amount of open space per passenger, which has resulted in overcrowding in the Atrium area, particularly on sea days. Changing the Lobby bar to Good Spirits won’t change this dynamic. One thought would be to open the Skywalkers lounge for all day use for knitters, card players, and book readers. I know some use Skywalkers for these purposes now, but it’s not advertised for these purpose in the Princess Patter.
  11. We are currently in Crooners listening to wonderful folk music. It’s standing room only with 40 or so people crowding to the elevators. It’s great fun!
  12. No, unfortunately, I won’t be on the Sky in December. Enjoy your cruise!
  13. Hi Host. I didn’t think you meant any malice, and thank you for your understanding as to why Princess made the change. There’s no doubt that during the day people use the Lobby Bar area as a spill over for the International Cafe, not to mention for playing cards and knitting. This is especially true on cold cruise days when everyone crowds into the Atrium area because the pool deck is too cold. The craft drinks are an interesting option for Princess to try to see if the specialty drinks increase bar revenue in this area. Time will tell if Princess has accomplished its goal of increasing bar revenue by making this change. My observation, however, at least on this cruise, is that it will not because of the drop in the pre-dinner drink crowd. That may be for this cruise only, though. Once again, thank you for your understanding as to why Princess made the change. I understand it better now.
  14. Hi C166. Yes, it’s a wonderful cruise! Thanks for asking.
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