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  1. Another reason for possible optimism is research that is being conducted as to whether we are acquiring some native resistance to Covid. The possible native resistance being researched is whether: (1) we already have some resistance to Covid because of immunity we have obtained from past common colds, which is a Coronavirus; and (2) whether we are building up some immunity to Covid as a result of "micro exposures". The second theory is that, unless we've been living in a bunker, we each may be getting micro exposures to Covid as we have gone out in public, or to indoor spaces such as grocery
  2. The Spanish flu lasted for three years, and then died out. 2020 is our first year, 2021 would be our second year, and 2022 would be our third year. Under a worst case scenario, I’m hoping that we will be able to cruise again by no later than 2023. This would be our worst case scenario. I hope Genting can hang on until then because I so need to start being Crystalized again. 😥
  3. Wonderful news, everyone! I received my refund from Crystal! I cancelled my cruise on March 12, which was the June 2020 cruise on the Crystal Symphony from London to Stockholm. It was a back to back cruise. The credit appeared on July 28, which was a few days ago, but I don’t check that often. I’m so happy, and I wish everyone here who has not received their deposits yet the best of luck. Hang in their!
  4. When Princess had to cancel our March 2020 transatlantic cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Rome, Princess returned our full cruise fare, and in addition, gave us FCCs. That’s six star service. When cruising returns, which it will one day, Princess will be top on my list. As for Crystal, I’ll have to wait to see whether I get my cruise fare reimbursed for the cancelled June 2020 cruise from London to Stockholm. To date, that has not happened, and it’s not a small sum.
  5. Does anyone know whether everyone who has requested a refund or future cruise credit received this email, or only those who have requested a refund? The reason I ask is that the letter makes reference to more requests for refunds than was expected, and that in some instances it may take through the summer to process the cancellations. I cancelled on March 12, and requested a refund, but have not received one yet. I got the impression that Crystal was working on refunds in the March 12 timeframe from a post in this board from a member whose travel advisor had spoken with Crystal. I’m wondering
  6. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, too. Best wishes!
  7. Check your credit card statement, because I just today received a full refund for our Crown Princess cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Rome!! I'm so happy, and can't wait to start sailing the seas with Princess again!
  8. This is most wonderful news! I’m still waiting on our Crown Princess March 26 cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Rome, But this gives me great hope!
  9. Thanks, npcl. I spoke with the disputes Department for Chase today, and they said that they have a record of the dispute that I filed two weeks ago, but that they had not gotten to it yet to process it. I guess Chase is so back logged, that I’m only somewhere in line to have it processed. Kudos to those who jumped on the dispute path earlier.
  10. I called into Chase with a dispute two weeks ago, and have not heard anything back. Today, I called to check on it, and was told that a provisional credit had not been posted to my account because they had not heard back from Princess. This leads me to wonder if Chase is going to stop giving people provisional credits because they are ending up getting stuck with the charge. The Chase representative suggested that I check with the disputes department, which is open Monday through Friday, so I will call back tomorrow to get some clarity. Has anyone else had this type of communication with t
  11. If I may ask, how long did it take for Chase to act on your dispute? I called a dispute in with them last week, but haven’t heard anything back. Thanks!
  12. Call Chase directly, and when they ask what option you want, punch zero (for the operator), or sometimes it's double click zero's. When I did this, I was connected with a service representative, who in turn put me in touch with the disputes department. I had the same problem when I tried to do this online. The transaction was in pdf format, so there was no way to click on it. That's why I called instead, and it worked.
  13. Thanks, MrsBillyP. I've called Chase and have disputed the charge. I really appreciate how you have given your time to let us know about this option.
  14. Hi MrsBillyP, has Chase given you a credit for your cruise? Thanks!
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