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  1. I called 4 days in a row last week, at various times of the day, staying on hold anywhere from 30-60 minutes each time and never did get to speak to anyone. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was actually answering the phone there at all. So I sent an email to the magic tellus@vikingcruises.com. I got a phone call within a few hours from a lovely lady that had my preferred flights booked in short order. So if all else fails you might try the email.
  2. Everything paid will be refunded if the ticket has not been issued including airfare, air plus fee and the deviation fee. At least that was the case precovid
  3. We booked a GTY DV2 cabin for the Iceland cruise this June. It was the only thing available when we booked but they assigned us a cabin number within 48 hours. I’m guessing TA’s put rooms on a 24 hour courtesy hold for clients that decided not to book. We were assigned a DV 2 cabin which is exactly what we booked. Since your cruise is still >1 year away and the ships aren’t even in the water yet I’m sure they will delay assigning you a cabin until much later.... but you really have nothing to worry about. They have agreed to provide you a cabin at the level you booked or higher and they ca
  4. Just pick a time you want to eat and go with that. I only saw one excursion that returned later than 5 or 5:30 on our 7/3 cruise so you should be fine.
  5. That is the Hotel Havenkontoret. We have stayed there and much prefer it to the Radisson. It is literally 20 steps from the Radisson entrance. Excellent breakfast and decent dinner buffet as well as afternoon tea included in the price. Next door to the Bryggen museum and the start of the excellent walking tour. Easy walk to port. My favorite place to stay in Bergen!
  6. They aren’t on the website yet. I just checked. When I booked this cruise for the 7/3 departure the web site said it was the Jupiter, but that was changed quickly to the Sky. Really makes no difference to me but I’m wondering if they will change these 2 additional cruises to the Sky as well.
  7. Thanks. I figured that’s what it was but nice to know.
  8. I have a Baltic cruise booked for 6/16 departure. When I look at MVJ website I get this message: Your booking is currently locked for updates. While in this mode you will be able to view your booking but will not be able to make changes. To get help with your My Viking Journey account, please call: 1-855-706-2326 I have a Fall river cruise booked and I do not get this message for that cruise so I don’t think it’s a web site issue. I have been expecting to get a cancellation notice for the June cruise for sometime now but so far nothing. Does anyone know if this message
  9. I know it is speculation at this point but does anyone think VO cruises in June will happen? We are booked mid-June for Russia and Baltic. I’d like to think it would happen but I’m not really hopeful at this point. We have had vaccine and are ready to travel again and things are beginning to open up a bit but I’m not sure international travel is going to happen this summer. Any speculation on when Viking will extend cancellations past 5/31 if they are going to happen?
  10. Also just an FYI if you want to do train from Oslo to Bergen or vice versa on your own but you don’t want to deal with luggage there is a great Porter service that will transport your luggage for you. Porter Service Norway. They will collect your luggage in the AM at either hotel or train station (or ship in Bergen) and deliver later that day to your hotel in the opposite city. The cost was quite reasonable (about $30 USD/bag as I recall). We used them to do the Norway in a Nutshell route with an over night in Flam. Just took a small carry on for the overnight. It was great to not have to mana
  11. My husband took a rather spectacular tumble down the forward stairs on the Star in June, 2018. It was the first day of the cruise and he jumped right up thinking he had only hurt his pride but the staff that watched him do the triple flip insisted he be seen and sent the nurse to our cabin to “escort” him to the clinic. He did have quite a large hematoma on his leg (he is on an anticoagulant). The doctor was from Bulgaria and was quite nice. He told him to stop taking his anticoagulant so the hematoma wouldn’t get bigger. But his nurse practitioner wife and his pharmacist daughter quickly veto
  12. I have had better experiences with the SAS premium economy than with BA. SAS provides lounge access with premium economy. Not many perks with BA, but that was all pre coviid and BA wasn’t bad. If there was a substantial price difference I’d go with the least expensive. But if prices were similar I’d definitely go nonstop and avoid Heathrow.
  13. I would just recommend sitting tight for now. If the Norwegian borders are closed I feel certain Viking will cancel. If you hold off until they cancel your options will be much better.
  14. I am sorry you all have had issues but honestly my experience has been quite different. The FCV was issued in about 2 weeks, we rebooked the same itinerary for 2021 and used it for the cruise and applied the additional credit toward an extension. No deposit was requested. The FCV was all that was needed to secure the booking. All was done with a couple of emails to my TA who had no trouble contacting Viking and the booking was made quickly. The TA was swamped and it took her a couple of days to get the confirmation to me but I certainly understood that slight delay. I do not feel the rules
  15. I don’t know what date you are looking at but that is not on the canceled flight list for 5/5. I just rechecked online. I called and actually got to speak with a live person earlier today and she stated that the flight had only been canceled through 5/2 currently but it was her expectation that would be extended before the end of the week.
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