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  1. I would just recommend sitting tight for now. If the Norwegian borders are closed I feel certain Viking will cancel. If you hold off until they cancel your options will be much better.
  2. I am sorry you all have had issues but honestly my experience has been quite different. The FCV was issued in about 2 weeks, we rebooked the same itinerary for 2021 and used it for the cruise and applied the additional credit toward an extension. No deposit was requested. The FCV was all that was needed to secure the booking. All was done with a couple of emails to my TA who had no trouble contacting Viking and the booking was made quickly. The TA was swamped and it took her a couple of days to get the confirmation to me but I certainly understood that slight delay. I do not feel the rules Viking set up for voucher use were unreasonable. While I have no idea what their reps were telling people early on it appears to me they are honoring the terms they originally set out. I also thinks this is a great example of why I use a good TA. They can deal with the cruise line and I don’t have to!
  3. mhb1757

    SAS Question

    I don’t know what date you are looking at but that is not on the canceled flight list for 5/5. I just rechecked online. I called and actually got to speak with a live person earlier today and she stated that the flight had only been canceled through 5/2 currently but it was her expectation that would be extended before the end of the week.
  4. mhb1757

    SAS Question

    Why yes Flyer Talk I did do that. I have done that almost every day for over a month now. And if you will notice in my post I stated my flight was NOT on their list of canceled flights but it is no longer on their flight schedule and you can no longer book tickets on that flight. Don’t be so quick with the snarky responses when you didn’t read the post carefully yourself!
  5. mhb1757

    SAS Question

    We have SAS flights booked from EWR to OSL on 5/5. I have been holding off waiting on them to cancel the flight because if I cancel there is no refund and credit must be used before the end of 2020, which will do me no good. If they cancel, the credit is good for one year and if not used it will be refunded. Don’t want to wait a year for the refund but better late than never I guess. As of tonight the flight is not listed as canceled and I have not received any notice from them that our flight has been canceled. However it has been removed from the flight schedule and you cannot book a ticket on that flight. Are they just holding out, playing chicken with us to see if we will cancel before they do? is the best plan to just keep waiting until notice of cancellation is received? Is there anyway to get a refund before the 12 month credit expires if they cancel the flight?
  6. What credit card did you use that gave the refund?
  7. No, Air France. Same with KLM.
  8. Well currently I am waiting it out. They have not canceled the flight yet so I am waiting to see if they will (I think the odds are in my favor on that one). If they cancel the terms are a little better but you still have to wait one full year for a refund apparently. They issue travel credit and if it is not used within 12 months then they will refund, if they cancel the flight. If I cancel no refund and a very limited rebooking window.
  9. I booked flights several months ago from CVG to FRA in late May for a river cruise and some pre/post travel. The flights were on Delta metal but I bought the tickets from Air France to save about $200/ticket. Now I wish I hadn’t been so thrifty... AF is not being nearly as generous as DL with the rebooking window or refunds. Ugh. Live and learn.
  10. It is my understanding that the voucher has to be used on a single booking...however it can be used to book for more than one person, so you could use your voucher to book a cabin and pay for 2 people and then use your partners voucher to book another cruise for 2. Or you could use one for your cabin and your partners voucher for another cabin for friends on a cruise. At least that is how I understand it from my TA. However you would definitely want to clarify with Viking.
  11. well the same itinerary for us in 2021 is exactly the same price as the canceled cruise for this May. So we can rebook and use the additional credit to cover an extension we are interested in. So it’s not all smoke and mirrors! Viking hasn’t raised prices on next years cruises... some prices went up for 2021, some didn’t.
  12. I hear you hmcrn . we were traveling with just one other couple and the logistics of rescheduling with just the 4 of us made my head hurt! Can’t imagine trying to do it with 14. We ended up deciding to just go with the refund of price paid since we couldn’t find a time That we could all go in 2020 to take advantage of the price lock offer. I may regret passing on the additional credit but oh well. Thankful that was the biggest problem of the day. Could be much worse.
  13. Snuffle please post back here if/when the Sky leaves. Would love to know when she heads back toward Scandinavia. Thanks.
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