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  1. Apparently from recent reports some places do require a Covid pass. Mostly places with indoor dining. Only 1 of the museums we will be visiting wanted it. From reports, many places that check the codes will accept your CDC card. Covid QR code’s from any EU country are accepted so we went ahead and got a Swiss QR code/ certificate. Not sure we will need it but it was easy to apply on line, free and we got the code the same day we applied so a pretty painless process. We will arrive in the Netherlands on Wednesday next week and I’ll be happy to post follow up info as we travel.
  2. If you look at the Dutch government website it says as of 9 AM on 10/22 testing is no longer required for entry. It is possible AMA has not updated their site yet. Not sure what requirements AMA will have but the Netherlands no longer requires it.
  3. As of today the Dutch government has removed the US from its list of Very High Risk countries so fully vaccinated travelers arriving from the US no longer need proof of a negative Covid test within 48 hours of flight. That’s one less thing to do before departure! However if you are traveling with Viking they still require a Covid test within 72 hours of your flight OR if you are arranging your own air and/or traveling independently pre cruise the test must be within 72 hours of boarding the ship.
  4. We leave next week for a week on our own in the Netherlands before boarding Viking ship in Amsterdam. In previous cruises there was a place on My Viking Journey website where they posted the ship’s docking location a few days prior to departure. I am not seeing any place on that site now where the ship location is posted. Anyone know where we can get dock location for our cruise? Does Viking use more than 1 dock in Amsterdam?
  5. Not sure where you saw the $5 and 10 figures but I just checked and the MyVikingJourney site it still says €1 for driver and €2 for guide.
  6. I haven’t looked lately but they used to suggest 1 euro for the driver and 2 euro for the guide. $5 and 10 seem high to me.
  7. So we are booked on Vikings Rhine Getaway leaving 11/2 using Viking Air. We were planning to travel with my DS and BIL.. my sister is having severe back pain and MRI revealed a herniated disc. So it looks like she cannot travel. We booked several months ago and the terms then stated we could cancel up until 24 hours before departure for future credit, so we know that is an option for them, however my BIL would still like to go with one of his adult children. so my question is, does anyone know if Viking will allow a name change so one of them can take her place? Any idea what would happen with the air portion? Change fee? My BIL is contacting the TA but was wondering if anyone here had ever done something similar, changing one of the passengers?
  8. Sorry, duplicate post
  9. We have not gotten this info from Viking….when does your cruise begin?
  10. Weren’t you lucky! Apparently the airlines are the gatekeepers for the testing. No one in Boston makes any attempt to check! You were wise to check. I just made a cursory glance at the form and put it with my passport. If I had read it carefully it would have saved a lot of expense and angst!
  11. They did test us on the last full day of the cruise (7/9) However the certificate was issued for the test they did the previous day. No idea why. I’m assuming if I had read the fine print and realized that it was an older test they would have issued us a certificate for the test done on the last full day. But that’s just what I’m assuming…
  12. Just wanted to post what happened to us earlier this week in hopes of keeping someone else from having the same issues. We had a great week on the Sky around Iceland from 7/3-7/10. On Friday AM 7/9 we did the daily Covid test on board. The Viking Daily had a reminder that all persons returning to the US had to have proof of a negative Covid test within 3 days of departure and if you were returning to the US within that time frame they would provide the needed documentation. That evening (7/9) the certificates were left in our staterooms. We put them with our travel papers, all was well (we thought!… famous last words, right?) We disembarked on 7/10 (Saturday) and spent 2 nights in Reykjavik on our own. On Monday morning 7/12 we headed to the airport early for a 9 am flight home. At the check in counter the agent said “You cannot board, your test is too old. It must be done within 3 days. This test was done on 7/8”. WHHAAATTTTTT? sure enough, when we looked, the certificate had been issued on 7/9 but it reported the results from the test done on 7/8 ! So we couldn’t board our flight. We had to be retested, the only place we could find an available appointment to get a rapid test was back in Reykjavik, so we had to take a very pricey cab ride all the way back into town, get the test, go back to the airport, pay a change fee to get on the evening flight back to Boston, rebook our connecting flights from Boston, spend a very long day in the Reykjavik airport and then get a hotel in Boston for the night. It was an expensive and stressful end to the trip! I told you our sad story to say; be SURE to read your testing certificate that Viking supplies carefully, not just the date the certificate is issued but check the date of the test it is reporting! Especially if you are planning to extend your trip a bit. Do NOT assume the certificate reports the last test you submitted!
  13. We are having a Beautiful sunny and warm day in Djupivogur. Started out a bit iffy but couldn’t be nicer now. I have been in short sleeves since mid morning. Here are a couple of tidbits for future cruisers… if you are using Apple devices (iPhone, iPad etc) don’t plan on using the Viking Voyager app for much. Android users don’t seem to be having issues but the app shuts down every time you try to use it for anything. If you delete the app and then reinstall it, it will work for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours then you have to do it all over again. You can just ask your cabin steward for a paper copy of the daily health survey if you get tired of messing with the app. Don’t lose sleep if you can’t get the dining reservations you want in advance. We were able to get both Manfredis and Chefs Table on days and times that worked for us after boarding. No need for reservations at the Restaurant. Haven’t seen any appreciable wait any evening yet. Also if you want to dine at a table with others…no problem. Just show up at the same time and request a table for whatever party size you want. They are happy to seat you. we also had no trouble making reservations at the spa for the thermal suite. We have been every day except today. 1 hour blocks. It is very nice since they limit it to 6 guests per hour. they are keeping a waiting list for sold out shore excursions on board, so if you want one and have not been able to book it be sure to get on the waiting list when you board. I was chatting with the lady next door. She waitlisted for both of the ATV excursions and got on both of them. And last but not least I would strongly suggest packing some insect repellent and sun screen. I didn’t think I had been out in the sun long enough to burn, but my face got way more than I expected. Really high UV index I’m guessing! And the bug spray made me a very popular person on a couple of excursions. It helped a lot. it has been a great week so far. Hoping those of you sailing in the weeks to come have such amazing weather.
  14. Fog rolled in quickly. It was beautiful and I took some pictures from my balcony, went in to shower and change and when I got thru I couldn’t see a thing from my balcony! Welcome to Iceland 😂
  15. Buses left downtown for the ship between 10:40 and 11. Short drive to port. There was a slow moving queue to board the ship. Probably about 10 minutes. They sent us straight to the muster station for life jacket demo then said we could explore the ship or eat in World Cafe until they made announcement that cabins were ready. We headed to spa to sign up for times in thermal suite (1 hour increments beginning at 8AM). Then we were going to try and change day and time for chefs table. They had 1 person handling dining reservations, so I got in line (maybe 3 people ahead of us). 25 minutes later the same couple was sitting there. They had to peruse every Chefs table menu, Manfredis menu, ask at least 65 questions about each of them then discuss among themselves what sounded best to them on the menu. Then they only wanted certain dates and times, none of which apparently were available so then they started complaining and explaining why they had to eat at specific times and then they wanted to speak to a supervisor, and by now there are probably 20 people waiting. So I gave up and left. Can’t make reservations on the app or stateroom TVs and none of my dining reservations are showing up on my calendar. Oh well. Minor annoyance in an otherwise great day. we got a bite to eat in the World Cafe (wasn’t crowded at all, service was excellent) and they announced all cabins were ready a little after 1. Went to cabin, spit in the tube after waiting the requisite 30 minutes and got unpacked. Weather couldn’t be nicer. If I wasn’t feeling totally sleep deprived I’d take the shuttle back into town to explore some more…but I’m thinking a nap sounds better. Guess I should go check on my dining reservations. (And pray that same couple isn’t still sitting there).
  16. First report from the 7/3 cruise. We flew Icelandair from Boston. Packed flight but smooth trip. Arrived30 minutes early. Airport was empty. Unlike last week we had no real wait getting thru the airport. Maybe 40 minutes from touchdown to bus. Most of that was walking and waiting on luggage. Viking had long line of guides and luggage handlers there waiting on us. We were on the first bus. 45 minute drive to Harpa. Did check in for ship and were seated for a nice breakfast. One of the guides has offered to do a welcome walk at 9:30 and then our bus to the ship leaves here at 10:45. Beautiful weather, no wind. Great start to trip.
  17. Just watched the Sky pull out of Reykjavik on the live feeds posted. Bon Voyage. Wishing you all the best!
  18. Spa question… have you been able to book times to use the spa facilities on line? Not a massage or spa treatment, but I read that reservations were needed to use the hydropool, sauna, etc. Anyone know when/how/where we can do this?
  19. I called 4 days in a row last week, at various times of the day, staying on hold anywhere from 30-60 minutes each time and never did get to speak to anyone. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was actually answering the phone there at all. So I sent an email to the magic tellus@vikingcruises.com. I got a phone call within a few hours from a lovely lady that had my preferred flights booked in short order. So if all else fails you might try the email.
  20. Everything paid will be refunded if the ticket has not been issued including airfare, air plus fee and the deviation fee. At least that was the case precovid
  21. We booked a GTY DV2 cabin for the Iceland cruise this June. It was the only thing available when we booked but they assigned us a cabin number within 48 hours. I’m guessing TA’s put rooms on a 24 hour courtesy hold for clients that decided not to book. We were assigned a DV 2 cabin which is exactly what we booked. Since your cruise is still >1 year away and the ships aren’t even in the water yet I’m sure they will delay assigning you a cabin until much later.... but you really have nothing to worry about. They have agreed to provide you a cabin at the level you booked or higher and they can’t refuse to give you that. If there is not one that becomes available they will offer folks sweeter deals to change and free up the needed number of cabins. Although given the length of time until the cruise I’m sure one will be open.
  22. Just pick a time you want to eat and go with that. I only saw one excursion that returned later than 5 or 5:30 on our 7/3 cruise so you should be fine.
  23. That is the Hotel Havenkontoret. We have stayed there and much prefer it to the Radisson. It is literally 20 steps from the Radisson entrance. Excellent breakfast and decent dinner buffet as well as afternoon tea included in the price. Next door to the Bryggen museum and the start of the excellent walking tour. Easy walk to port. My favorite place to stay in Bergen!
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