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  1. Agree completely with calmpets! We were there on April 12th, not crowded that day. Service.....exceptional, we loved it. One price per person, the drinks flowed if you wanted, so did the food. Juan and Erica, I wish we could have taken them home! And we are 67 & 70! We had a blast.
  2. We ordered from MDR menu on Rotterdam, called at 6:15pm and it was delivered within 15 minutes. Surf and turf, oh yeah!
  3. Thank you, this is just what I needed.
  4. As we were leaving the Rotterdam on Sunday, I completely forgot to grab our Statement for the week's activity. I'm sure it was in the slot outside our door! No excuse, just wasn't thinking. Is their an email or best phone number to contact HAL? I don't doubt my answer is in HAL's FAQ's, but CC responses are faster than me looking it up! Thank you. Mimi
  5. We just got off the Rotterdam and we did not want to book a cruise, however they had a Future Cruise Deposit available for purchase. Pay $100.00 per person and receive an OBC per person. Deposit is good for 4 years, and deposit is fully refundable. We prefer a Verandah, so we paid total $200 and will receive $100 OBC. OBC depends on type of Cabin and length of cruise. They will automatically send to your TA unless you prefer they don't.
  6. Oops, at MDR last night, plenty of rolls, but the post is breakfast pastries. I'll let you know tomorrow! 🙃😉
  7. First night on Rotterdam last night. As soon as seated in MDR, waiter brought a basket....there you go!
  8. We are on the Rotterdam now, docked in Key West. We booked Lanai 3368. It is great, our first Lanai, can't add anymore than what is posted above, except a few tidbits:Noise level, not a problem from above, we can hear enough to know there is something up there, but it is not a big deal. Love going out on the promenade, our deck door has some moisture between glass, but okay, doesn't bother us. People cannot see in walking by, but I went out, and looked through the glass like a peeper would, and you can see inside, not real well, but you can. So shut those curtains at night. Not cramped, just adjust! I think a bit better storage than Zuiderdam or Eurodam, just saying, it is more well organized. We would book a Lanai anytime!
  9. I agree completely! Carnival and Holland are both owned by Carnival Corp. It would certainly make sense.
  10. We are leaving on the Rotterdam on Sunday! 😊 As soon as we get on the ship, we want to make dinner reservations in the open seating dining room for our first night. In your experience will we need to go to the Dining Room to do this, or will someone be in the same area where tables are set up near the entrance? Thanks CCers.
  11. Thanks so much, I have always used same TA, time to shop! 😎
  12. I sure hope they continue the beverage cards, there are way too many people that just would, it buy the bev pkgs, I believe. We will be on the Rotterdam on April 7 and I have already purchased a Bev Card and a Soda Fountain card.
  13. $159 per couple is not a bad price at all, I just don't thing DH would be as interested as me. Hmmmmmm
  14. Instead of purchasing OBC, we purchase beverage cards, yes, it's an extra card to carry, but it's no big deal. We like the cards instead of OBC because if we have drinks charged to Cabin, then your statement will show allllll those charges. With the cards, it reduces that statement quite a bit. And if you don't use it all, you get refunded on your cc within a day or two. We did have the SBP as part of a cruise one time, but to buy it, it's just not worth it to us.
  15. Misty Fjords Floatplane excursion, Ketchikan, Alaska Island Helicopter tour, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Renting a car in Curaçao, not a true excursion, but it was wonderful!
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