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  1. 😳🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️. Blick! But good way to get your calcium!
  2. I enjoyed your video very much. Thank you. For us older folks it sounds like we might enjoy Browns Beach. We would like to snorkel there right off the beach.
  3. Hi Folks - (first if this has been addressed somewhere in CC, I could not find it, so I'm sorry for duplicate ask) We are purchasing the current promo Gift Cards with bonus cards. I have read the Terms and Conditions for the promo card program carefully and this is what I have read on HA's website twice: "Gift Cards are only redeemable for purchases onboard Holland America Line’® ships or applied as payment to a Holland America Line® booking. Gift Cards may be redeemed for or on any cruise sold or operated by Holland America Line®." " Gift cards may be used for purchases on board Holland America Line vessels or applied as payment to a Holland America Line cruise booking." And I think this applies to all HA Gift cards, not just during this promo, but I think that because of the word "booking". My TA did not have the answer and I have an email in to Holland America, but thought someone here might know definitely and be faster than email! Thanks Mimi W
  4. We received our bonus card emails within a minute or two from ordering the $1,000 cards. Good luck!
  5. We didn’t get this letter, but I checked with our TA. She said it is valid and we will pay through her by June 30 and get 10% off the total plus the $250 OBC. Thanks so much for starting this Thread
  6. checked with my TA, and she said yes, I plan on paying by 6/30 for our December cruise.
  7. This is great news that the offer has been extended through 2021. Now it’s time to buy them for sure. Thanks for the post.
  8. We booked 12/9-12/19/2020 Southern Caribbean back in February, on the Eurodam. We absolutely plan on going! (I hope) Just read she will be coming out of drydock on 12/8. And I so agree about a positive Thread. I've stopped Cruise Critic reading most of the time, just because of it. You know the song, "Let It Go'..............................
  9. We are booked December 9-19, 2020, Eurodam, and thinking of purchasing at least $1,000.00 in these gift cards, and receive extra $200. Why not? Even if cruise is cancelled (please NO), we may lose the promo of $200, but will still have the $1,000 for a future Cruise. I wonder if you purchase $1;000 twice, in 2 separate transactions, would you get a total of $400.00?
  10. We will be in Martinique on 12/15/2020 only from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Does anyone have any suggestions of a tour or taxi service or anything to do to experience the Island? We like to book non-ship excursions sometimes if we can. Thanks Friends. Mimi
  11. Oh how disappointing! I got to this part and you haven’t posted another day! Hurry, these are so much fun. We are booked for the 10-day So Caribbean 12/9-12/19, 2020 on the Eurodam...can’t wait, so your posts will give us ideas for port days. Thank you. And as someone else said, it is wonderful to be able to read this, a positive thread. I’ve been so sad looking at Cruise Critic with so many unhappy posts, I stopped for a bit. And then I found you. Okay, I’ll stop blabbing now! 😀
  12. I've been watching since 6:30. Come on NA. We loved cruising on her last November.
  13. I just checked out your suggestion about www.shoretrips.com. I was very impressed that there are options to help serve the community, whether preparing lunches, working in Thrift stores, with children, elderly or at the humane society. This is definitely a different opportunity while on vacation! Thank you so much.
  14. odd, my Safari had no glitches, which is surprising for me.... hope everyone’s is okay now.
  15. We loved the Thermal Suite on NA last year. We have booked a 10-day So Caribbean on the Eurodam in December and plan on booking the Suite again. Anyone familiar with the 10-day cost?
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