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  1. Oh goodie! I'll be looking for Deck 6 Portside - November 10 boarding! (hopefully)
  2. Good luck cleaning and purging! It’s a never ending job at my house! 🤣
  3. Thanks, I just read on a "feed" website that someone had stated HAL's rules are strict dining with others. You may dine with your group, but not strangers. The person did not indicate where the rules were, nor did I ask. And I looked at HAL's website and there was nothing to that affect. Part of the experience is meeting new people at dinner!
  4. Thank you, we enjoyed our lanai cabin on Deck 3, cabin 3368….stepping out on to the promenade deck was great, and sitting in our deck chairs always offered us some fun meet and greets! She looks lovely!
  5. I decided to personally call HAL to inquire about the *Promotional Credit showing on my booking. It actually was for the two dinners provided by our TA. BUT when my TA called them, HAL told her it was part of the "Have It All". So someone mentioned above, you get different information sometimes, depending on who you talk to. Hmmmmm. But now I know for sure. And I got through to a person in less than 2 MINUTES - miracles do happen!
  6. Ah - we have a part ownership in a little house in Nags Head - love it! Lucky sassy~one!
  7. I saw wish they would come back, our favorite cruise line and it’s only 2 hours from home.
  8. My TA called them and that was the answer. Do you think I would get anywhere if I called? I am a person that keeps asking, so maybe I will give it a try!
  9. ANSWER TO MY INQUIRY: TA called HAL, my PROMOTIONAL CREDIT is part of the HIA promo, like someone above said.. All we have to do is pay an additional $950 and we have got it. What a tease..we did not take it. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Here is a lovely way to start your day!
  11. BUT, we don’t have the HIA promo?
  12. No - we did not book with that promo - thanks @puppycanducruise Hmmm, I booked through a TA, not PCC - thanks @DaveOKC
  13. Hi, we have an 11-Day So Caribbean cruise booked for 11/10-11/21/2021. Yesterday when I logged in to the HAL website, there was a new pop-up with this Promotional Credit. I had not seen this before and am confused, no other information about it, or email from HAL. (Our TA does provide 2 complimentary dinners, but not the Shore Excursions - so I'm not thinking this is from the TA). When I clicked the "X" at the top right of box, it went away, and then no where to be found! 😒 BUT it is still in Navigator. 😊 Has anyone seen this, any thoughts or insights? I thank you. (And I do have an email in to my TA for her to help or call HAL for us) Mimi W HAL Promo Credit.pdf
  14. Did HAL give an indication of what the percentage of passengers will be allowed?
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