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  1. We booked our upcoming cruise with a new TA by obtaining a few quotes using a particular website. It worked well, and realized a savings of $950.00 total, a lot of money to us. In looking at another cruise for 2020, we used the same website and obtained 4 preliminary quotes for 7 day Alaska. We decided NOT to book that cruise and did not respond to any of them. HOWEVER, today, I got an email from Holland America saying Welcome Back, showing this cruise has been booked and shows the Booking Number. The TA listed is from one of the 4 quotes we received. I never emailed or talked to anyone, and the TA decided to book without consulting me at all. Evidently there was no Deposit required. I finally figured out that by including my Mariner number in the quote request (bad mistake) the TA could do this. Since the TA does not have my email (at least I don’t think so), they must be waiting for me to call, but that is not going to happen! I am NOT happy, and will contact My PCC to get this cancelled. I feel this is unethical. Am I right? Has this happened to any of you? So please be brighter than me, I’ll not make this mistake again.
  2. Gosh, and no one responded? We are going in November, have your gone, or know anything about car rental on St. Thomas yet?
  3. I am reading your posts about San Juan. We have been there twice and walked around only, no excursions or beach breaks. We are cruising there again in November. In looking at a website that shows ships in port for the day, there are approximately 10,000 cruise ship passengers in port that day. What would be your best suggestions for the day? DH is thinking about staying on the ship! 😳
  4. This exactly what and how we want to do our land portion, except the part of the restroom portion. 😳😳😳 Can you share a bit about how you researched your land based trip?
  5. Thanks a bunch for sharing these! I did not keep ours Dailies, we were the same week last year. We loved the ship, the cabin and the ports. Now I can meander through your dailies and enjoy! @MikeNTeriAZ FYI We were in a Verandah on the Eurodam and it was a lovely wall-mounted flat screen TV across from the bed.
  6. RuthC I have seen your replies to people’s posts in some threads and always have found you to be psoitive, helpful and quite classy! Thank you!
  7. Ah, but many have CC’s that are not though their bank, right? Actually, i had read this from other posts,
  8. I read all theses replies and have 2 little things to add: 1. Passport: Download the Mobile Passport to your phone, enter the info from your passport, including number. It requires a userid and password, so secure. We have never been asked for copies of our passports. 2. No matter how many credit cards you take, take a piece of paper, write down the card number, exp date, sec code AND most importantly the phone number of CC company in case your card(s) is lost or stolen. Write it in ‘code’ and keep in a safe place separate from your cards. I guess this is another item for your carryon! Happy cruising!
  9. Vancouver may be different, but on the last day in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, we could order room service prior to disembarking. It was so much easier for us. HAL is the only cruise line we have been on that allows it.
  10. Thanks everyone - looks like Grand Turk is the winner! And we are looking at Exclusive Escapes, based on a bit of research on other vendors. I do like the idea of a smaller group.
  11. Sounds great to me! It doesn't hurt to ask at Guest Services. And you can always throw a Do Not Disturb sign in your luggage...that is if you don't mind sleeping with cleaning going on all the way around you! 😬😬😂😂
  12. This is great news, especially if we can purchase them at a discount! I'll start checking for them.
  13. Like CruiserBruce said: We had a TA. I faxed shares to HAL, heard nothing, week later, sent same fax again, along with email. I got an email confirmation next day.
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