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  1. I believe the Star was actually built first, but because it wasn't originally supposed to be built for NCL they didn't name the class after it
  2. Not an azipod issue this time.. Problem with one of the engines
  3. She has been able to do over 20 knots even with 1 bad engine
  4. I went on Breakaway last September.. It was a ship I was actually avoiding, but my friend and her son wanted to go to the Caribbean and Breakaway was the only Ncl ship with a decent itinerary.. Long story short, it's now my favorite ship and I look forward to cruising on her again! Loved Syd Normans
  5. I was supposed to be on the Escape right now.. The cruise still showed up as booked on my account as well, but I got my FCC that I opted for
  6. Supposed to be on the Escape right now also! Used my FCC towards an Alaskan cruise on Encore next year.
  7. I got mine about a week ago and have already booked another cruise
  8. Nobody knows what's going to happen tomorrow let alone 4/12.. It probably isn't going to be their decision whether to cancel or not
  9. Breakaway left Port Canaveral.. Believe it's going to Nassau
  10. It says all cruises between TODAY and April 11th are eligible for FCC or 100% cash refund
  11. Problem is I think people sometimes forget they're not at home.. I see people lick their fingers or cough into their hands and then handle serving spoons or touch other things that are public use.. I think there should be more emphasis on etiquette especially in the buffet area.. Coughing into arm if you must cough, don't reuse plates, just to name a couple
  12. Full disclosure and going by next post I saw people getting hot dogs and just assumed it was the cart, didn't actually go over to get a hotdog and see it.. Sorry for a bit of a misleading post
  13. Was on the Breakaway in September and saw it once near the Atrium
  14. It has been over 21 knots at times, so both azipods must be working.. Just not quite enough power to run full speed
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