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  1. A friend of mine had an old Ford Prefect. He said he would pull into the garage and ask them to: "fill the oil and check the petrol". Way back before the eco-friendly days.
  2. I was on a P&O 3 night cruise last year and there was a wedding group on there ( about twenty of them). Don't know if they had the ceremony on board or it was just like the reception. They seemed to have a good time.
  3. Yes, a very interesting link, thanks. It has raised my hopes.
  4. Remember Trump talking about it all being over by Easter.
  5. Stockholm was my second guess.
  6. I had a multi trip policy with Columbus Direct taken out in November last year. I only got covered for one cruise in February before everything else was cancelled. I wrote to them at the end of the June asking if I could get a refund for the unused portion of my insurance as it was not going to be used. They allowed me to cancel the remainder (4 months out of the 12) and gave me a refund. It was not a full refund as there were some costs that couldn't be reduced. From a premium of $756 I got a refund of $163. Not earth shattering but better than a kick in the pants. Their decision may have been affected as they were no longer selling travel insurance policies.
  7. With regards to your question as to whether one person can use both FCCs, the answer is no. Each FCC is put into each passenger's personaliser. I would agree with the others and take the refund, unless you are willing to take the risk of losing your deposit.
  8. I just got mine too. For two cruises in June on Sapphire Princess. Full payment reimbursed and FCC (which I had used to pay for one cruise) back in my personaliser. Only problem is, the FCC has a deadline of February 2021, which seemed ok at the time but not so good now. Still, can't complain.
  9. I've come to this conversation late, but from the footage I have seen of him training with others, I would say that all those at that session are tainted. The amount of spitting, blowing noses etc was amazing. On a slightly different tack I'm amazed at the amount of close contact, hugging when celebrating tries, goals etc. (in both NRL and AFL) I really thought that such close contact makes a mockery of all the other restrictions.
  10. You forgot Barack Obama, I'm sure he's part of it also.
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