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  1. Have you been to your cruise personaliser on the Princess Captain's Circle page? I had my FCCs listed there from a cancelled cruise due to sail on March 24. I wasn't sent any communication, the FCC was just listed there.
  2. Just started to read the article on the ABC News website. I couldn't finish it was so bad. If the actual 4 Corners report is anything like it it will be very bad.
  3. Some very good points, especially the part about whether she and her mother had isolated themselves. Also if they hadn't informed the ship about their symptoms how could the crew be expected to know. I bet I could guess who Ms Temple was in the promo that I saw. I don't think I'll watch it either.
  4. WOW! Just saw the promo for this show and it's even worse than I was imagining.
  5. I was mostly talking about the ABC website and their reporting. There were some really subjective articles on the Ruby Princess just recently.
  6. Generally I like 4 Corners and their reporting. I am concerned about the increasing lack of objectivity on the ABC in general; also the OP felt that the promo was "very sensationalist"
  7. John, I'm not sure why you think inside cabins are unacceptable. I would be quite happy with one.
  8. I have to agree, the ABC has regressed in many instances to be very similar to the commercial outlets.
  9. Also, climate and time of year is a major factor. Most Europeans like the idea of travelling in summer but actually the middle of summer is a bad time to travel in much of Australia especially the North (way too hot and humid and also prone to cyclones). Spring and Autumn are better times for travel. Winter is pretty cold and miserable for much of the south but the best time to go north.
  10. "There is zero chance of us opening the borders to countries like Indonesia/Philippines, which don't have it under control" as opposed to the US of A which has done such a great job? and could we honestly say they have it under control?
  11. I am still getting emails from an oz cruising website advertising deals so they appear to be still looking for business. A bit of a worry if they are still trading but not fulfilling their obligations.
  12. I have been retired from teaching for 10 years now and have not caught a cold, flu, sniffles or anything like it in that time. During my teaching career of 36 years I got the usual run of colds, sore throats etc at least twice a year. Classrooms are just as much a petri dish as cruise ships.
  13. Interesting thing about the Cedar Meats incident was the comment that many of the workers were casuals and so not eligible for Jobkeeper. Going to be tested for COVID and being quarantined would have meant losing their income so it was a huge disincentive to be tested.
  14. Yes, I loved the streamers too. Sailing away was such a big deal then. I remember going out to the airport and actually watching people walk out to the plane and wave goodbye. Of course, it helped that Sydney Airport was one of the few legal places to get a beer on a Sunday.
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