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  1. The Glory does NOT have a Mongolian Wok
  2. I did not care what tag number that I got. What annoyed me on my recent Glory cruise is that if you did not pick up your luggage tags by 5:30 PM, you had to carry off your luggage. Not like this on Norwegian or Royal. Did not want to go to the luggage "talk" at 11 AM on my last cruise day. Letter was not in my room until after 5:30 PM that night....
  3. I am not "entitled", and I travel at least two to three times per year. I have written both positive and negative reviews here and on tripadvisor. I hope that you and your family have an enjoyable cruise, and are able to be OK with the buffet food and extremely crowded main pool/kids pool area. If bashing negative reviews makes you feel better, so be it.....
  4. I have alternated between the various cruise lines (Norwegian, Royal, Carnival). This buffet was the worst of any line that I have been on.
  5. Just got back from a 4-day cruise out of New Orleans on the Carnival Glory. I went on the Carnival Liberty two years ago and loved it, but was really disappointed in the Glory. I cruise about once per year, and go to AI's about once per year also. The Glory buffet was the worst of any of the cruises or the AI's that I have been to. Food options were not appealing AT ALL. There was no wok station. The lines were always LONG. Chocolate buffet was limited to an ice cream bar and about 6 topping options during lunch one day. BBQ place only open during lunch. Stale bread. Limited salad bar. Limited kids food options. What happened to the buffet?!? The pool area was the most crowded that I have ever experienced. The Glory took away about 1/3 of the pool deck/seating for the slides and kids water park (not in the back of the ships like some other ships). We had panoramic ocean view and a grand panoramic ocean view next to each other, and there was such banging, creaking and vibrating all night that we had a hard time sleeping. I am familiar with extra "rocking" when the seas are rough, but never had the LOUD banging noise coming from the ceiling. It was always not cool enough in my room or many of the common areas. I went to pick up my luggage tags on the last evening and was told that I had to carry off my bags as they only handed out luggage tabs until 5:30 PM (new one for me out all of my cruises-I have always had luggage tags left in my room or I could pick them up from guest services any time before the bags go out). Staff were nice but seemed tired and overwhelmed. Debarkation was a nightmare. We were on the "carry-your-own-luggage-off express" group, and did not get off the ship until 9:45 AM. May have been something going on with customs, bur no explanation from the staff. Although we enjoyed the entertainment, Alchemy bar and Dr. Seuss brunch, nobody in my party is sailing with Carnival again.
  6. Heading out on the Glory tomorrow, yes still doing shorter itineraries. Will post a review when we return.
  7. Costa Maya has pretty limited excursion choices in my opinion (ruins excursion, mayan experience, expensive but large water park at the dock). Cozumel has a lot more excursion options. It is very reasonable and easy to get to the beach clubs at Costa Maya (you just walk to the end of the cruise area and catch the $3 shuttle). The shuttle takes you to the main beach town, Mahahual. There are four stops. We always get off at the middle stop and walk up and down the beach boardwalk until we see a beach club that we like. We have gone to the Crazy Lobster twice (free beach-front loungers/tables, kayaks, music and good food and drinks). The beach clubs in Costa Maya/Mahuhal however do not have the water bounce things like Paradise beach or Mr. Sanchos in Cozumel. The beach in Costa Maya is OK, but not that much different from the popular beaches in Cozumel. Depending on which beach club that you go to in Cozumel, it will cost approximately $10 per person round trip cab ride. The AI beach options in Cozumel are also much more expensive as compared to spending the day at the beach in Costa Maya/Mahahual. If you like snorkeling or diving excursions, then would do those in Cozumel though.
  8. Carlos and Charlies and Paradise Beach are right next to each other.
  9. I believe that you have to pay for beach umbrellas at Mr. Sanchos. I understand that the tables have umbrellas, but if you want an umbrella by your beach lounger, there is a charge?
  10. Adding to this question-The Deluxe Beach, Catamaran & Snorkel (Fury Cozumel) via Carnival has a meeting time of 8 AM listed on the Carnival excursion website. Seems early. Anybody who has taken this excursion-where to they meet, and is it really 8 AM? Thanks
  11. We have sailed out with two ships at the NOLA port (Carnival and Norwegian), and no issues. The Glory and Valor are mid-sized ships (about 3000 passengers each), as compared to the Dream and Breakway (4000+ passengers each). New Orleans is a great city! Enjoy the River Walk, cafe au lait with beignets (or a Pat O-Brien's hurricane to knock out any stress)! No worries!
  12. So sorry but we have the most forward rooms on lido deck on the Glory for this April cruise-3 rooms, five children in all......😉
  13. When my kids were little, it was REALLY nice to go to a resort that had chair drink service (vs. having to go up to the bar to get your drinks, which was hard to do watching the kids). Allegro did not have wait staff bringing you drinks (you had to go to the bar).
  14. We went to Allegro off our cruise a couple of years ago. The kids pool/water park was nice, but not beach front (in the middle of the resort). The food was mediocre at best. The drinks were so-so (and we had to walk through the resort, up to the beach pool to get the drinks). I would not go again.
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