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  1. This is very interesting to me as I know not much about this type of diet. Please, keep posting as I would like to learn more.
  2. Yes. Worth the hassle, no. Cheers! is costly but it really does make the vacation fun. I have tried so many different drinks with favorites and some I'm not so fond of. I suggest that you try out Cheers! on at least one Carnival cruise and judge for yourself.
  3. beshears, you have made my point. My carry on never leaves my sight until we both are in the cabin.
  4. Let's talk about carry on luggage. I have read here on cruise critic stories of lost luggage. You all know the flyer that shows up in your cabin, hey we are looking for a black rolling piece of luggage. The story that will never leave my memory is of a lady that never received her bag and had no clothes for the entire week. She was over heard at guest services and other ladies who over heard this gave her some of their clothes. This will never happen to me, ever. I leave the house, a day before the cruise, to the airport with my carry on. That bag never leaves my sight until I am in my cabin. Hubby and I each have one carry on and then we have a large bag with stuff that I want to have but if is lost, not the end of the world. Even typing this makes me nervous about my up coming trip. I think I will plan to leave to the airport even earlier than ever and my carry on will have even more clothes, shoes and swimming suits.
  5. Did you notice if they had a happy hour special either in the casino or Red Frog Pub on embark day? Since Cheers doesn't start until the second day, I thought maybe a few happy hour priced drinks would help the wallet out. I've heard Carnival has happy hour but didn't know if it is on the Vista out of Galveston.
  6. I am loving this review. I really admire you and your lovely wife as it seems you are a fun loving couple who enjoy each others company and fun times together. Cruise On!!
  7. Thanks ssb, I think hubby and I have a date at Jimmy's on the Pier!! nicoleslp, if you are staying at the Marriott before December, can you post your experience when you get back?
  8. ssb, do you think it is an easy walk from the Marriott to Jimmy's on the Pier? The highway looks a little scary to cross.
  9. I too have booked this Marriott for a stay in December. I couldn't believe it was only $67 for a Friday night stay(AAA rate) and we will be leaving on the Vista on Saturday Morning. BUT we will not have car and will have to walk or Uber for dinner that night, thinking Jimmy's on the Pier as a simple solution. This begs the question for my situation, should I just stay at a hotel near Houston Hobby and shuttle down on Saturday morning or take an Uber/Lyft on Friday afternoon down to Galveston? Thoughts or experiences anyone?
  10. We did the Altun Ha trip. We really enjoyed it for a couple of reasons. It was the first time to Belize for us so we wanted to see what Belize looked like and the bus trip was perfect for that. It was a nice ride to the site and I got to gaze out the bus window and see the countries landscape. Once there, it was a guided tour and we did get to climb up on the ruins. That was an experience to remember. I can't recall how long the entire trip was but perfect for what we wanted to do. We had time after the tour to walk around outside of the port area.
  11. Would it be acceptable to arrive to the MDR on debark morning just before 8:30am? It is a bit early for me to eat but if we could get there right before 8:30am and enjoy a light breakfast before leaving and kill some time, I think I would really like it. I just don't want to be rude to the staff if they want everyone out and done by 8:45ish. I've never went to the MDR on debark morning but on our next cruise, we will have plenty of time as we have a midafternoon flight and don't have to rush right off the ship.
  12. My experience with anytime dining is to get in line for the 5:30pm seating. I have had great service being some of the first guests seated. One memory I have was of the time we probably got seated maybe 6pm to 6:30pm(we showed up after the first round of guests) or so and we waited, waited... The team did not even have time to acknowledge we had been seated as they were so busy getting the tables around us served. It was not a good experience but I totally understood why it happened. The hostess seats guests in a section where the service team is knee deep in serving one course after the next and when a new table is seated it's hard for them. Anyway, that is my opinion.
  13. I have wondered about this also. I think the times have been pushed a little later. I seem to think I have read here on cruise critic that diamonds, plats, wedding parties, fttf, etc board first and that takes time so the rest of us have to wait until a bit later and Carnival does not want us arriving too early and causing a human traffic jam.
  14. Chervil....I agree 1000%. Carnival, bring back Tandoor. Why the hell did they take it away?
  15. I always thank the person ahead of me that is using the Carnival yellow cup to fill their personal container and cringe when I am behind a person putting their container up to the spout for a refill. So many times the person using the Carnival cup will apologize and I tell them "no problem, you are filling the way it is supposed to be done".
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