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  1. Had it booked from a canceled comped casino cruise. We decided to cancel last month not being optimistic that it would happen.
  2. For what it's worth, 11/4 Oasis still shows Check-In Opens August 6th.
  3. ~$12-$14 per cocktail and they would just charge it to your room.
  4. Obviously I feel your pain on this one! They told me I have until August to decide so I guess I’ll leave it in limbo and hope they expand the dates of the offer out a little.
  5. Had a comped offer that I used for Oasis this September that was just canceled. The only option if I wanted to salvage the offer was to re-book for Dec 2020 - Feb 2021. I was hoping to re-book for Sept 2021 but I was told that would not be an option.
  6. We sailed deck 6 on Anthem with a partial obstruction from a Davit and were really disappointed on how much of the ocean was obstructed. I think we saved a few hundred making that choice. For 700$+ savings I guess I could live with it.
  7. Have you TA indicate on the booking that you are looking to have a pack and play "crib" in your room. If it is not there call guest services as soon as your room is open or ask your stateroom attendant for help. For your room setup, depending on pricing it might be worth pricing out two connecting rooms opposed to putting everyone in one room. The benefit here aside from 2 bathrooms is that at bed time you have the child in the one room and close the connecting door except for a crack and you can go about your business in the other room. One of you will also then be a solo cruiser
  8. Mariner of the Seas this August still at $69 a day (3 Night) Oasis of the Seas this Sept down to $44 a day (7 Night) Anthem of the Seas next Feb $77 a day (8 Night)
  9. I agree with your methodology completely, the reward is worth the risk of having someone hold your money for a little bit. Either you sail, You get your cash back, or you roll the money into a 25% gain in RCL credit. Really no downside here.
  10. TA got us a CP Balcony for $1400 w/ $500 Refundable Deposit, we then have a connecting room that was $300 with a Casino Offer for a Free Interior. Obviously it is a gamble if the sailing will happen, but I am very happy at 2 CP Balcony Rooms on Oasis this Sept for $1700.
  11. I got 2 of these offers. Redeemed one for Oasis of the Seas in Sept this year. 7 Night upgraded to a Balcony w/Fees was only 300$.
  12. Yes, Got a free interior on Mariner 3 nighter mid August. Upgrade to JS and taxes/fees was only $700
  13. Interesting that Craps wasn't included in what you can learn to play.
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