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  1. 👆 THIS!! 👆 Right here ... this is going to dictate 90% of the decision making going forward, imo.
  2. Ah yes! The infamous "drink package factor" - which also has much to do with one's ability to stay conscious. 😉
  3. If it's not compelling enough to keep you awake the first time, why would you go back a second time??? 🤔
  4. Note to self: Make sure you sit near an outlet so you can plug the C-Pap in.
  5. I miss Niagara Falls. We used to live in Detroit and would go there at least once a year. One of my favorite places to be (outside of being on a cruise, of course). Now that we're in North Carolina, it just doesn't happen with any frequency. 😢
  6. Good point - and well taken - that's why we'll be wearing masks whenever appropriate and possible on our next sailing.
  7. I would think that's the cleanest that cruise ship will ever be.
  8. You had 3 ports? I thought you just had Malaga and Barcelona, like us.
  9. Exactly - we're scheduled on Harmony next April for the 12nt to Barcelona (same as you did this year, John) and it was the 9 straight sea days that sold me.
  10. After all is said and done with the buffet discussion, it seems to me the easiest solution is to maintain the Windjammer layout and just remove the ability for passengers to help themselves. Instead, they should have servers handing out servings that you point out to them. I've thought for years they should have already been doing that.
  11. The major flaw in this idea is that this assumes the person using the machine gives half-a-crap about the next person. And if you've ever been on a cruise ship ... well .... we all know how that goes. 🙄
  12. Anyone trying that with me will very quickly regret that decision. 😈
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