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  1. Received the e-mail last night cancelling our 8/9 Bermuda cruise on Encore. If we choose to take the 125% FCC it states credit will be issued by 6/25/20 for future cruise use through 12/31/22. It also states that the credit is valid for one year, 6/25/21 to be used. Sooo, that means we can take a cruise using the 125% credit up until 12/31/22 but have to make the choice/book by 6/25/21 ? Regards, Gerry.
  2. Thanks for your great knowledge of these Escape class aft suites. However, is there really that big a difference in balcony size ? I know 9 is suppose to be the largest but we have been on deck 11 suites several times,( love the bed/bathroom arrangement better), and it seems to be great. Not nearly the size of the Aqua Theater Suites on Royal but extremely fine with me. Regards, Gerry.
  3. Did I miss somewhere why Joy, built in 2017 for the Asian specific market, was removed and refurbished after only 2 years ? Was there not enough volume or a smaller or newer ship replacing that market ? We have a Bermuda cruise in August on Encore however with things the way they are we might cancel if Norwegian does not and do Bermuda next August. We see the Joy is doing that venue then. Regards, Gerry.
  4. We love the deck 11 aft balcony. Beautiful bathroom overlooking the balcony. Regards Gerry
  5. Thanks again. For some reason I thought the Observation Lounge was new to Encore. Just looking at options for next year as things look iffier longer than originally thought. Have a Disney cruise with Grandkids in mid July and thinking our August 9 Encore would be a relaxation after Disney. LOL. Any thoughts ? Regards, Gerry.
  6. Thanks so much. Also, is Encore the only Breakaway plus ship to have the large viewing area in the bow ? Forget what it's called. Thanks, Gerry.
  7. Thinking of looking at the August 2021 Bermuda cruise since this year's cruise is looking less likely. We have the aft penthouse suite on Encore booked for this year. I see the Joy has replaced Encore for Bermuda next year from NYC. When I went to look at possible dates, I see where NCL is now marketing those suites in 2 categories. Regular balcony and large balcony. Guess getting that extra dime. Actually I wish they would tell and show the exact floorplan of these suites. The bedroom/bath arrangement is more important to me than a slightly larger balcony. We have cruised on Escape in these suites before and I prefer the darker bedroom with bath facing the balcony. I know deck 11 is what we generally get. A while back someone on here had a list of the different decks which had each arrangement. Bedroom or bath facing balcony. My longwinded question is is this arrangement same for identical decks throughout the Escape Class ? I forget which other decks had the bath by balcony but does that pertain (repeat) for the entire class ? Regards, Gerry.
  8. We almost always stay at the Hilton Marina. The Marina does offer a shuttle to the port. We never take it and opt for a cab. Not a shuttle person. The first year we stayed there we chose to use their shuttle service and were swamped by two large groups of families. After getting mobbed we hollered "taxi please". Regards, Gerry.
  9. Thanks a lot. Was able to get Cabana 7. Our first choice. Very pleased. Regards, Gerry.
  10. We are booked on the Dream for that same date. Thinking 121 days out (hoping) things will be much better. Paid in full for over a month, 2 rooms $20,000, but bought the insurance, so without reading the fine print I think we have quite a bit of leeway. Still planning to go at this time. Regards, Gerry.
  11. Do we get billed immediately upon a cabana reservation and able to pay in advance or is it added to our onboard account to be settled upon disembarkation ?
  12. Again, what terrific help and info !! Regards, Gerry.
  13. when do we get the Concierge contact email ? Gerry
  14. Thank you all for the great info. We are getting just one Cabana for the 6 of us. Was thinking of 6 thru 11 and sounds just like what we want. Do 7-8-9 have similar "privacy" vegetation ? With the little ones didn't want to be too far from the restrooms, nor too close. I believe our booking opens middle of next month. Regards, Gerry.
  15. Yes we have 2 Concierge suites. Thanks for the info. Gerry
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