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  1. Reread your comments on the harbor Princeton 123211, wasn't Pier 54 Titanics arrival destination ? Gerry.
  2. Thank you both. Like getting dropped off at the appropriate airline. Appreciate very much the info. Thought of coming in at LaGuardia on Saturday, staying somewhere within a mile of the pier and taking a taxi in the am. Appreciate the heads up on the running meter. Uber or Lyft sounds like the answer. Just need the XL because of 4 suitcases😊. Probably will have more questions as time gets closer but again understanding a little better now. Regards, Gerry.
  3. Couple other things. So if we are sailing from pier 88 do we get dropped off 7 blocks away at 55th St or is that, 55th St. where the terminal is and check in ? Or do we get dropped off at the pedestrian entrances for our respective piers ? Also on debarkation was planning on having a service like Carmel pick us up for LaGuardia but read in another thread where NYPD were ticketing waiting car services across the street. Sounds like a cluster for a Midwesterner. Regards, Gerry.
  4. Thank you. Yes, I feel Normandie is one of the most beautiful ships ever built. Would have loved to have seen her. Worried about the congestion. Don't feel I'm in Ft. Lauderdale anymore. 😉 Gerry.
  5. Thanks so much for the information. Aside note: Being a history buff, isn't that the pier that the Normandie capsized at during the war in 1942 ? Regards, Gerry.
  6. Never sailed out of New York before. Booked Norwegian Encore to Bermuda in August. Sorry if I'm missing it, but what pier in New York does she sail from ? Haven't seen it anywhere. Regards, Gerry.
  7. We have sailed on Escape in Suite 11312 before and have the Encore same suite booked for this August. Decks 11 and 14 are different setups from the other decks. Guess called the 'B' arrangement. These have the bathroom by the balcony instead of the bedroom. We prefer this arrangement. It's a darker bedroom. Guess like an inside. The bathroom with tub and shower facing the balcony is beautiful ! Far prettier imo than the bed by balcony arrangement. Look up utube videos of Haven aft Penthouse Suites on these decks. You can compare and see for yourself. There are others on this site that have more experience on balcony sizes and overhang, (privacy) than I. We always stay in aft suites. Love the view and the quiet back there. The walk to us is meaningless. To others it may be of concern but still not far from the aft elevators. My two cents. Regards, Gerry.
  8. Have been on Escape Haven Aft Suite deck 11. One of the bathroom by balcony suites. Looking to book Encore in a similar suite only available on decks 11 or 14. Anyone have a preference to deck 11 or 14.? Cover, privacy from above ? Noise from go karts on 14 ? 2 baths even though deck plans don’t show it ?
  9. Thanks, I thought it would almost have to be, but appreciate the confirmation. Regards, Gerry.
  10. Looking at a 7 day cruise to Bermuda with 2 overnights. Never been on a port overnight stop before. Is the ship open 24 hours to come and go ? Or is there a curfew to be back aboard ? Thanks, Gerry.
  11. Thanks. Makes much more sense, sound, fuel dangers, etc. Guess I’ll just go ahead and pull the trigger on an Encore booking then. Regards, Gerry.
  12. Thanks. Appreciate info. By the way..... are the go karts loud, noisy to nearby balconies ? Wondering if deck 14 versus 11 would make any difference ? Gerry
  13. Sorry if this has been brought up but I’m not reading 103 pages. On Escape in the aft Haven Penthouse Suites certain decks had the bed by balcony ior bath by balcony. Does this hold true for these latest ships such as Encore. We preferred the darker bedroom, bath by balcony and always booked deck 11 on Escape. Similar setup on Encore and which decks are which ? Deck plans aren’t correct . Regards Gerry.
  14. our TVs are wall mounted with little tilt. Gerry
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