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  1. Thinking about mid-October cruise. How are the colors along the river? Thanks
  2. Based on the ports I have been to, I like the 2023 itinerary better.
  3. Discovery has fewer bars/entertainment areas than the Emerald.
  4. The Emerald is my favorite ship. It has more public venues than Discovery and better outside areas for viewing the glaciers. It is also smaller and has fewer passengers.
  5. Just wait. The deposit requirement will probably go down again. P raised deposits last Fall for about a month then reverted to the usual amounts. This seems to occur just as promotion ends and before a new one takes hold.
  6. Hopefully, we will sail on the Rhine in June with Viking. I am getting our air flights through V. I just received changes to our departing flight. They are not ideal. Do I have any option to make changes through V? Thanks
  7. We have a Rhine cruise scheduled to leave June 1, 2021. If V cancels the cruise and I leave the money with V, what can I expect for compensation? +25%? +50%? What did V offer with the latest cancellations? Thanks
  8. Viking is a pretty small percentage of my junk mail.
  9. Past guests get a regular discount of $100-200 pp when booking a new cruise, usually within 1 or 2 years of the last cruise. I have seen Viking have promotions when they'll double that. The key with Viking is patience and luck. They can run some good promotions (free air, free drink package, etc). Get on their mailing lists and see what interests you. That way you'll know a good price when you see it. Viking's cancellation policy in the past was onerous; not so bad now. Read the fine print!
  10. Before we became Elite cruisers and pre-COVID, I would rely on insurance available through the credit card that I used to pay for the cruise (There are many available.) or bought insurance through insuremy trip.com. Post COVID, I recommend buying P's insurance until we see how things go. Regardless, get insurance!
  11. Hard to say if P will go back to Tahiti. Carnival just sold the Pacific Princess out from under P and gutted P's Tahiti season. Still some Tahiti cruises from Australia.
  12. I would cancel and hold the funds in my reserve in case the cruise is a go and you get vaccinated before sailing. Rebooking would be easy unless you have some special cabin booked.
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