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  1. So if someone "stupidly" drives on the wrong side of the road and kills someone, you are happy if they get off?
  2. Alaska cruising is done and dusted till at least July. Carnival needs to show some compassion and offer 100% refund for all cruises up to July NOW.
  3. Sorry but doing their “BEST” is offering 100% cash back. We are sailing to Alaska soon and haven’t seen any emails or correspondence from Carnival yet. Hardly doing their best.
  4. Spot on! The cruise lines who stiff people now WILL be remembered when this blows over. Nobody wants to cancel,this is special issue. Just give full refunds. They have already made handsome profits from the interest on thousands of passengers payments.
  5. Did everyone that bought Ulu's send them to home, or did anyone bring back aboard the ship? It seems more than a 50/50 gamble to bring back on board. Someone had said their's was wrapped and boxed and they were given the okay?
  6. Hi, Really enjoying your review. We are on Miracle next May to Alaska in an aft wrap, and cannot wait.
  7. Thanks Jeff & Patti for taking us all along with you once again, I really enjoyed it.
  8. We drove from Washington DC via VA and NC to Charleston and really enjoyed that pineapple waterfall on the waterfront(almost got a parking ticket).
  9. Looking forward to the rest of your review Jeff, I’m sure there will be some husband day care photos coming.
  10. That's great Kay,if you're May 11th pop over to the roll call.
  11. Thanks for replying. I did see a video yesterday saying that Legend is the only Carnival ship offering this sea day brunch option.
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