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  1. We have the same cabin too for the Crown in November. Love the aft cabins!
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Is there a list of eligible voyages out yet?
  3. Thank you for your review! We’re in a WS on the Grand in about 3 weeks. Just curious, did you get escorted on the ship as I’ve been reading prior to Drydock? Use the laundry perk? Looking so forward to trying out the “Suite Life” for the first time!
  4. It can happen! We went from a mini-suite to a Window Suite and got to keep our sip-n-sail promotion although that promotion was no longer available. It took two different phone calls from our TA to make it happen.
  5. I'm also in a Window Suite for the first time in April (on the Grand) and we plan on doing Ultimate Balcony Dining. We've done it before in a regular balcony room (my avatar) and the food is so much better than in the MDR, in my opinion. The amount of food you get can easily feed 4 people. Although there's no balcony in the Suite, there's a lot more room to enjoy the meal and you don't need to worry if the weather is bad outside!
  6. I tried to re-book my air too (I'm under the Sip & Sail promotion) but I was unable to do so. When I go into my booking, the sale does not show up although I can see it on a mock booking. I called Princess and was told it was for new bookings only and can't be placed under my current promotion.
  7. They don’t have the footstools for ours (B749). I tried to get the steward to find me some but was told it’s only for minisuites and above. Round table was there. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Yes, it’s the same room. Love it! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. I agree! I’m also on this cruise and although I’ve been to these ports before, I just enjoy the ride, no matter the location. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Like I said earlier today, I’m not complaining, I was wondering why there was an uneven arbitrary line. I’m happy with what I have but wanted to check that this wasn’t an oversight, in case there were others that might have missed out otherwise. I’m sure they have their reasons why it was excluded, just wanted clarity. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. I tried to call Princess and was told to write an email to Customer Relations Dept. since they couldn’t explain why D504 was excluded. I’m also trying to see if my TA can find out anything further before I send an email. I wonder how many other people are affected in the other cruises before mine. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Yes, I found it strange too. I wasn’t complaining (happy to be cruising!) but was wondering why D504 was singled out. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. I guess they couldn’t draw a straight line the day they did it! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. I'm on the Grand, going on a Hawaiian cruise in April 2019. I'm in room D504 which is showing as category MB but across the hall, D503 is showing as category M1 (Club Class). Why would they do this on one side of the ship but not the other? :( I was curious if anyone has had any similar communication with Princess about this before I call about this discrepancy. Thanks!
  15. There's also another sale starting May 8 to July 5th. Here's the flyer. I hope the Sip and Sail starts after this one with the 2019 fall/winter dates! PC_TimeAwaySaleFlyerUS.pdf
  16. I found the voyage list. Thanks Landmark Sale Voyage List.pdf
  17. No, you're not in the minority, I found it funny to watch the groupies gather waiting for the show to start :D
  18. I’m on the Grand next year and they also offer these 3 packages. Does anyone know if it applies to the booking or to a specific person? Can my DH and I both use it at the same time? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  19. Thanks for the clarification!
  20. I don't like hearing this. My Sep. 8th sailing looks empty, very few cabins are showing as sold.
  21. I noticed that too. At least my booking is still showing up when I sign in.
  22. Princess also mentions on twitter for perks besides advance boarding. We're currently running a pilot test on Ruby Princess for 3 voyages only. Guests with Princess Advance Boarding will be among the first to enjoy amenities onboard and access to book activities like Shore Excursions, Speciality Dining, and Sanctuary reservations.
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