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  1. Room 14138. We called the concierge and we were told we would be charged so we did not try and order room service.
  2. I found the bed very comfortable but everyone has their own preferences. The ships clock was messed up. We asked for a wake-up call the first time by the computer and it woke us up in the middle of the night. From then on we asked the concierge for the wake-up call and it worked fine. Our biggest issue was not hearing the announcements. They kept breaking up coming through the TV. The best place we could hear them was in the halls. We did not have the internet on the ship.
  3. Yes there was a table. Room service was limited to the Continental breakfast unless you wanted to pay. Maybe that will change in the future. Enjoy your trip.
  4. We were in Rm 14138. Make your reservations for the shows in advance. Have a great time!
  5. They have 2 person cars at certain times of the day, mostly in the morning. It is $15/ person.
  6. We had booked a balcony and upgraded for the least amount on the sliding scale. It wasn't that much. The room was much larger and the balcony was double the size. We had a dedicated concierge at the guest service desk area.(or we called him) Eating at La Cucina for breakfast and lunch was wonderful. We ate there almost every breakfast. We were able to get on and off the ship in dedicated Haven/ concierge lines. Our favorite part was watching the wildlife from our balcony!
  7. This was the first time we have done this. We were surprised to see them in the room around 3-4pm. We were thrilled it worked out. We were in room 14138. We had upgraded to concierge and it was worth it.
  8. We used the port valet for our luggage and checking into our flight. It was very convenient.
  9. We were also on the inaugural sailing last week. It was wonderful! I just wanted to add about the Go Karts speedway. Some times during the day(Mornings mostly) the race cars were double. They were still $15/ person but only one driver. We were scheduled for that but changed to a later time so we both could drive. The elevators were slow at busy times of the day. We just went to the aft elevators and had no problems. Footloose was Fantastic!
  10. We are on the Joy May 4th. 9 days to go! First time to Alaska!
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