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  1. We just got the announcement today (leaving Regensburg headed to Passau) that we have no water level problems and will cruise all the way to Budapest on the same boat (Atla)! A round of fervent and excited applause from all of the passengers! No problems this week at all! Such a wonderful blessing-and a wonderful cruise!
  2. Here we are on Viking Atla! We made it! Things are looking up! We were told we are definitely cruising out of Nuremburg tomorrow to Regensburg. Still waiting to see levels for later in the week (on Danube). Possible ship swap on Thursday, but also possibly staying on same ship. No bussing or swap for the next 4 days which Is good news so far for us! I’ll keep you informed. Touring Nuremburg tomorrow and enjoying the experience! Early to bed after a very long haul to get here—complete with an unexpected train ride from Munich when a computer glitch cancelled our connecting flight booking. All is good—we saw beautiful countryside from the train and had a wonderful dinner here on board Atla with friends and family.
  3. Ok - I'm done worrying about all of this. The weather is in God's hands and there's nothing I can do about it or the level of the river. My attitude is all I can control, so --- I'm going to have the BEST trip of my life with my wonderful husband, family and friends! Thanks everyone for your information.
  4. So, we fly over tomorrow (July 27) and I'm wondering how much the coming rains will help our cruise? I see thunderstorms all along the Danube area throughout the coming week starting Saturday. How quickly does this impact the river and could it possibly be enough to help us and reopen that stretch at Vilshofen (I read in a BNN article: Low water already crippling the Danube in Bavaria prompted river officials on Wednesday to bar hotel ships from using a 60-kilometer stretch upstream from Vilshofen. Tributary residents were banned from extracting water.) My question then is...Can the river recover quickly enough to actually impact our cruise this next week or does it take longer for an impact to be made and MUCH more rain than what is currently forcast? and can you even know?
  5. Keep us informed—I’m on this same trip next week so I’m assuming we are in for the same situation you experience. I like going into this informed. Keeping a positive attitude though—we will still have an amazing trip!
  6. We are doing Viking Danube starting July 28 (Nuremberg to Budapest) and I just received the obligatory email from Viking about low water and possible ship swap. My guess is Viking does this automatically now to ensure they don't get the complaints that we were uninformed. I'm watching your posts daily now, notamermaid. You are my source of info for sure! I'm with the others who are crossing all toes, fingers and eyes in the hopes that the river cooperates. Shall I start a group rain dance? All together now....
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