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  1. English Rose

    QM2 to host film premiere

    Oh my goodness - this is a few hours of a whole week. I am sure everyone will survive in pure luxury and comfort. How lucky are we. And yes, I have paid to be on this trip and I consider myself extremely fortunate indeed!
  2. English Rose

    QM2 to host film premiere

    I will be on this sailing. Very exciting for me, just have to stay up to watch us leave NY. Sure it will give us an extra buzz for the evening. Plenty of other days on board to explore...
  3. English Rose


    We've just come off the 3 nighter too. Brilliant time! Absolutely LOVED this ship. I think we really lucked out and didn't do the 4 night cruise. Most things were working and you had to look for the workmen. Yes, they were there but really not in your face or anything you would particularly notice unless you were looking. We had great weather so everything was working (except the Aqua Show). I think from now on it will all be very positive.
  4. Somebody posted on these boards earlier that they contacted RCCL and were informed that a pool would be put in the Solarium by the time they sail in September. Hard to believe how on earth they could do this.
  5. Thank you!! Enjoy your night....
  6. Looking good in your formal gear! Can you tell me if most men were wearing suits, dinner suits or just jacket and ties? Not sure what to pack for hubbie on for Thursday. Thank you! Enjoy....
  7. English Rose

    Quantum/Anthem indoor pool on cold days

    This is one reason I chose this ship for a Transatlantic because it is designed more for indoor cruising and there is so much to do inside on the Quantum Class. I would hesitate for a hot itinerary.
  8. The reviews are definitely better after the last cruise! Maybe they have been reading and have taken notes of all those comments.
  9. English Rose

    A Daily Vlog on Anthem of the Seas

    This is wonderful!! Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble. Really very good. I was worried being on the Transatlantic crossing next month that I would get bored but it looks like you can be kept busy all day. Much appreciated and congratulations on the wedding!
  10. English Rose

    Noro Virus email delayed boarding!!

    Good luck to everyone!! I'm sure we will all be on board at sail away whatever time that may be.
  11. English Rose

    Noro Virus email delayed boarding!!

    I've had the e-mail for the Independence sailing tomorrow but no mention of 1.30 pm check-in, just that the terminal won't open until 11 am (at the moment)....
  12. English Rose

    Majesty vs Enchantment

    I'm going to try both - have never been on either one of them. Normally we love the big ships, but doing 2 short cruises fits in with our plans and it's just so cheap and I get 3 days in between to spend in Florida. Will be on the Majesty this time next week and then the Enchantment the following. Will be on the same sailing?
  13. English Rose

    Excellent Experience on Majesty April 14

    Yes indeed, thank you for your review. It's pretty much my outlook on the Majesty too. We are Diamond Plus and have booked the Majesty for 12 May. We are big ship people and have done most of them and are of course loyal to Royal etc. I am however using this one for a short nice get-a-way whilst we are visiting Florida. I know it will be OK, I don't want all the whistles and bells just a decent ship with food to get me to some nice places for a few days. I know there are no Diamond or Concierge lounges, but do you still get your free drinks or any other perks? Not too bothered if not as I'm not expecting too much, just happy to be sailing....
  14. English Rose

    What are the chances of upgrade?

    I agree. No upgrades for us either with many bookings previously. Please don't get your hopes up although I wish you good luck!