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  1. Thank you for all the response. I select option 2: cash refund + 50% FCC. I just check Princess Captain circle account credit and I do receive FCC (label as "Voyage Goodwill" expired on 5/1/22). I assume this is the 50% cruise fare FCC from option2. When I do the math ... just the cruise fare (no tax etc) * 50% and the amount is close to the FCC posted. Does anyone know what happen to the $100 FCC that I use for deposit/purchase the cruise fare? Will Princess reimburse me from the next round of cash refund (I haven't received the cash refund) or will Princess use this for my next cruise?
  2. Hi, our 3/29 cruise has been cancelled by Princess in mid March. We then filled in a form choosing refund option (1 or 2). Right after I filled in the form I received an email "Princess compensation receipt". I have a couple of questions. 1) Up to now (over a month now) I have not received any refund. Is this normal? Is there anything I need to do or just wait? 2) When I paid the cruise I use gift card, credit card and future cruise credit (from our prior cruise deposit). Am I supposed to receive the refund the way I pay including the future cruise credit? I hope someone can give me insight.
  3. Hi, my 3/29 emerald princess cruise has been cancelled by Princess. On 3/12 I filled in the online form for choosing Option I or Option 2 and I choose Option 2 (cash refund & FCC) and then I received an email receipt from Princess. Up until now I have not received any refund yet. I booked this cruise with a TA. I paid the cruise with Credit card and gift card. I just want to make sure is this all I need to do and wait for the refund?
  4. Are there any Uber or Lyft designated pick up areas outside Princess pier (I think Terminal 2) at Port Everglades?
  5. Thank you. This is great info. I will wait on the first day to buy the package.
  6. My wife and I will be on Regal princess sailing to Eastern Caribbean in March for 7 days. We are both platinum member so we have 150min free internet for each. However for this cruise I think I need more time. I have a few questions: 1) Is it cheaper to buy internet now pre cruise at $59.99 unlimited for 7 days for one device. Or is there any special on the embarkation day lower than $59.99? 2) Can I just purchase one plan just for me so my wife still have her free 150 min? I believe once her free min is used up she can use my purchase log in for her device? Thanks
  7. As I say in my previous post, 3 days after my first post (so 63 days before my cruise) I was able to log into my Ocean Ready with my booking # to fill in and uploaded the required info. Thank you everyone for their input.
  8. About 3 days after this post, I was able to sign in Ocean Ready input my booking # to complete my medallion process.
  9. I am 66 days until my Regal Princess cruise. I download MedallionClass App. Set up username & password (I set the same as my Princess Cruise log in). I then click Get Ocean Ready link a booking. I input the 6 digits booking #, the app says "Your booking information does not match our records". Any idea what's wrong with my process? Am I supposed to wait until 60 days before sail date to do this? Just a couple of notes. 1) I am able to see my booking # and check in on Princess cruise, 2) I am from New York and hoping to get my Medallion before cruise date.
  10. Thank you. I will give it a try when I am at sea.
  11. Hi, our family will be on Regal Princess to Caribbean soon. We will have Wifi package. Can we use Wifi calling while we are at sea? I am hoping to dial in Google Voice to make international call using Wifi calling while I am at sea? We will set our phones to airplane mode, turn on Wifi, turn on Wifi calling and turn off cellular data. Thanks
  12. Hi, we will be at the PV port by the end of this month and we want to explore Malecon on our own by taking local bus. Just have a few questions. 1) which bus stop we should get off at? I heard about Hoel Rosita is at the beginning of Malecon. 2) Is bus fare 7.50 each? So for two of us $15 peso can I pay bus driver US$1 to cover both? 3) any must visit bar or places we should visit while we are there? Appreciate any input. Thanks
  13. Just wondering how much is a taxi fare from cruise port to Old City? I have a few questions. 1) I heard I need to ask the price first before I get in the cab. 2) Is taxi fare cheaper if I get out of the port area. 3) Do they accept USD? Or I need to get some COP cash from port ATM? 4) I can't speak any Spanish ... will this is be any issue? I plan to write down "Torre del Reloj" clock tower to show them. Appreciate any of your comment.
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