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  1. Maybe there was just a particular issue going on that one day. It was always open for us on the Regal!
  2. Alfredo's is delicious. It is usually open during embarkation but not always. Once I tried to go and it was closed. That may have been the Royal though.
  3. I didn't know this; thanks for the tip! I will make sure to let them know from now on.
  4. THANK YOU for posting! I'm taking this cruise 2/16 and I especially appreciate the menus and patters.
  5. We got an upgrade offer from an interior to a balcony on our first cruise. I can kind of understand why they do it. It gives people who are new to the line positive associations right from the get go. That was our first cruise ever and with one exception we have stuck to Princess ever since, even though we are just "low class" platinum cruisers.
  6. I find that the entrees at the MDR range, in my opinion, from okay to quite good. I have never had anything terrible that I can recall. My only wish is that they would change the menu a bit more frequently. The past few years the menus across ships has been almost identical.
  7. Hi everyone, I am curious how far in advance people started seeing activities pop up on their app before the cruise? One person told me 60 days for them but I am within 60 days and don't have anything yet so it must vary. I am wondering what the general range is. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the review! I am back on the Regal in February. I have never done the Sanctuary there... how much do the loungers cost? And do you recall how much the cabana is?
  9. Do you know how far in advance they post activities?
  10. Hello everyone! Scary announcement... the Captain just came over the stateroom intercom and said someone needs a "life saving blood transfusion." Thankfully a couple of minutes later he said they got so many volunteers that they don't require any more for now. I hope the poor person is okay. Last night we were at the Crown Grill. The food and service was impeccable. They know how to do a real medium-rare. Unlike at the steakhouse on RCL where I got a hockey puck. Today was a lazy day! I hung out by the sanctuary pool, went to the art auction, played music trivia, bought
  11. It was $140 for the afternoon. Not sure about the full day. We have it almost entirely to ourselves right now.
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