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  1. Ericknow32

    For all you champagne lovers

    Is there a list of champagnes offered?
  2. Ericknow32

    For all you champagne lovers

    I would hate to see how much it costs on the ship. It's not cheap on land so he markup must be a killer.
  3. Ericknow32

    Did RCL give us head lice?

    I highly doubt it came from the rock climbing helmet.
  4. Ericknow32

    Shave of Freedom Class

    [quote name='mamlewis']$45 +tip[/quote]Seriously? I can shave for free in my cabin.
  5. Ericknow32

    Where can I find Margartiville liquor??

    Margaritavill tequila is foul. tequila is one spirit that you might want to spend a little more money on.
  6. Ericknow32

    Wow.. Oasis of the Seas

    I am a little skeptical of them being staterooms.
  7. Ericknow32

    RCI wine list 2008

    The markup on the wine is pretty ridiculous.
  8. [quote name='skyking']HMMM FUNNY! Sounds like the same thing you west coasters to us when we found out the Mariner was leaving, funny how you also ( NOT YOU specifically) said the same stuff to us. I dont feel sorry for the west coasters at all.[/quote]Learn to share and stop being so selfish. You will be getting a nice new beautiful ship in a matter of no time. You don't know how lucky you have it.
  9. [quote name='mjsshipboy'] [COLOR=Black][B] Get a life[/B][/COLOR][/quote] I don't know who you think you are telling people to get a life but you have no business doing so. There are people that are quite fond of the Monarch of the Seas. There are people that have become friends with the staff on the ship. To see the ship go is very sad. It's not just a hunk of steel. It is way more than that. You probably don't understand though. And on top of losing the ship there is no report of a new ship to take it's place. Now I can assure you that a ship will take it's place but is it a guarantee? Hell no!!! People want to make sure that there opinions are heard. They want RCI to know that they want a ship. Is it a waist of their time to do so? Again I say, Hell no!!! RCI is always screwing over the left coast. We don't know their plans; However we want to know there plans and we want to be included in there plans. And the best way of doing that is letting them know what we want. Sure some people are being a little melodramatic, everyone is at times. Let them. It is sad. Some people feel as though they are losing a friend, or a second home. Once again you probably just don't understand.
  10. I didn't read the thread because I am pretty confident that your worries are unfounded. You will probably get Freedom or the third Freedom class ship.
  11. Ericknow32

    IS RCI chaing their name?

    Have you cruised the Caribbean during the summer. I for one have and will most likely never do it again. It is hot. It is hurricane season. It is hot. and It is hot.
  12. Ericknow32

    Rough Seas To Hawaii?

    The Pacific is unpredictable. I would get ready for anything because you might see anything. On my round-trip cruise to Hawaii (January) we went through four strait days of 15-25 foot swells. The ship seemed empty for the first few days until people got used to the motion. I was pretty close to the aft and yes that magnified the effect.
  13. Ericknow32

    When does the West Coast get new ships?

    You guys need to give up. RCI likes to see their toys/ships out of their window in Miami. We won't see a new/bigger ship for a long time. Why? Because they don't care. The Monarch is a cash cow for RCI. How long was it that they left us without the 3/4 day cruises when the Viking Serenade left? It was a long time. They could have been making a huge profit here during that time but they weren't. Once again, why would they do that? RCI doesn't care about the West Coast.