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  1. I was just about to post this as it just occurred to me lol! Wouldn't be a stretch to imagine Hoizon as the name of the second Icon ship.
  2. We stayedin Blue Horizon Hotel in Vancouver in2019. Good hotel in great location. Didnt cost the earth and we would book it again. The flights thing is tricky. We have 2 cruises booked in Europe next year (we are also from the UK) and will be waiting until the new year before booking flights. Did you check if Royal can add flights onto your cruise to suit your dates? If they can and the price is OK its a great option as you dodnt have to pay any extra right now and it secures a seat on a plane for you.
  3. Icon of the Seas reveal? We should be due to hear some details soon as they will have to start selling cruises on it in the not to distant future.
  4. Send Ovation across to do a Dubai season - if MSC can justify a ship the size of Virtusoa in Dubai surely Royal can make a success of a ship there - and Ovation is free for the next few months. I'd book it tomorrow if it were available - we were on one of the last Jewel sailings from Dubai before cocid struck and it was an amazing cruise - would love to repeat it.
  5. We have just booked a crown loft suite on Oasis for 15th January 2023 . 7 day western Caribbean. It is a special treat for our 20th wedding anniversary later that year. I joined the roll call for the cruise only to find that Oasis is chartered for the same date in 2022 and that mid January is a popular time for charter cruises and some people were holding off booking this cruise in case it was chartered. Do charters usually repeat the same date/cruise the following year? How far out would we find out about it should the ship be chartered that week? We are from the UK and will have to book flights at some stage next year - I suppose we can try to book them through RC which would mean they are protected should the cruise be chartered. If it happens and they offer us the option to move to another cruise (which i would be OK with) would they protect the price we have currently paid for the same class of cabin , assuming any are available at that point? This has slightly put a dampener on things lol!
  6. Loving your review so far! We just booked a loft suite on oasis - this will be our first time in a loft suite and looking forward to eating in coastal kitchen for the first time. If you are in it for breakfast Would you mind posting a picture of the menu? Enjoy your cruise!
  7. We cancelled our January cruise a few weeks ago primarily due to all the Barbados regulations around quarantine etc , as we wanted to spend a few days in Barbados first and the logistics around testing and quarantine were just too much . While things are easier now on the UK side , there is no sign of that happening with Barbados. We plan to reschedule for 2023 when things are more normal.
  8. I want to book a crown loft suite on oasis for January 2023. Decent price at the moment (I think !) on the UK website and it is for our 20th wedding anniversary that year. My question is are there any particular loft suites on oasis that are preferable to others or any to avoid for any reason ? I think I prefer an ocean view to the sports court view - so really are there any other factors at play which are not obvious ?
  9. When we were on in August I don't recall any lines for diamond etc - I was looking out for them. Having said that we didn't need them - no queue at all and once processed , we sat down for literally about 90 seconds before a lady came over and told us we could board. Taxi to ship in less than 15 minutes.
  10. Agree totally. We were on Anthem in August with 1500 guests. Fantastic cruise - just amazing service. And enough people onboard for atmosphere but no lines. We are booked on Odysseys first Mediterranean cruise in May - i wonder what planned capacity is by then?
  11. We are currently on Anthem. Having a fabulous cruise- one of our best - irrespective of weather. Crew are amazing , food best ever , if I had the time I would book another in October myself.
  12. This was actually me who spoke to the head waiter in the windjammer lol! So I can confirm that is indeed what he told me. He said the dining rooms alone would not be able to cope with the increased number of guests. The dining rooms have been busy this cruise (I think we have somewhere between 1500 and 1700 guests onboard) but service has been impeccable. He said the windjammer was opened for dinner a couple of cruises ago but with the numbers on board at that stage the overall food waste was just far too much - I suppose you have to prep a minimum amount to service the dining rooms and windjammer menus , regardless of numbers. Not sure what the numbers are on future cruises so could not say whether the windjammer will be open for dinner on those- i would guess it will remain dependent on numbers each cruise.
  13. I hope this will also be applied to Royal Caribbean Anthem cruises - we sail next weekend - wonder would anyone know??
  14. I didn't realise so much of Australia was in lockdown. If you don't mind me saying so , they are going to have to change their long-term strategy for covid - they cannot remain sealed off from the rest of the world forever. A successful vaccination campaign is the key. Is their much anti-vaccine sentiment in Australia?
  15. I'm talking here as a UK citizen. We have certainly made mistakes in the handling of this pandemic , but every government has been in entirely uncharted waters . However , largely through vaccination , we have got to the point where we are more or less co-existing with covid. It is foolish to work on the assumption it is going to disappear- it clearly isn't. Even though we have pretty much opened up society completely again , case rates are still falling - this is the first time this has happened without a lock down. Cruising , like every other facet of life, has to find a way to live with covid and move on. Anthem of the Seas has been doing domestic cruises around the UK since the beginning of July and has been so successful, they have just extended the UK season to the end of October.I should add that to date there hasn't been a single case of covid on Anthem. We are booked in middle of August for 8 nights and looking forward to it more than any other cruise we have previously been on- its our first holiday since the pandemic began. Protocols include - PCR test 3 days before we go for everyone over 2 years old. Kids between 2 and 17 must also have a lateral flow test at the port before boarding. Everyone over 18 must be fully vaccinated with at least 14 days since the 2nd dose. Masks must be worn in public areas of the ship while moving about. Royal say that the guest satisfaction ratings from these UK cruises are the highest they have ever achieved. My long-winded point is that with the correct set of protocols it is perfectly possible to have a safe , enjoyable cruise and there is no reason at all why Ovation should not be able to begin domestic cruises around Australia , and be very successful at it.
  16. The seniors discount is actually quite good. I only noticed it appear after we made final payment on our August anthem cruise , and we got a great OBC added to compensate for the difference.
  17. I predict a lot of interest in these sailings from USA guests and maybe also from the continent. Probably have no trouble selling them, as a good portion of guests on the original ones will probably shift across.
  18. Deluxe paxkage currently £54 per day - cheapest was £45 a few weeks ago. UDP is £212 i think - cheapest i saw it was £188. Seem to be a number of guests moving over to Anthem from Harmony - can't say I blame them given the current uncertainties.
  19. Nope- kids (under 18 - unvaccinated) must have PCR and LFT as well.
  20. Capacity on cruise just finished was reported as 1150 approx. Apparently just increasing gradually but that's just what people have said they have heard from the staff on the cruises. If correct it will only be increasing by around 5% each subsequent cruise. Diamond members still get 4 drinks each per day any time . Not sure about the VAT thing - I think its included on UK onboard prices from memory, but don't quote me on that !
  21. Totally agree with everything you have said. We have to learn to live with covid and the only way forward really is when we get to the point that a very large proportion of the population have antibodies. We are probably quite close to that point now. Covid will become another virus like flu which we co-exist with - people will catch it , but majority will have mild symptoms due to the vaccines - unfortunately some will be more affected, either because they chose not to be vaccinated, or perhaps their immune system is compromised in some other way. There will be cases on cruise ships , but due to the protocols in place they should be rare and contained and not affect the cruise for the rest of the guest's. I actually do believe that a cruise chip like Anthem with all the protocols in place is much safer than on land at the moment. We are really looking forward to this cruise , but also a bit apprehensive as there are 11 of us travelling , and we need 11 negative PCR tests before we can even set off! I belive the freestyle machines are working for the drinks packages - I'm not sure if they are operated by staff or just by guests as normal. Maybe someone who has already been on can confirm?
  22. Im only aware of 1 on celebrity silhouette - it was an unvaccinated under 18. No one else was affected. Cruise continued as normal - all close contacts were tested and came back negative. I am not sure if they were disembarked at the next port , or if it was at the end of the cruise , and I'm not sure what happened after that. It was in response to this case that celebrity and royal Caribbean instituted the new protocol that under 18's must have a PCR test in advance , as well as a lateral flow test at the port before boarding. If there have been others I haven't heard of them.
  23. There is one customer happy to change lol! Hope things work out for you. I suspect they have come to the conclusion that its just to complex and uncertain to contine with the spain/portugal/France itineraries and that a ontinuatuon of the successful British Isles season is a much safer bet.
  24. This would leave very little time to sell these cruises - they would be hoping a lot of the guest's on the currently booked september / October cruises would just switch ? And they may open them to non UK residents as well since the UK is now open to fully vaccinated residents of the US and EU. British Isles cruises tend to be very popular with US residents so this just might work. Also the British Isles cruises this summer seem to have been quite successful - we are booked in the 15th August and if priced right would consider an October break as well.
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