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  1. Interesting. our european cruise for august was cancelled. I went in to ez air and cancelled the reservation because I knew the plane was almost full and felt if people could use the seats, so be it. Now when I go to Princess it is still listed as an upcoming cruise, but does not show any air reservations. I also did the same for the excursions and they are not showing either.
  2. I had my Aug. transatlantic cancelled weeks ago. It still showed up with EZ Air, excursions, etc. I was a bit paranoid about it so I went back online to the booking and removed my flights (mainly so that people who wanted to travel could have the seats) and while there removed my excursions. After reading your experience, I am sort of glad I did it.
  3. My cruise for August has been cancelled. We received an email from Princess stating we would get double FCC. My question tho is that I had paid cash for excursions. Will I receive that money back. Otherwise, the only thing laid out was my fcc for the trip. Just curious.
  4. Your passport must have at least six months left before it expires to be used to travel. That said, my friend sent in her passport for renewal three months ago and still has received nothing back. So I recommend you renew your passport sooner rather than later. And yes everyone here is absolutely correct that you don't need to provide that info until the last minute. Have a great trip next year.
  5. we were avid HAL travellers until shortly after Carnival took them over. In the ensuing years friends who travelled on HAL were not that thrilled with it. All that said, recently had friends on the Zandam ship that had all the corona virus problems. They were healthy and so HAL transferred them from an oceanview cabin to a balcony mini suite at 0 cost. Even tho they saved a fortune, they most of all credited with the way they were treated with the crew of HAL. They loved it. My husband and I are now considering another HAL cruise. On a very personal note, I would prefer the HAL signature suite as having been in Princess mini suites I was extremely unimpressed. Whichever you choose, have a wonderful time when you finally get to go.
  6. Aah memoak,I remember cruising in my youth without taking insurance. Now that the years have passed, we purchase insurance on our cruises - approx. 3 per year. why you ask. Twice I caught the flu on two different ships and got completely reimbursed. And yes I had the flu shot. next, friends were with their 2 kids and wife had an accident in Europe and needed surgeries. Flight home for four people last min. Without insurance was 8000. so we look at insurance as something to depend on when things happen i do wish you continued health
  7. Except it was posted on CC March 2 and today is the 5th, so that is 3 days ago. I wonder if they feared letting the news out earlier cause they might have had to hold the ship up in port. This way all the passengers got off and the sailing continued. hmmm.
  8. I was on the grand returning the 21st of feb. today March 4 we get an email from princess that there was a case onboard and we should stay indoors for 14 days. This is like putting the horse before the cart.
  9. hey there, I was on the ship Feb. 11 to 21. You didn't reach out to me. So far I am good.
  10. We just did a ten day cruise without the base. But we have a 26 day cruise booked later this year. It was offered with two different prices. One was with bse and the other without it. For the longer cruise we felt we should take it as the gratuities alone would cover a lot of the addtl. Cost. So long trips yes, short ones not worth it for us
  11. with early ticketing it means you paid for the airfare already. I recently learned I can't upgrade my seats for extra legroom until I make the final payment for a trip we are taking.
  12. What I like most about ezair is that after I book a cruise (leaving only a deposit) and also booking the airfare - I check almost weekly as sometimes their airfare sales are fabulous. We flew from SFO to LAX and back for free. We flew to SFO to London and then JFK to SFO for a total EACH of $1i88.00 round trip. So after you are completely booked using flexible fares, you can cancel to get a better deal up to a certain date. Keep looking as it is worthwhile.
  13. Dear memoak, yes we know. We ordered appetizers to share. Two of the four had salad and yet we were stuffed by the first course. I had 2 courses and regretted that another course was coming. But my point was the food was the best on the ship. The service was impeccable and it was the most enjoyable dinner time onboard.
  14. just got off the Grand. The ship is still fine. We did just go thru out 2nd major disappointment with the Crown Grill tho. Aboard the ship the food is in the okay category (nothing you would write home about ). to our surprise we loved Sabbatini's and highly recommend it but they serve toooooo much food for one meal. Kiddingly I said they should make Sabbatini's a two night dinner. Night one should be the antipasta, appetizer, soup and salad. Night two Course 1, Course 2 and dessert. Cabin was pretty standard, service was much much better than expected - especially in dining room.
  15. I can’t find sabatinis. On the deck plans for the sky. What deck is it on. Thanks
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