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  1. We buy them when Kroger has their 4x fuel points. We end up with about 4 free fill ups of gas at 35 gallons each. So if gas is $2.30 per gallon then we are getting $81.00 of free gas for each fill up. Much better than the 10% that we used to get thru Verizon or AARP.
  2. I have searched but cannot seem to find much information on San Juan boarding. I have read a few reviews saying that FTTF may not be necessary in San Juan and would love some feedback on this. Also when is the earliest time anyone has boarded with FTTF, I know in New Orleans we have gotten there around 10:15 and were on the ship by 11 ish.
  3. It does work at the coffee bar, I got one this last Sunday morning while waiting to get off. Although I have not found anywhere that serves drinks if it exists.
  4. Any update on this one?? Leaving on Monday on Valor..
  5. Is this also where you can get the spiked milkshakes? I have just found out that there is such a thing and it is on my cruise bucket list of things to try.
  6. Thank you so much, I am really hungry now and cannot wait for our cruise on the Valor in 11 days..
  7. Imessaging seems to work for me. I do also get the social media package so not sure if it has something to do with this or just works on its own. I can Imessage those on ship and also at home.
  8. I always book Mr. Sanchos through cruiseexcursioneer and have never had a problem, and it is $5 less than booking directly with Mr. Sanchos.
  9. Following, I am trying to find someplace to store luggage as well in New Orleans for the day in a couple of weeks. I found a new, ( at least I think it is new), company called Stasher that is kind of like airbnb for luggage Just wish I could get some reviews on it before using it.
  10. What dining room on the Valor is for set dining times?
  11. I was panicking as well which is why I asked my TA to call and check on it for me.
  12. I have the same thing. My TA called Carnival and they said it is because it is a group booking. The cabin number should be on there right after final payment day, he is not sure why Carnival does it this way but the booking is fine and we have the cabin we booked..
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