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  1. Though we are not seasoned Princess cruisers, we sailed to Alaska in May on the Coral Princess. We had a mini suite on the Coral, absolutely loved our room and the balcony size was great. Because it was an Alaskan cruise, we spent most of our time outside and were not bothered by the limited options for entertainment on the smaller ship. We have not sailed on a Grand class ship. The British Isles cruise is so Port intensive, I expect we'd be off the ship a lot!
  2. Thanks Chuck! A 12 day British Isles cruise is just exactly what I'm looking at. Nice to hear good reports on here of that itinerary as well as the Crown. I was assuming it would be just as you said - much more time spent on excursions and less hanging around on the ship. We've just had a wonderful trip on the Sky - she's beautiful and we enjoyed every minute! - but wow the balconies are small! We were in a minisuite on the Coral and the balcony was so much bigger! We've been told even the minisuite balconies on Sky are small.
  3. No worries there @fishin' musician, we actually also sailed on Coral Princess to Alaska this past June, so we've experienced the new and fancy as well as the older but still lovely! I just wanted to get some input on the Crown. I've actually booked the Enchanted to the Mediterranean for summer 2021, but am thinking about switching to the British Isles cruise on the Crown.
  4. I’m currently on the Sky Princess and deciding which cruise will be my next. I’m considering a Crown Princess in the British Isles. Looking for likes and dislikes about the Crown....any input?
  5. We did the Bennett Scenic Journey with Chilkoot Charters this past June. We chose van up, train back. It was an amazing day, one of the best of the two week trip! Riding down through those mountains standing out on the platform between the rail cars with the sound of the train, the wind blowing, the smell of fresh air and the spectacular scenery is an experience I will never forget! I would do it again in a heartbeat!!
  6. We went out with Jayleen in Juneau this past June. It was an amazing day! She is a delightful person and an experienced boat captain. It was just the four of us in our party and her on her boat, and she was happy to do whatever we wanted to do. We spent most of our time following around a mother and baby humpback watching the playful youngster breach over and over. It was unforgettable! I was too enthralled to take pictures, but here's one Jayleen captured that day.
  7. ErLee

    Alaska excursions

    I booked most of our excursions for June 2019 independently. In Alaska, it's not really that the prices are less, but I book local because I want a personal experience with a small group. I booked a Misty Fjords flight in Ketchikan with Island Wings, a rental car to tour Juneau on our own along with a whale watch with Jayleen's Alaska, the Bennett Scenic Journey through Chilkoot Charters in Skagway, and a Denali flightour in Talkeetna with K2 Aviation. I highly recommend all of the tours we chose. You can find detailed reviews in my trip review. I'm still working on the land
  8. Absolutely try the Spruce Tip Beer in Skagway! You can't get it anywhere else, and it's good!
  9. I took but did not use sunscreen or bug spray. My daily moisturizer includes sunscreen for my face, and I was wearing pants and at least partial sleeves the whole trip for the most part, so nothing else was necessary. We had no issues with bugs during our 2 weeks in June 2019. Neither on the cruise excursions or the land tour. What we took that we really did need was every layer possible to be warm enough to be outside on Glacier Bay day. It is windy, it is very cold, but it is amazing, so you want to be able to be bundled up enough to stay outside. I had on a long sleeve at
  10. June 19th - First day of our Land Tour Because we were on a cruisetour, we were in the first group of the day to leave the ship - this meant a VERY early morning, but there's no way around that. We got off the ship and walked through a series of covered walkways directly to the train that would take us to Talkeetna. Our group for the rest of the trip was in a train car together with the other group going on the same tour. We were seated in one half of the car and they were in the other half. The guides for both groups met us as we boarded the train and along the way gave us a l
  11. Wow, I am so sorry you didn't enjoy your trip! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We may not return to Alaska, but it won't be because we don't think it's worth a return visit, it will be because there are so many other places we've yet to discover.
  12. June 18th - Sea day and College Fjord This was our last day on the ship. I started the day in the laundry room washing clothes for the land portion. If you want to do that, I recommend you go there early, it was really hopping by the time I was finished with our 2 loads. After that we relaxed most of the day on our balcony or in various seating areas out and around the ship. We made early dinner reservations, because I wanted to be done eating before we arrived in College Fjord. That strategy worked out perfectly. We returned to the viewing deck on 1
  13. So sorry, I've been distracted by life and haven't finished my review. Thanks for the reminder! I'll get on it. I'm so glad you booked the Bennet trip, I loved every single minute of that day and hope you do too!
  14. Welcome to my Alaska Trip Report! I hope it helps you as much as so many others have helped me! Background: DH and I are in our mid 50s and live about 50 miles outside Atlanta, GA. In 2014 we celebrated our 20th anniversary, and because our two boys were in their late teens, we decided that rather than a true anniversary trip, we would take our boys to Universal Studios in Florida, because we probably wouldn’t have a lot more opportunities to take family vacations. We had been to Universal before, but the Harry Potter attractions had opened since we visited, so we were excited
  15. We’re leaving 6 weeks from today for 2 weeks in Alaska, a week on a cruise and a week on land. I’d welcome any packing tips for the trip, including what you brought that you did not need and what you left at home but wished you had brought!
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