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  1. Still dont understand why people are loaning their money to rccl for free .... You know when booking your cruise will be cancelled. Unless your booking late 2021 I just dont get it. Being hopeful is one thing being completely out of touch to whats been happening the last 9 months and still willing to put down thousands of dollars is another. Ive been cruising for many yrs myself but lets be honest with ourselves,vaccine news is great but........ it will take months upon months for the world to be vaccinated. Meaning your cruise will look nothing like it has in the past for a very long time. Un
  2. Omg,people are crazy here. Vaccine cant/wont be mandatory. Where does it end? How many mandatory vaccines should you have to prove? Vaccine will come,I predict maybe 50-60% of population gets it. On top of people who already have ad covid and have anti bodies and the likely hood covid will eventually be tamed due to lack of available hosts it will be like the flu which kills quite comparatively to covid including children. Is the flu vaccine proof required? Ive never gotten the flu shot in my adult life. 48 yrs old. Work 56 hours a week treating covid patients and yet I havent been sick or got
  3. Yup and people die from flu. People will die from covid even after a vaccine. But thats life and risk. I wont get vaccine and many others wont either. Same thing for flu. Ive never once gotten flu vaccine or the flu. The viral load may lesson,it may fade,etc... many unknowns could happen that could change things radically.
  4. Only way out is a vaccine. Sucks but thats it. Hope one comes...theres no other way around it. I wont get it but its the only way the world will ever relax and get normal. Cruising is sadly nearly impossible to so “safely”.... Personally I would sail in a heartbeat but not with a plexiglass bubble around everything. Hopefully they are able to weather the storm before bankruptcy. Cant see how they can if this goes another 6 months which may be likely.
  5. Cuz there is plenty of time. The virus facts are changing weekly. Im sure the cruis industry is tired of constantly updating protocol. By august infection rate may be very low or not. Ports may be open,or not. Theres nothing concrete. Everyone wants concrete answers. Imo they wont sail come august 1st. We will see.
  6. We live in connecticut. Beaches never closed. Nobody wearing masks on beach. Your outside,relax. Your chances are better getting hit by lightning. Ive been treating covid patients for 4 months with for the most part a surgical mask. In close quarters,inside.... never tested positive and I dont have antibodies. People have to start using common sense or your life will be in lockdown forever. A vaccine may never ever come.
  7. Stop this non sense. Wheres the protest spikes? Wheres the ozark spikes? Stop watching cnn and enjoy your life outside your house.
  8. Wear one for yourself if you are fearful of covid. You are protected if you wear one. Now if I want to take a calculated risk not wearing one thats on me. Dont tell me I need to wear one “for others”. They can wear one and they are protected. I wont live my life in fear. As a firefighter/paramedic we always used to put a mask on the patient who was coughing,sneezing etc. we did not wear one. We never got sick. Mind you we are in a 4x8 foot box 2 feet from patients doing interventions. So wear ine if you want to but if I have the choice I wont ever wear one. Dont try and guilt me into wearing a
  9. Loo,this “super spreader” phenominom is yet to be proven. Its a crock of crap. The “experts” have been throwing darts at this for 4 months doing complete 180s on what they said a month ago. Lol,superspreader..... yes I know what its all about but its unproven. Just basically been said enough so now it must be true.
  10. Problem is at least in the states this virus is political now. Facts dont matter at all. Its all about control and power and re-elections.
  11. Phase 1 starts monday in nyc. They met criteria. Lots of guessing in your post. Most guessing has been proven to be wrong by even “experts”. It is no longer a hot spot. Covid cases are lowest since before it started in march and infection rate is off charts low.
  12. Wait till is 90 and 100 %humidity. See how you feel. I wear one at work as well as firefighter/paramedic. Last place im wearing one is on vacation
  13. Exercise and clean healthy diet goes a long way. Diet first and formost which in united states most people eat out of a box and dont exercise. Wonder why their sick....hypertension,type 2 diabetic,obese etc... .. best defense against viruses is being healthy to start off with. Im 48 yrs old,never had flu vaccine,never had flu. Havent had a cold in over 2 years. Ride my bike 200 miles a week and eat vegan. No meds..... wont get covid vaccine if it ever does come to fruition.
  14. The death rate for population is hardly anything. Cant get much lower. If you divide by age group of course it goes up but goes down for other age groups. But that goes for any virus/desease
  15. Many viruses never get a vaccine. Just because theres hype for a vaccine,it doesnt mean it will ever come. The reality is we need to live with this virus among other viruses we live with. Unless you just want to stop living. Focus on making your body healthy and resilient to infections. If your already unhealthy then yes you should be fearful.
  16. To your point a vaccine may never come out. Many vaccines show early promise only to fail in later trials. Gotta live with the virus. Cant stop living.
  17. Prolly 60% do. But we dont anymore either. We wear pants and a collar shirt and same for kids. But many wear shorts and tank tops. I really dont care what people wear. Is it really a big deal what others wear? If you want to get dressed up go a head or dont. Who cares if they arent in your party. Much easier after dinner not having to run to your room and change to be comfortable rest of night. Jmo
  18. Considering cruising is at least 2 months away things will change before then.
  19. Exactly,live your life or barricade yourself in your house. Vaccine may never ever happen.
  20. I think you are done cruising then. Theres no way testing is going to be done. You can become positive 3 days after being exposed. So normal cruising wont be normal. Imaging 4000 people needing a test when returning to the ship at a port? Unless there is a vaccine which could never happen herd immunity will be what needs to happen. There is risk in everything. Lets test for tuberculosis as well at every port. Lmao
  21. Nah just luck. We didnt speak to anyone. Did it via the cancelation email royal sent us. We got our refund on day 30. Never spoke to a soul.
  22. Im sorry. This is why I waited till royal cancelled ours and took full refund. No telling whats going to happen to royal and future cruises and itineraries at this point. Didnt want to give royal my money to let them use it as a loan. Hope you get it worked out.
  23. Or we get on with life anyways and share the road with viruses as we always have. A vaccine may never come or anti virals. But we can live our lives at same time. It kills a fraction of a percent of those who get it. I can make a graph on other illnesses that would scare the crap out of you if I had it running on tv every hour for months on end. You would be afraid to walk down the stairs,get out of bed,drive,ice skate,ski,etc. life is one gigantic risk. You can live in a bubble or enjoy life cuz it can be taken away at any moment.
  24. Personally if there are many “rules” on board we wont be going. I would rather do a land vacation then be forced wearing a mask every where in 95 degree weather and 100% humidity. On land its easy to get away from people. On a ship not so much. I dont see cruising to be much fun in near future unless you enjoy being confined to your room.
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