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  1. Thank you all for the wonderful ideas.
  2. aaahhhh...so the Dockyard is where the Ship is docked? Right?
  3. Wow...thank you for the link. Question...when they say they will start at Dockyard and end in Hamilton City...is any of that the Port and how would we return to the ship?
  4. Dang...I knew being broke would be a disadvantage, but dag. I will try the "on your own" excursions. Where do we look? Are they there when we get off the ship? Are most reliable, safe?
  5. We will be in Bermuda in August. There will be 5 of us, 2 who are Senior Citizens. We saw some of the prices for excursions on the Grandeur. To be frank, it was outside of our budget. We think $100 is too much. We are not the adventurous type. Not that interested in Beaches, Caves...we like museums, bus tours, etc. Any ideas for broke and lazy people?
  6. Thank you so much....we just booked the Grandeur for August 2019 in a OV....its been awhile...we are normal Balcony people...I am a bit stressed about, but we should be fine. We are Diamond Plus and Prime members. I understand that the Casino doesn't open until the next day after embarkation and closes early on the day before arriving back to Baltimore? Is that correct?
  7. We did the OV about 17 years ago....we have been so spoiled and just had a first experience in a Grand Suite in December 2018....but to be honest...we will be fine.
  8. It is a first for us to Bermuda...I will look for the general excursion...thank you for the input.
  9. It cost me $202...I couldn't just let it go....and we go the upgrade because my Husband and I are both Prime....although, this is a lot...we did a 8 day in December 2018 (Grandeur), a 7 day in March 2019 (Anthem), now a 5 day August 2019 (Grandeur) and a Back to Back - 14 days in December 2019 (Adventurer)....it seems a little indulgent, but...oh well. I can't wait.
  10. Thank you all for all the great information..... 1. I think we will park. 2. I kinda knew that not having a balcony would be hard on the spirit....I'll just have 2 more cocktails...I'll be fine. 3. So it takes a whole day to get out the Chesapeake...DANG 4. Good to know that the casino is open in the evening. 5. Thank you Dodgestang....we are likely not going to do the caves, and we don't do beaches...we like to get on the air conditioned bus and be told to look to your left and look to your right. They may stop for 5 minutes to buy something or look around....then back on the air conditioned bus to look to the left and look to right....I guess what I'm trying to say is...we are lazy.
  11. I don't know what happened, but somehow we booked another cruise. We are sailing on the Grandeur, out of Baltimore on August 31, 2019 (5 night)...I do have some questions... Please note we are Diamond Plus members and we have been on Grandeur a couple of times...but not always the same...so.... 1. We are thinking of driving to the Port and parking. Is the garage next to ship? Pay before or after cruise? $15 per day? Secured? 2. We normally have balcony, Jr. Suite, or Grand Suite...this time we are doing an Oceanview (no balcony)....it was free. Are we going to be in shock? 3. We are sailing from Baltimore. Last time, the didn't allow the casino to open until the day after debarkation. Is that normal? 4. We are going to Bermuda (Kings Wharf)....we are staying at the port overnight. Is the casino open while at the port? 5. Any must do Tours? (please note we are the get on the bus type of people. Nothing strenuous.)... Thank you all in advance.
  12. I'm just making sure I have this straight.... 1. You drive to the port and pay first, then drop off luggage? Not after the cruise? 2. $15 per day 3. You park and then the ship is close to parking garage? 4. Is the parking secured? Thank you all in advance.
  13. When you make your reservation on your Cruise Planner, they will give you the times available....and then you choose the one that best suits you.
  14. I am on the March 30th sailing...I'll keep her safe for you....
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