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  1. I will not be sailing out of Florida. We have been sent a number of complementary cruises....if its Florida, we opt out. Very sad, I enjoyed Florida trips. We are sailing out of NJ in October....very excited.
  2. I will not be sailing out of Florida....too many other ports. I don't have time for dangerous rhetoric. I love Florida too....dang.
  3. To me it sounds like they weren't vaccinated. I believe that vaccinations should be required to sail, hell, travel.
  4. Amazing....will have to try that out. Do you know how the lines and if there were any costs for the escape room, laser tag? Are adults welcomed on the slides? Is there a weight limitation? Any other fun activities...oh, and do you have to sign up for shows, etc.?
  5. BBQ Restaurant....didn't know that one....wow. I'm interested to see how they will handle the Buffet...that was our go-to.... We did Allure in 2011 (seems like forever). The Mega Ships are not my favorite class, but the deal was simply to good to give up. I'm a Freedom Class fanatic. Do you remember the name of the BBQ Restaurant...was it good?
  6. Mike....haven't seen you in awhile....I know your ready to cruise again. Hope all is well. I have taken alot of advice from your post....always good.
  7. The same place they get it from for Tax Breaks for the wealthy, walls, allowing Billionaires (so called) to pay $750 in taxes for 20 years...that's where you get it, etc....but truly...that is old news. I booked my cruise...I'm awaiting to see how the vaccine goes, and I'm excited to finally see the country going in a healthier direction. And you don't have to question my seriousness....I'm VERY serious.
  8. Because they shut down...COMPLETELY....but Americans are spoiled. Our Gov't could certainly afford to pay people and Business for 2 mos...while we shut down and get the pandemic in control....but we want to believe in conspiracies, and fantasies and hoaxes and the tooth fairy. I'm glad that the scientists did their thing and were able to get a vaccine in such a short time. I dont mind them taking their time to get the logistics straight. I appreciate it. This Pandemic is NOT politics. I dont care if your Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Independent, or dont really give a....I just want Ame
  9. I always get the Flu vaccine and I will likely take the COVID vaccine. I can't guarantee it will cure everything, but right now, where I live....the hospital is full with COVID patients. I don't believe anyone is forcing you or anyone else to stay home or not work or not travel or even take a vaccine. The decision is yours. I just hope for the rest of us...people make the right decision, I plan too. Have you been on Oasis?
  10. Yes...I do. I don't trust ANYTHING being distributed until then...too much politics in the vaccine and those that distribute. To each their own...that's my POV.
  11. Well we had our July 2020 and October 2020 Cruises cancelled (sad but thankful) and well...quite frankly...we are going crazy. We need a vacation. We received a great deal in the mail for October 2021 and now that there may be a vaccine (at least one I would be willing to take after January 20th)...we thought...WTH, so we booked and we are super excited. Oasis of the Seas (we have done Allure) Junior Suite So let the fun begin.... Any info on the Junior Suite Dining (No Dynamic, right?) Sailing out of Jersey Taking a
  12. Hello Everyone, There will be 5 of us sailing on the Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston TX in July 2020. This is our 2nd Time on the Liberty, but our 1st time out of Galveston. I have heard good and bad points about sailing out of Galveston. I have some questions though. Let me give you the back drop: a. 5 people (2 seniors) b. Flying into Hobby the night before c. We prefer to travel together (all ride in the same car) Galveston Questions: 1. Should we stay close to the airport the night before or should we go to Galveston Island?
  13. Hello all, We are scheduled to leave on cruise out of Galveston on July 12th. We are looking into flying into Hobby Airport on July 11th. We are going to get a hotel close to the port. Any Hotel suggestions (close to anything...restaurants, etc.). We will need transportation from the airport to our hotel in Galveston and then transportation from the hotel to the port on the day of the cruise. There will be 5 of us and prefer private shuttles. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance
  14. Have a wonderful cruise...we will be hopping on the Adventure when you return for a Back to Back. I will be following along closely. ENJOY!
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