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  1. same here and I can find nothing post 2018 refurbishment.
  2. I know there once was a list of which "Window Suites" had foggy windows. We are considering cruising on the Star and noticed a warning on a cruise deck plan site that foggy windows still exist. Does anyone still have that old list or, even better, is there a new list?
  3. Is it possible that Princess Cruise Line not only does not sail from Venice ,it also does not even visit? I cannot find one cruise in the remaining 2019 nor in 2020. Please correct me!
  4. in essence given the above..Celebrity's Cancellation Policy (not really insurance) does NOT have a pre existing condition waiver and in addition, if you opt for the cancellation for " no reason" you only get cruise credit ( 75%) but no money back...plus if you buy their airline flights no matter when or why you cancel you still owe Celebrity $200 per person!!!!!
  5. If you could only choose one Pacific Northwest cruise would you opt for this cruise over the Columbia River one?
  6. Are all these free alcoholic drinks standard ? Does that mean that non drinkers are helping to foot the bill or is there an optional fee one pays for the "free" booze?
  7. we are under the Persian garden so hopefully not noisy
  8. what are the automatic tips for an Aqua cabin? We will be on the Eclipse in the fall for a 9 day cruise and can opt for paid gratuities or $150 per person OBC...= $300 which I think is more money than the paid gratuities!
  9. Has anyone called NCL lately and asked about the Concierge Level? I am fearful of doing so since last time I questioned something I got 4 different answers from 3 different reps. We too are interested in sailing on NCL to Alaska but only from Seattle and now Joy and Bliss are the only ships berthed there.. If the Concierge Level is similar to the non- haven suites on the Jewel Class ships that will be find with us!
  10. What about the security lines? are passengers given set times to arrive or is it a free-for-all! my fear is 4000 people trying to get through security at 10:30 AM...much relieved that once pass security suite guest are, as in all NCL boardings, put on a fast tract! BUT security lines ????????
  11. Joy's Haven prices for the same-old-same- old ports ( with the minor exception of Icy Straight ) is outrageous! I am off to the Jewel!
  12. puli

    Gastro Bar

    you are correct...cruisedeckplans says Gastro Bar on Eclipse but Celebrity web site shows Passport Bar on Eclipse.(I guess that shows which web site I use the most) .Either way I am looking for information about getting good coffee on that deck! Not having access to lattes either by a machine in our cabin or very close by would be a deal breaker.
  13. puli

    Gastro Bar

    Lattes would work at least in the mornings .the only ADA cabin we can get is on that deck and having easy access to lattes would be a big factor in deciding to try a window cabin.
  14. Does the Gastro Bar on the Eclipse serve specialty coffee? and if not there then where can one find specialty coffee drinks?
  15. Thanks erdoran, seems like the process for suite passengers on NCL's Jewel & Dawn class ships....however the security process must be horrid with 4000 passengers...after that it sounds like smooth sailing...I guess there is no way to circumvent the first part but at least there is expedited check in and direct boarding.Hopefully passengers are given time lines to be at the pier so all 4000 do not show up at once. Does bliss or Joy have to share the pier with any other ships? that would be a game changer for us !
  16. would you mind explaining the boarding process in Seattle for a haven passenger on the Bliss. If there are long lines and a big wait to board my DH will not agree to sail on such a big ship. I am hoping there is an expedited process for Haven passengers. thanks so very much!
  17. you are right...was in a rush this morning and looked up Bliss embarkation...too lazy to start a new thread..will call NCL instead!
  18. If I can add another point to this question: do Haven guests have a dedicated path to embarkation so that they are not caught up in the thousands trying to board? once pass security is it straight to the ship, the haven, and one's cabin?
  19. We try to sail from Seattle rather than Vancouver whenever possible and now only the "big" ships...Bliss and Joy, are sailing from Seattle during the summer. So, could someone who sailed either of them this past summer ,please tell me how embarkation and debarkation went. Did the number of passengers affect the time it took to get on and off? Did you have to take later flights home? what about congestion on the ships and congestion in the Lido? We have sailed on the Jewel , Pearl, Dawn, and Star so are spoiled by their smaller size and ease of navigating aboard. I am hoping that the ship designers have made life on the "big" ships just as pleasant!
  20. Thanks everyone! We have a lot to consider!
  21. thanks, that makes more sense...glad one might have the opportunity to eat a dinner at Blu.
  22. cruiserchuck...are you saying..... 3 years ago Luminae was only open for lunch and that lunch was only offered on sea days..so never dinner every night? so now 3 years later is it open every day for lunch and dinner?
  23. will do.....and BTW if we opt for a Sky Suite rather than an Aqua cabin which restaurant will we be able to use and for which meals?
  24. Thanks, keesar! I thought the Aqua class would have all the Concierge class benefits plus extras ...such as the separate dining room and access to the Persian Gardens.....location is really a bit tricky!
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