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  1. We have 2 cruises booked for 2021. Nieuw Statendam 06- Jan. - 2021 21 Day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer/Seafarer Nieuw Statendam 04- April - 2021 14 Day Azores and Normandy
  2. It has been 97 days since our cruise was cancelled. We have not received our FCC either. We did received the refund for our port fees and taxes. I questioned our TA, she said we should receive something from Holland America when it is posted. Still waiting....
  3. Read this article: https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-05-31/new-coronavirus-losing-potency-top-italian-doctor-says In our area, we have had 27 cases of Covid-19 in a personal care facility in the last two days. Only very few were treated but all were released back to the facility. A couple of months ago, I think all of them would have been in a hospital or maybe have died. From what I understand, none of them showed any symptoms.
  4. Thanks! I guess we need to start booking another cruise then. I seen the "Have it All" promo and $200 OBC is always good!
  5. I received my email today from American Express letting me know I had a credit from Holland America. It was for my taxes and port fees, all paid in full. My cruise was on April 18, 2020 and we cancelled it on March 15th. It took over 60 days but just happy to be refunded. I cancelled excursions online when we cancelled the cruise. We received that refund immediately when the cruise was cancelled. I have not received anything from Holland America about my FCC, so I am going to send the TA and email and see if she can see that it has been added to our account.
  6. My husband and I were on the Volendam in November to celebrate our Anniversary. We told our travel agent when we booked the cruise that we were celebrating so she passed the information to Holland America. After we boarded the ship, the dining room steward asked what day was our anniversary and when we wanted to celebrate. They all sang to us and brought us a special cake. We had a very nice evening.
  7. We are going on the Volendam for 9 nights November 11th. Our boarding passes say 2 Gala Nights. I would think your cruise would be the same.
  8. I have Verizon and I use Travel Pass. $5.00 a day calling home from Canada and Mexico, $10.00 a day (24 hours) from everywhere else. I have used it in the Caribbean and on the Voyage of the Viking cruise. It worked great. I did leave my phone in airplane mode until we docked in each port we were visiting.
  9. My husband and I were also on the 2019 Voyage of the Viking cruise. We thought this was one of the best cruises we have been on. This made our 14th HAL cruise. We loved the ports. I am sure the crew were tired at times, but they did not show it to us. We ate early in the dining room, we were always in and out within 45 minutes. The dining room waiters always took time to talk to us and ask about our day. Maybe it was because we ate early. It was not unusual to go into the Lido for breakfast every morning and find the employees singing and laughing. There were several opportunities to meet the captain and my husband commented after the cruise that we had never seen a captain so visible on a ship. He even spoke to the captain and told him how friendly the staff were and how well the ship was ran. This was not our first cruise on the Zuiderdam and we would not hesitate to book another cruise on that ship.
  10. We were on the Eurodam in May 2019 and were told that Escargot is only being served now on the longer cruises and in some specialty restaurants. We requested escargot and the manager in the dining room came out and told us Escargot was being replaced by scallops. We have been on 13 Holland America cruises and this was the first time we can remember escargot not being offered. We are leaving on July 30th for the Voyage of the Vikings, anxious to see if it is on the menu on the Zuiderdam.
  11. We use Verizon, the same plan that BermudaBound2014 uses. Like they said, ports in Canada and Mexico are $5.00 per 24 hours and in other countries it is $10.00 for 24 hours. The plan is called Travel Pass on Verizon's website. We have used it in the Caribbean and it works great. We will be using it on the Voyage of the Vikings in two weeks and hope we have the same success. With this plan, when you leave the port, you must put your phone in airplane mode. If not, and the ship passes another phone tower you will be charged $10.00. I call Verizon and let them know what countries I am going to and they charge my credit card for how many days I want to call home.
  12. I have never sailed on Princess so I can't compare the two. We just returned from 7 Day Alaskan Explorer on Sunday on the Eurodam. We stayed in cabins 8129 and 8127, both are Veranda rooms. We did hear some chairs in the Lido but was not bad. It was directly under the Lido and straight up from the dining room. We really like the location of these rooms, very convenient.
  13. We use the Holland America transfers very often from the airport to the cruise port. When you receive your Boarding Documents, they usually will have a section that says, ARRIVAL INFORMATION TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS: Welcome to Seattle! If you have purchased your transfer to the ship through Holland America Line, a representative from Holland America Line (wear a read vest and white shirt) will meet you in the baggage claim area and direct you to your transfer vehicle. If you cannot locate a representative, please have one paged at the airport. In case of emergency, please call 1-206-939-6022. Please refer to your itinerary for specific instructions concerning your pre-packages or your transfer from the airport (if applicable). Hope this helps.
  14. My husband and I did this cruise in October 2017. Holland America offered the Meiji Shrine and Temple Excursion, which ended at the Narita Airport. We had a great tour guide and seen a lot of interesting places. We thought it was well worth the price of the tour.
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