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  1. What a great review! Thank you so much for posting your experience. Your attitude is amazing and it’s so good to read something honest and positive. I’m glad you enjoyed your cruise, even with all the chaos 🙂
  2. Canadians who have accepted the mixed dose......just sail out of Europe for now😁
  3. A crew member I speak to from Philippines will be on Breakaway and was quarantined in Bar, Montenegro and vaccinated in Civitavecchia
  4. Thank you so much for this info......can’t wait for our cruise August 29th!
  5. I am on the Epic with overnight in Istanbul in November also. Really hoping it sails this time.
  6. 😥 R I P Captain.....Loved the Love Boat growing up. Gavin McCleod played a great character.
  7. We fly out of Toronto and have taken the air promo each time in our last 4 cruises, and our next 3 booked (and hopefully sailing) cruises. We always fly in 1 or 2 days prior and out 1 or 2 days after, depending on the Ports we are in and out of. We usually book our own hotels though, because NCL hotels are way more expensive than we book for ourselves......we just have them remove the transfer charges. Our experience so far has been pretty good. The only crappy flights were from TO to Miami last February when they had us stop in Chicago going and New Jersey coming back.......(ridiculous for a 3 hour flight, but worth the $0 charge). Our Europe and San Juan flights were all direct. Flights from Toronto are very expensive, so the perk is well worth it for us. Hope this helps. Keeping fingers crossed that we can finally start sailing soon!!!
  8. Just looked through them on my booked trips Pretty cool. Having veggies and dip waiting after a long travel day or shorex would hit the spot 🙂
  9. Thanks for all the input. First time I have done it this way, so all your advice is extremely helpful and I will make sure we follow your suggestions. Looking forward to getting back on the Escape in 22 days. :)
  10. Thank you for the info. They did give us the breakdown with the Gold % off and then the $50/cabin so we know what we will be paying. Just prefer doing it over the phone instead of pre-paying. We will be going to see them on board so they split it between our accounts
  11. Sailed her for the third time December 15-22. I love the Epic. The entertainment was fantastic, even better than the last time (October 2018), and it was great then! Priscilla, Burn the floor and Howl at the Moon......Loved them all. The other entertainment throughout the ship was also very good. The food was great as usual. No complaints. We did find breakfast service a little slow in Aqua though. Otherwise service was good. The main differences on this cruise was the late leave time from San Juan, but we were well informed, so not too big of a deal. Also, the main passenger count was from Puerto Rico and we found that the late night venues catered to them. Btw, on return to PR, taxes are charged on drinks when the ship enters Puerto Rican waters. Just be advised. We were charged from 7pm on Enjoy. Your cruise is what you make it
  12. Hi Kim, love your review as usual. I read all your NCL travels (still only cruising with them😁). Hope this year is going well for you so far and your leg is healing properly Quick question: do you remember who the cruise director was? My Sister and I are Escaping on February 8 and we’re just wondering if it’s still Tyler Looking forward to the rest of your review. So excited about ours, so hanging on your every word. Lol
  13. Just booked our excursions over the phone with NCL's Shore Excursion department. The Rep, Jake, took no payment when we booked and told us the total dollar amount per trip for the two of us (with the $50 promo and our Gold discount already taken off) He told us that our excursion tickets will be in our cabin when we board, and our cabin accounts will show the already discounted amounts that he quoted us. Hope this helps. Enjoy your cruise :)
  14. Hi, will be doing the Southern Caribbean itinerary in December for the first time. NCL has had to change the itinerary unfortunately, but we are still going to St Lucia 👏👏. Due the the change(I think🤔) we still have no excursions showing for our cruise, so was wondering if you could tell me what the tour was called and the price you paid (in CDN$ if possible as that is what shows on my site). It looks like exactly the kind of excursion we would be interested in. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, Angela
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